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Shop FCP Euro’s Winter Garage Sale for all your Genuine, OE, OEM, and car care parts needs this season. It’s a new year, and with that, new inventory. We’re clearing out our “garage” while helping you stock yours. Universal tools, parts, and fluids, that not too often go on sale are now available at heavily discounted prices. We could all use a little help as we lose the feeling in our fingers trying to get that last bolt out in the cold, so grab some parts and save some money.  

This list is just a glimpse at all of the products on sale. Each make has hundreds of components with slashed prices, and there are even some universal tools that can help everyone. Whether you want to add a little flare to your Jetta or you're trying to claw back some MPGs by blasting your 3.0T's intake valves, we have the parts and tools you need.


Cold weather is Audi weather, but only when they’re working right. Don’t let a blown turbo or a failing thermostat keep you from getting sideways in the snow this winter season.


Borg Warner K04 Turbocharger (A4 1.8t / EA888 Gen.1)


The Audi/VW turbocharged four-cylinder engines have been a constant presence in the Euro tuning scene. Built from stout components from the factory, they can make modern-engine power figures with a few choice bolt-on upgrades. The K04 is the classic turbocharger upgrade as it’s larger than the standard K03 unit but based on the same design, so it’ll produce more power on the original tune and will bolt on with very few changes. We aren’t sure the K04 has ever gone on sale, and it might not happen again, so get them now while you can!


Valeo A/C Compressor

I know, I know, it’s winter. Why would we be thinking about cooling the air when it needs just the opposite? Well, if common sense says anything, fixing the A/C before it’s the temperature of the sun’s surface outside might be a solid idea. Plus, the A/C is used to dehumidify the air to defrost your windshield, so it has a use in the cold, too. Valeo makes this specific compressor, so it’s technically an aftermarket piece, but its quality rivals that of the OE product at a far more affordable price point. Help yourself see in the rain and keep cool in the summer by fixing your A/C with a Valeo compressor.


There’s no better time to stop ignoring the check engine light in your GTI than right now. With all sorts of parts on sale, you can bring your hot-hatch back to full health for a fraction of what it would typically cost, all while retaining that Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.


LIQUI MOLY Top Tec 6200 - 508 00/509 00 Spec


There’s nothing more critical to an engine than oil. Without it, nothing would function for more than a few seconds before it was all destroyed for good. Nowadays, oil is more specific than ever as individual automakers reach out to oil producers to create lubricants that match specific criteria. VW is one of those automakers, and their current 508 00 and 509 00 spec oil fits an enormous amount of vehicles spanning five makes and everything from small hatchbacks to 180+mph supercars. You’ll always need to replace the oil in your engine, so why not get it while it’s on sale?


H&R Sport Lowering Spring Set - Mk6 Jetta 


The PQ35 chassis that the Mk6 is based on is a great platform for a comfortable daily with sporting aspirations. Whether a GLI or a base model, the Jetta coil stand to drop a few millimeters, and the H&R sport spring kit is a great choice. Paired with the OE or Bilstein dampers, they firm up the ride and drop the stance without ruining the everyday useability. 


It’s the best or nothing, right? That may be Mercedes’ current tagline, but it's one we share in our own core values. This winter, get your Mercedes back to new with quality OE and OEM products, all on sale this week. It doesn’t matter if it’s small items like spark plugs and wiper blades or big stuff like an intake manifold or engine mounts; we’ve got you covered. 


Genuine Mercedes Badge

Your badge has likely seen better days if your Mercedes is more than five or six years old. The constant exposure to light, wind, and weather can cause the clear coat to flake and the coloring to fade, leaving you with a less-than-Mercedes-like badge. Luckily, the original piece is relatively cheap and is now on sale. This badge will fit just about every E and S-class model between 2007 and 2014 and serves as an incredibly impactful piece to the car’s overall aesthetics. 


NGK Spark Plugs - M113K

fcpeuro-winter-garage-sale-ngk-spark-plug-1Without the proper spark, an engine will never run. It’s even more critical in performance engines where boost is shoved into the engine thanks to a supercharger or turbocharger. Mercedes’ M113K is a legendary workhorse and powerhouse for the brand, powering some of their most iconic super sedans of the last few decades, and like every engine, it needs its proper maintenance. It may be a pain to replace all 16 spark plugs, but your engine will run smoother, more efficiently, and make more power with them. Pair these with a set of ignition coils for the ultimate ignition refresh. 


Ah, yes, nothing like replacing a throttle body actuator as your finger succumbs to frostbite. Jokes aside, BMWs of the last few decades have been relatively major issue free but have small and annoying faults that arise seemingly at the most inconvenient times. Here are a few parts we know you’ll find handy when bringing your BMW back to full health.


Pierburg Electric Water Pump

BMW’s switch to electric water pumps simplified the accessory drive but didn’t make the pump any more reliable. The standalone units will still fail with age and can crack their housings in a premature break. We all know how well plastic cooling system components do in an engine bay, and reducing them is a guaranteed way of eliminating potential failure points. That’s why Pierburg began to make their pumps with complete aluminum housings rather than from plastic, like VDO. It eliminates any cracking issues, giving you a much longer-lasting water pump.


Genuine BMW Throttle Body Actuator (S54 / S65 & S85)

The S54 will always be considered a BMW great, if not the best, even with its faults. The aftermarket and independent shops have solved many big items related to rod bearings and VANOS, but the throttle body actuators have been left alone. Like the later units on the S65 and S85, they will break mechanically or electronically, leaving you with nothing to do but wait for a tow truck. Instead of waiting for it to fail, forcing you to buy one, grab one now while it’s on sale!


Volvo owners know that all it takes to make one of the Swedish machines last is some simple maintenance and a bit of care. This winter, treat your Volvo right by fitting some fresh parts with an unbeatable guarantee.


Monroe Four-C Struts

Volvo enthusiasts rejoiced at the partnership between Volvo and Ohlins for suspension development, but in their first go around, it was purely for effect. While later cars got Ohlins-made dampers, Volvo selected Monroe to build the company’s first active suspension system. Like any damper, they wear through use and will need eventual replacement. Typically, the Four-C units are much more expensive to replace than a standard damper, too, but now they’re on sale. Get them while we have ’em; they won’t be around long. 


Volvo Ignition Coils (S60, XC90, XC70)

Volvo’s renowned RN and RNC engines powered the most iconic models of this century and just about every other model up until the early 2010s. Offered in four, five, and six-cylinder variants, they’re reliable and can make some serious power. No matter what state of tune it’s in, a healthy set of ignition coils is needed to ensure proper performance. These STI coils, while not OE, meet the exact quality of the OE components, and now that they’re on sale, they will have a better price as well. 



The plucky Brit turned German hot-hatch has inspired a new generation of fans, but one carries that famous German “reliability.” Sound engineering with suspect parts has plagued our favorite models in the past, and the MINI is one of many victims. Luckily, most are relatively minor, and now, you can fix them at a discount thanks to the Winter Garage Sale.


N14 High-Pressure Fuel-Pump 

The R56 mini is a fantastic little platform that lends well to daily driving and track time. However, its N14 engine is prolific for failing high-pressure fuel pumps. Luckily, the engine isn’t of BMW design, and instead a product of Peugeot S.A., so the pump doesn’t need to have the BMW branding on it. The PSA pump is the same piece but at a reduced rate; now, it’s on sale. This is the best time there’s ever been to grab one of these for a little extra security in the cold winter months. 


Super Pro Sway Bar Bushings

Did I say sound engineering earlier? Yeah, I take that back. In BMW’s infinite wisdom, they somehow engineered the front swaybar in such a way that requires dropping the subframe for replacement. We can do nothing to make the process easier physically, but we can now help your wallet as the bushings are on sale!


Germany’s most famous rear-engined automaker has cars meant for snow and specializes in others built to win races. Consistent engineering is available throughout the range and over several decades, but they aren’t without issues. Proper maintenance is key to a long life, so help yourself and grab those items at a discount. 


LUK Dual Mass Flywheel Kit

fcpeuro-winter-garage-sale-luk-flywheel-1As the miles in your 996 tick on by, each component in the driveline wears just a little bit. Eventually, pieces like your clutch and flywheel will need replacing. The dual-mass unit in the 996 keeps the engine smooth at low speeds and responsive at the top, but the moving components inside will lose their effectiveness. This OEM LUK flywheel kit directly replaces your damaged unit and will remain healthy for over 100,000+ miles.  


Sebro Front Rotors

You’ll hear journalists talk about a Porsche sports car’s lack of power but not a lack of braking. Stopping power is a Porsche specialty, and part of that is down to their rotor choice. Porsche chose Sebro as the manufacturer for their own discs, and now we have direct replacements on sale. Replacing a worn disc with an OE Sebro drilled rotor is the best way to restore your factory brakes to full health.



Autel MX-808


As European cars get continually more complex with modern electronics, a simple scan tool doesn’t cut it much anymore. If you’re looking to check codes and service your vehicle, grabbing a diagnostic tool like this Autel MX-808 is the best option, by far. Beyond code reading and automatic VIN scanning, the tool can reprogram fuel injectors, activate electronic parking brakes, reset TPMS, and even code keys. It’s now on sale at the lowest price we’ve ever offered, and the deal will only last until we run out!


Abrasive Pressure Blaster

The rapid adoption of direct fuel injection has meant fewer emissions and more horsepower as technology has moved forward. However, removing the fuel from the intake runners leaves the intake valves defenseless against carbon buildup. Every DFI-equipped car will need its valves cleaned; Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, VW, it doesn’t matter. A shop can do valve cleanings, but you can do it yourself with the help of this pressure blaster. Just head to our website and grab the adapter that fits your engine, along with the blaster, and you’ll be all set to bring the fuel economy and power back to your vehicle.

Although there are still a few months of freezing temperatures, you can always warm yourself with one of these hot deals. The winter garage sale is the first of many, but it isn’t here forever, so act fast to get your project car ready for the track this spring. 


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Christian Schaefer

Car and motorsports-obsessed writer/editor for FCP Euro's DIY Blog. Constantly dreaming of competing behind the wheel or searching for another project. Owner of a turbo Subaru Forester and a ratty Porsche 914, neither of which are running.

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