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FCP Euro Brake Kit Sale

There are tons of kits on sale this week, many more than you’d be able to search through to see them all. Each make and model is covered, so you’ll be able to take advantage no matter what you drive. From air filter replacements to rotating assembly updates, there’s no kit too involved that we don’t offer. 


Audi has come a long way since its merger of the Horch, DKW, Wanderer, and Auto Union brands. Their successful introduction of all-wheel-drive in production cars in the ‘80s defined the brand, and the luxurious and powerful models offered today can all trace their lineage back to that moment. Now, with that said, Audis haven’t been perfect. Whether it’s a timing chain requiring engine and front clip removal or overconsumption of oil, thanks to a specific piston design, some of their faults are complicated and expensive. To save you as much stress as possible while dealing with one of those significant issues, we’ve assembled kits like these, so there’s one less aspect to worry about. 


B5 A4/S4 Front Control Arm Kit

The B5 S4 is a rewarding platform if you can stick with it. Their penchant for draining wallets is earned, but the size, power, and sound they offer are unique to the model. Whether used as a daily driver or a constantly fettled tuning project, worn suspension components will lead to unwanted clunks and knocks on the road. This complete front control arm kit replaces every arm, bushing, bolt, and nut in the front suspension. The refreshed arms will tighten up your steering response and better absorb the quick bumps and dips presented on the road. 

FCP Euro Kit Sale Audi B5 S4 Control Arm Kit


2.0t CAEB Piston Update Kit

Audi has quite the experience building turbocharged four-cylinders, but the CAEB engine found in A4s, A5s, A6s, and Q5s has proven less than reliable. Within a few years, owners began experiencing rapid oil consumption thanks to an issue with the piston rings that saw most engines replaced under warranty. For owners looking to keep their original engines, Audi offers a set of updated pistons and connecting rods with a larger 23mm wrist pin and improved rings that will eliminate oil consumption issues. 

Kit Sale Audi 2.0t Piston Update Kit

However, replacing the rods and pistons is an enormous job requiring a host of seals, bolts, and gaskets just to get it right. Checking bearing clearances and setting timing is no joke, but we’re here to help. Our complete piston update kit comes with every component you’ll need for the replacement, allowing you to focus on the build rather than whether or not you have the right parts. With our help, you’re just a weekend away from a freshly rebuilt, non-oil-consuming 2.0t.


EA113 Cylinder Head Replacement Kit (BPY, BWT)

VAG’s EA113 engine has been the heart of several models over the years, including some of VW’s competition-only vehicles. It’s a great little engine that’ll last for ages with abuse as long as its few maintenance items are regularly serviced. One of those items is the high-pressure fuel pump camshaft follower, and if left for too long, it’ll disintegrate and send metallic bits throughout the cylinder head. Those bits will then get in the way of the camshafts, ruining bearing surfaces and junking the complete cylinder head assembly. 

Kit Sale Audi BPY BWT Cylinder Head Replacement Kit

While terrible as an owner, finding a project vehicle needing some repair can be a low-cost entry into ownership. Fixing the cylinder head assembly is a big job, but our complete replacement kit will set you right. Included with the new head already fitted with valves, camshafts, and springs are a complete timing belt/chain kit, a new fuel pump and cam follower, a head gasket, and four fuel injectors. 

After countless motorsports victories and success in the showrooms, Porsche has little to prove. Their cars excel at everything they’re designed for and regularly compete with other models in their classes. However, they’re not indestructible and require regular servicing like any other make and model. Rather than piecemealing your jobs together, we’ve provided these handy kits just for you. 


996 Bilstein B6 Damper Kit

The 996 is a fantastic entry-level sports car. With excellent chassis dynamics, 300hp, and good durability, they’re a lot of car for the mid-$20,000 that they typically command. Many of the models you’ll find for sale are well-traveled with decent mileage, and not every owner is the kind you want. Porsche parts are expensive, and services can be left undone, especially suspension work. A set of B6 dampers from Bilstein provide slightly sportier ride quality and pair well with stiffer springs, making them ideal for the 996. With this kit, you’ll need to add a set of aftermarket springs if you desire, and you’ll have a complete package to revamp your 996 Carrera’s ride. 


987 Sebro Brake Kit

The second-generation Boxster platform (987) shared with the original Cayman is as inexpensive as ever. As mid-engined platforms, they provide a very usable package that functions as well in a daily-driven capacity as it does on the track. For younger owners, they can be a great way to become more acquainted with DIY servicing, as brake and suspension work can be done at home without needing a lift and big tools. Grabbing one of the 987 brake kits is a great place to start, with varying intensity levels per kit. This specific kit contains the OE Sebro discs, Ate pads, fresh hardware, and sensors for all four wheels. 


944 Turbo Timing Belt & Water Pump Kit

Porsche’s older entry-level models were the constant butt of jokes, never to be considered real Porsches. Regardless of your feelings, the 944 has the bones to be a fantastic beginner track car thanks to a 50/50 weight distribution, low power, and cheap consumables. Only a few places need a watchful eye, and the timing belt is at the top of that list. A snapped belt means valves hit the pistons, and an expensive repair bill is headed your way. Instead of worrying about belt health, you can freshen it up with this complete timing belt and water pump kit. The pump, while slightly less prone to failure, is another spot needing attention, and together, this kit will ensure they’re ready for another few seasons of track abuse. 

FCP Euro Kit Sale Porsche 944 Turbo Timing Belt & Water Pump Kit


We love BMWs, but it often seems like the feelings aren’t reciprocated. The chassis balance, luxury, and general usability we experience are typically balanced by small, nagging issues that can sideline the car for a time. Thankfully, BMW’s popularity means potential issues are well documented, and the fixes are widely known, so there isn’t much research needed. All you will need is one of our kits, and you’ll be on your way without any issues. 


E46 M3 Comprehensive Cooling System Kit

For all the E46 M3’s faults—and there are a few—the cooling system is generally overshadowed. It isn’t anything more special than any other E46 non-M, using a mechanical pump, fan, and plastic radiator. However, that means it needs the same care and dedicated watchful eye as the OE plastic components don’t have the longest lifespan or the best track record. Purchasing this comprehensive cooling system kit for your M3 will service every rubber hose and plastic fitting and upgrade the radiator to an all-aluminum CSF unit. The increased cooling capacity and efficiency will ensure your S54 never runs hot. 

FCP Euro Kit Sale BMW E46 M3 Cooling System Overhaul Kit


N20/26 Timing Chain Kit

About a decade ago, BMW’s popular N20 engine was found all over the lineup. It’s since been replaced, but it remains used by thousands of owners across the country. The turbo four-cylinder has chronic issues with its timing chain, and nearly all of them will need replacement at some point, so we’ve assembled this kit to make the job as easy as possible. There are more than a handful of aluminum bolts and plastic parts with single uses, and this kit covers them all, so you won’t need to pause the job halfway through just because you’re missing something. 

FCP Euro Kit Sale BMW N20/26 Timing Chain Replacement Kit


S54 Vanos Installation Hardware Kit

Part of the S54’s magic is the stratospheric redline that delivers the bellowing sound of a high-strung, naturally aspirated engine. BMW’s variable cam timing, called VANOS, is the system that allows the S54 to breathe so well and make power at 8000+ rpm. VANOS has its own set of problems that the aftermarket has solved, but you’ll still need a bunch of OE and OEM parts when it comes time to reinstall it. This VANOS installation kit features all of the o-rings, bolts, and filters needed to refit the system with fresh parts.

FCP Euro Kit Sale BMW E46 M3 Vanos Installation Kit


After years of producing tough and dependable sedans, Mercedes has become the gold standard of attainable luxury. Their unrivaled comfort and available speed from AMG make them some of the best all-around vehicles you can buy, but they’re prone to issues like everyone else. Nowadays, as engines shrink and sprout turbochargers, Mercedes-AMG’s normally aspirated V8s of a decade ago are an inexpensive entry point into the last of a generation. As you drive and preserve the last of the great German N/A V8s, grab our kits to ensure the parts are always the best quality and the correct quantity. 


M113 Timing Cover Reseal Kit

The M113 was the backbone for Merecedes’ larger sedans right after the new millennium. It was used with several displacements and shared much of its architecture with the M112 V6, helping reduce parts cost and complexity. After a few decades, these engines are much more likely to develop an oil leak, and an easy spot for that to occur is from around the timing cover. The cover uses a special Loctite formula or the main seal and a handful of circular Viton seals and o-rings, and a few paper gaskets. This complete reseal kit includes all that in one package, saving you time from hunting down all those part numbers.


M113 Comprehensive Engine Service Kit

Of course, there are more than oil leaks that can cause your M113 trouble. Luxury sedans have unique depreciation, and their fall from monetary heights often puts them in the hands of neglectful owners looking for a flashy ride. The V8-powered Mercedes could be considered the poster child for that phenomenon, so more than a few M113s have been forced to operate under less-than-ideal conditions. If you ever find yourself owning one thanks to a reasonable price, this comprehensive service kit should quickly bring the engine mostly back to life. The kit includes all common wear items like ignition coils, various seals, and an accessory belt. This is everything you need to bring your engine to an excellent baseline, ensuring the critical areas are fully healthy before other issues are tackled. 

FCP Euro Kit Sale Mercedes-Benz M113 Service Kit


M156 Comprehensive Head Bolt Replacement Kit

The gnarly Mercedes-AMG M156 V8, a 6.2L brute, will forever be the last N/A V8 out of Stuttgart. Its decade of service saw it power legends like the C63 AMG Black Series and the SLS AMG, but it wasn’t resigned from the headache. Most of the production M156s were fitted with head bolts that could snap at any time, allowing coolant to enter the nearest cylinder. That led to many potential issues, and none were very good. Replacing your head bolts with the revised parts is the only way to prevent significant damage to your earlier M156. This kit includes every seal, o-ring, washer, and fluid needed for this rather large job. 

FCP Euro Kit Sale Mercedes M156 Head Bolt Replacement Kit


Volkswagens have proven to last as long as any other make when appropriately serviced. They’re also inexpensive, and the performance variants perform well on the track, making them a popular platform among many groups. When it comes time to service them, grab one of our service kits. We take all the guesswork out of knowing exactly which seals, and parts are required for your car, so you’ll never have to worry about having the right components. 


1.8t EA888 Gen.3 Timing Chain Kit

The third generation EA888 brought about some much-needed improvements and a handful of performance enhancements that make them the best VW has produced. Unfortunately, the early engines for non-MQB models, the CPRA and CPKA, can still suffer from timing chain problems from the tensioner and stretched chains. Replacing your VW’s timing chain yourself can save you a hefty pile of money and will certainly be rewarding. Picking up this kit will give you every piece you need to complete the replacement, and they'll carry our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

FCP Euro Kit Sale EA888 Gen.1 Timing Chain Kit


EA888 IS38 Upgrade Kit

The Mk7 GTI is capable of much more power and torque with an ECU tune, but its IS20 turbocharger is the most significant power-limiting factor. Luckily, the larger IS38 from the Golf R is a bolt-on affair for the GTI’s 2.0L and the smaller 1.8Ls found in Golfs, Jettas, and Beetles. Our upgrade kit includes a brand-new turbo, the required spark plugs, and every gasket needed to ensure no leaks are present after the swap. It will require ECU modification on the smaller engines, and the 2.0Lss should get a tune to take advantage of the improved powerband the IS38 offers.

FCP Euro Kit Sale IS38 Upgrade Kit


EA888 Gen.1 Cylinder Head Replacement Kit

The Gen.1 EA888s found in the Mk6 GLI and other performance VWs had a bad timing chain tensioner when leaving the factory that could fail unexpectedly. Failed tensioner leads to a damaged valvetrain at best, with more severe damage likely. New timing system and valvetrain components are needed at a minimum, so this complete replacement kit includes them, with the latter being inside a fresh cylinder head casting. It comes without camshafts, so you’ll need to reuse your old units or upgrade to an aftermarket performance set. 


The Swedes certainly know how to build a car. Volvos have served as reliable and luxurious transport for millions of people worldwide. Along the way, more than a few have run up well over 200,000 miles on their odometers. Many of the systems within a car are well due for a thorough overhaul at that mileage. Here are some of the kits we have to help restore the factory feel to your Volvo. 


P2 XC90 Nivomat Suspension Refresh Kit

The XC90 is one of the most successful Volvo models to models to make its debut in the last two decades. Its stylish appearance, size, and capability made it just what the American market was looking for. Now, many of those models have served as longtime family vehicles used for trips to the lake and the mountain, towing anything along the way. All those miles affect the entire car, and the suspension gets most of the wear. Rather than replacing a control arm or two, you can service the full suspension, front, and rear, replacing all the bushings, dampers, and arms to revive the comfortable and controlled manner of new suspension components. Also available for non-Nivomat models.

FCP Euro Kit Sale XC90 Volvo P2 Nivomat Suspension Kit


2.5L RNC Head Gasket Kit

While not the most common issue on RNC engines, head gasket failures do happen. Getting to the gasket means removing many parts, each with seals and gaskets needing replacement. The parts list will tally up quickly, but you won’t need to worry about that thanks to this handy, pre-assembled kit. Just focus on the job’s steps and leave grabbing the right parts to us.

FCP Euro Kit Sale RNC Head Gasket Kit


Volvo PCV Breather System Kit

A constant sore spot in Euro owner's wallets is the PCV system. Whether VW or Volvo, ripped diaphragms and cracked hoses can wreak havoc and cause many annoying issues. Replacing the hoses and PCV unit is a great way to get ahead on maintenance and prevent a relatively cheap problem from causing an engine-out service.  

FCP Euro Kit Sale Volvo RNC PCV Kit

While these are some of the most complicated kits we've put together, much less involved ones are for sale right now! Just head over to the main site, enter your car's information, and start shopping. If you'd like to learn more about our kits and how they're made, click here! Otherwise, keep following along with our blog and YouTube channel for more great content.

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