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Don’t panic now; there are just a few weeks before Father’s Day. Dads are notoriously tricky to shop for, but supporting their hobbies is a great way to connect with them and ensure you’ve grabbed something potentially meaningful or valuable. If you’re here, there’s a good chance car care is something they’re after, and we have more than a few great products that’ll help get their ride back on the road, make sure it stays there, and keep it looking clean. 


Autel AL329 Scan Tool

Lisle Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

CTA No Spill Oil Funnel Kit

PT Creeper Seat Tool Box

Sunex Torque Wrenches

LIQUI MOLY Oil Travel Case

Finding the time to get out to the garage or driveway to tackle whatever maintenance is due can be difficult, but some new tools are sure to light a fire under him. Having the right tools is a huge part of proper car care, and we mean more than just some sockets and screwdrivers. What we’ve assembled for this Father’s Day isn’t the standard tools you’d find in any toolbox, but the ones that bolster it and ensure no job is without the right one. 

Diagnosing and working on your car accurately is nearly impossible without a modern scan tool; it's a must-have. Since 1996, all cars have used a shared diagnostic system that triggers the dashboard's warning messages or “check engine” light. The system is part of the car’s computer system, so all the readings the engine and transmission receive are passed through it. When an issue is observed, it trips the light and stores a specific code that only a scan tool like the AL329 Scanner can read. Attempting to fix a problem without looking at the code is not worthwhile, so grabbing an Autel product is a good way to start wrenching.  


It’s also a great reminder that some essential tools are pretty simple. 

Working in any engine bay means there’s at least some chance that bolts, screws, nuts, and/or tools will fall. We DIY’ers always hope to hear it hit the ground, but Murphy’s law often butts in, leaving the dropped item tucked in space that adult hands certainly won’t get to. Seeing as this is a Father’s Day guide, you may have some small hands at your disposal, but those won’t be necessary with this Lisle Magnetic Pick-Up Tool. It can extend up to 13” and hold up to two pounds of magnetized metal, so it’s ready to save the day and your tools. 

However, it’s not just solid parts that fall into places you can'treach. Filling your car with fluids is as simple as it gets, but it’s pretty easy to catch the lip and spill a bit. Using a funnel is a great way to prevent that while quickening the process, and none will do it better than CTA’s No Spill Oil Funnel Kit. The funnel holds two liters of oil and seals to the valve cover or other oil fill area with an o-ring, ensuring no fluid gets by. It’s a great tool for engines that may be burning oil and pairs well with LIQUI MOLY’s oil travel case. Stowing neatly in your trunk, it holds a quart (or liter) of oil in a sealed case for a top-up on the road. 


Speaking of storage, there’s an interesting and very helpful option available from PTO. 

Tools can pile up while working in one area, which often results in a tool going “missing” only for it to be right where it was left. The organization away from the toolbox or bag plays a major role in how quick and efficient a job can be, so grabbing this small Performance Tool toolbox that also functions as a creeper seat might be the key. The seat supports up to 350 lbs of person and tools at a time, featuring three drawers and two folding trays with magnetic pads. Those trays alone should be a time-saver, but utilizing the drawers ensures no mistaking where the wrenches or sockets went. 


Those sockets are all important when completing nearly any job, as they’re half the equation for setting the proper tightness of any hex-head fastener. The other half of that equation is a good torque wrench, like those Sunex offers. For a complete toolbox without any gaps, starting with a ½” drive torque wrench is the better choice, as its torque range covers most suspension, drivetrain, and wheel-related ranges. However, a smaller ⅜” drive alongside the larger one would be the perfect pairing because its finer torque range would suit the smaller fasteners in the engine bay. 

Detailing Car Care

Gyeon Q²M Bathe

Gyeon’s Q²M Iron Wheel Cleaner

Gyeon Wheel Brush

Griot’s Brilliant Finish Car Wash

Griot’s PFM Detailing Towels

Griot's Microfiber Wash Mitts

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

As the weather warms and the sun stays out, there’s no better time to have your car clean and shiny. Whether it’s a race car or strictly for daddy duties, finding the time to clean the vehicle may be a challenging task, so you’ll want him to have all of the right products to ensure the paint and wheels are protected from the dust, dirt, and debris that’ll likely pile up at some point. Removing all that contamination comes down to the soap quality, and we have a couple that we love. 

A relative newcomer to the car care scene, Gyeon offers much more than unique bottle shapes and graphics. Their products have quickly become go-to for many of FCP Euro’s team members, as they provide killer results at competitive prices. Q²M Bathe is their standard car soap concentrate, offering a neutral pH balance to break down grime but leave any paint surface protectants like waxes and ceramic coatings. It’s a super slick formula that produces tons of suds when adequately mixed with water, so swirl protection is high without sacrificing dirt removal qualities. It even smells good, too! But we know some picky dads who may not be interested in a newer brand, so we also carry the classics.


Griot’s Garage has been a car care staple for decades. As a kid, I looked forward to their monthly magazine just for the featured cars, but it was only when I was slinging the sponge and bucket myself that I truly appreciated their products. Their Brilliant Finish™ Car Wash suds up incredibly well, even without a spray gun, lifting dirt off the paint surface effortlessly. If you have a foam blaster, the Car Wash will work just as well, if not better, because of the better-regulated water-to-soap ratio. It also features a pH-balanced formula, like the Gyeon Bathe, to ensure previously applied sealants aren’t destroyed, like they would be if hit with dish soap. 

These two soaps can help clean every exterior vehicle surface, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the specialty products.  


Brake dust, especially from a performance brake pad, can be incredibly aggressive and corrosive if left to sit on wheel surfaces. The iron and other ferrous materials within them will etch into wheel paint and embed themselves deep, if not for a product like Gyeon’s Q²M Iron Wheel Cleaner. Standard wheel cleaners can dissolve most brake dust particles, but iron is particularly tough and may not come out. Gyeon’s Iron Wheel Cleaner contains a specific iron fallout remover that concentrates on the tough stuff without hampering other wheel-cleaning abilities. With a light dust covering, the wheel cleaner can be applied and sprayed off to good results, but grabbing a good wheel brush, like this one from Gyeon, will ensure you agitate the surface and release all the harmful dust from your shiny wheels. 

That wheel dust can still be harmful to paint, even when removed from the wheels and rinsed off into a bucket, so ensure you’re not cross-contaminating your wheel brush and water with the soap bucket for paint. The wash mitts used for agitating the paint surface, the soapy water, and the rinse bucket should all be separate. That’ll make drying the car easier, too, as keeping that separation should have ensured the paint surface is free of large contaminants that may otherwise cause swirls or scratches when hit with a drying towel. That said, using a carefully designed detailing towel can work wonders for a paint surface, as the fibers will pull any leftover abrasive bits away from the paint. 


Beyond those essentials, there are tons of kits to handle smaller, more intricate detailing jobs that your father or husband may not be interested in. Safety, however, is essential, no matter how interested anyone is in it. In cars, that means being able to see where you’re going, and that can be tough to do with foggy headlights. Sylvania’s headlight restoration kit gives you all the tools you’ll need, including applicator pads and three sandpaper grits. It’s a pretty particular job that can be daunting, but we’ve got you covered there, too, as our own Mike Hidalgo has taken the job on once before

With those final few products, our Father's Day Gift Guide has come to an end. We know there are more than a few items you may want to grab, off of here, but we'd be remiss not to tell you that there are tens of thousands of other great products on our main site! Give that a browse before checking out, you never know where you might find the perfect gift.

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Car and motorsports-obsessed writer/editor for FCP Euro's DIY Blog. Constantly dreaming of competing behind the wheel or searching for another project. Owner of a turbo Subaru Forester and a ratty Porsche 914, neither of which are running.

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