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Let me first speak clearly and unequivocally: Black lives matter. We stand in solidarity today and forever with the black community. 

This is a human rights issue, and FCP Euro must leverage its platform and community to drive change as we continue into the future.

One of FCP Euro’s core values is People before Profits. We’ve spent the last 20 years striving to build a morally and ethically sound company that takes special care of its employees and customers. As someone who cares deeply, I have and continue to feel the responsibility to not only talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion but to make meaningful contributions and improvements to how we fundamentally operate and grow as an organization along with ourselves as individuals. The recent events have made us take an even deeper look into our company. We realize we’ve come a long way, but there’s still more we can do. 

FCP Euro has an obligation to drive change in our community, environment, and society. In furtherance of that commitment, we would like to give visibility into the steps we’ve already started to take and will continue to move forward:

  • We are committed to improving our diversity and overall social responsibility throughout FCP Euro while making our progress completely transparent to the public. These will be visible and accessible at by July 1st. 
  • We are committed to immediately enhancing our process and platform for FCP Euro employees to raise social issues and concerns to the appropriate colleagues and decision-makers by June 15th.
  • We are committed to developing a Social Responsibility plan that we will share with all of you by July 1st. This includes our social values and annual goals in key areas such as our governance, people, environment, market, community, and society.
  • We are committed to immediately bringing diversity into our board meetings through the development of a Social Responsibility Board that will consist of eight individuals within FCP Euro from diverse backgrounds and functional expertise in the areas of our Social Responsibility plan by June 15th.
  • We are committed to making ongoing financial contributions in all areas of our Social Responsibility plan. We will share those details with our employees and customers at as we develop our plan.
  • We are committed to living in a community that treats everyone equally and with dignity. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or racism, and we respectfully ask any customers not willing to abide by those same values to choose another parts supplier.

I'm holding myself accountable. I'm holding FCP Euro accountable. And I invite you, our customers, to hold us accountable. 

FCP Euro remains committed to shaping and changing the future, and we ask for your support along the way.

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Written by :
Scott Drozd

Scott Drozd is the Chief Executive Officer of FCP Euro, an online retailer of Genuine and OEM car parts for European vehicles. You can reach him at

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