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You can submit part returns at any time by choosing what type of return you'd like to make below or by printing and including the returns form in your shipment.
You need a returns form!
Every return must have the form printed out and included with the physical return itself in order to be successfully processed.
Shipping truck
Return Shipping
Customers are responsible for covering the cost of return shipping as well as any supplemental carrier insurance to protect against damage or loss in transit. Please retain the associated tracking information to file a claim in the event that carrier loss or damage occurs.
Damaged shipping
Packaging your return
Your return must be properly boxed and sealed to protect the physical product and the integrity of the manufacturer’s package against any damage or marking in transit. New items shipped back solely in the manufacturer’s packing will be ineligible for return.
Damaged shipping
Lost or damaged returned merchandise in transit to our facility
FCP Euro is not liable for the value of any returned merchandise that is lost or damaged in transit to our facility, package insurance is highly recommended.
Returning fluids?
Fluids must be securely contained and sealed inside their original containers and then enclosed in two independently sealed plastic bags and placed in a sturdy corrugated box for shipment. Please note that all fluids are tested and inspected prior to return processing so it is important to ensure all associated items are accurately associated with what is on the included returns form. In the event inspection identifies incorrect or misrepresented items such as water or other fluids, the return will be denied and discarded. Fluids that leak due to improper bagging, padding, or packaging will also be denied.
Paid Sales Tax?
If your state requires online retailers to charge sales tax, then you've most likely paid sales tax on your order. If you return that product, then you’re refunded the sales tax paid for the product in addition to the refund of the product.
Unacceptable Returns

Unacceptable returns may apply to products returned with markings or writing made on the original packaging, including those that show signs of tampering, customization, or alteration in any way. Returns received in such condition will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Those items that do not adhere to the FCP Euro policy and have been deemed ineligible for return will be denied and discarded after 10 business days following customer notification. In the event the customer would like to recover the refused item, a return shipment can be requested within the designated 10 day period and the associated cost will be billed to the customer’s account. Ineligible returns include those items that fall into the below categories:

Non-Sellable New:
Items that have been excessively handled, marked, damaged, modified, or altered such that they cannot be resold or returned to the associated vendors. This also includes items which have been installed, rusted, worn, are incomplete, or missing the manufacturer’s packing.
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (LRG):
Items not originally purchased from FCP Euro or have been misrepresented (Genuine returned in place of OE/OEM), items with excessive return rate or failure due to improper installation or misdiagnosis, items with no historical purchase history with FCP Euro, as well as those with no offsetting replacement order.
Returns Abuse:
Customers with an excessively high return rate or frequency will be ineligible for LRG participation. This covers those items with multiple returns prior to the end of their reasonable, useful life as well as items returned under the defective / LRG policy proactively prior to failure.
Items that have been damaged or broken during the installation process, were utilized for diagnostic repair purposes, or failed outside of our standard warranty time frame of 90 days.
Arrives back without the original manufacturer’s packaging
One-time use items:
Consumable items intended for single use are ineligible for warranty or LRG returns. Examples include additives, cleaners, shop supplies, etc.
BMW Fuel Injector core returns:
FCP Euro can only accept index 11 and 12 cores for the R&R process. Index 10 or lower cores will not be accepted for core return / refund.
Returns FAQ
  • What parts does this apply to?

    Our return policy and Lifetime Replacement Guarantee are non-transferable and only apply to parts you buy from FCP Euro. We inspect all parts upon arrival. If we receive a part that is not ours, we will charge you to ship it back or discard it.
  • Unhappy with your purchase?

    We accept returns back for a refund within 90 days from the original purchase date. We do not accept installed parts used for diagnostic purposes, one-time repairs (tools, electrical, etc) or items used to service or repair any vehicles other than the original customer’s. For returns older than 90 days, we only accept parts as a warranty return, requiring a replacement order to be placed prior to return under FCP Euro’s Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.
  • Defective part received?

    We will be more than happy to cover defective components either under our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, or by reaching out to our Customer Experience team. Please visit for program details and instructions on how to initiate a return, or Contact Us to send a request.
  • Paid Sales Tax?

    If your state requires online retailers to charge sales tax, then you've most likely paid sales tax on your order. If you return that product, then you’re refunded the sales tax paid for the product in addition to the refund of the product.
  • Returning fluids?

    Please securely pack fluids inside of their respective containers with the lids tightly sealed, containers enclosed in plastic bags, then put into a shipping box with a completed return form. If we receive any biologically hazardous items, the return will not be processed and will be immediately discarded.
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