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About Volkswagen Fuel System Parts

Volkswagen engines rely on their fuel system in order to supply the correct amount of fuel throughout the entire rev range. With age there are many parts of the fuel system that may need replacement. One of the most important components of the Volkswagen's fuel system is the oxygen sensors. The oxygen sensors are used to measure the contents of the exhaust coming out of the engine which is used by the engine computer to establish fuel trim. With age oxygen sensors can fail or lose efficiency making their measurements inaccurate. This will affect the performance of the engine. Another common replacement item of the fuel system is the fuel pressure regulator valve. The fuel pressure regulator valve is intended to keep the fuel pressure constant going to the fuel rail. These can easily fail with age and cause stalling and other performance problems. Along with fuel pressure regulators most Volkswagen's will also need the fuel pumps replaced along with the fuel filters to ensure a proper and long service life. If you are replacing your fuel pump we also recommend replacing the fuel pump relay. Higher mileage Volkswagen may also need to have the fuel injectors replaced if they become clogged or flow inefficiently.

About Volkswagen Fuel System Parts Online

At FCP Euro we try to keep the most current selection of Volkswagen fuel system [parts available. As your Volkswagen ages it will need to have these critical components replaced in order to keep it driving down the road. Fuel systems can be complex and may sometimes be difficult to diagnose when there is a problem. You can always give us a call for part information or fitment questions at 1-860-388-9001.

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