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Last month, FCP Euro proudly joined the global movement in recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month. With the rise in mental health challenges experienced in recent years, we understand the crucial role workplaces play in fostering understanding and support for mental well-being. By eradicating the stigma associated with mental health, we aim to create an environment where open conversations thrive, and each individual feels empowered to contribute to a collective support system. Throughout the month of May and as we evolve our ongoing wellness strategy here at FCP Euro, we adopted a comprehensive approach to equipping our team members with the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge to support mental health. We firmly believe that promoting mental well-being is a collective effort, and the following initiatives highlight our ongoing commitment to this important topic.

Taking Action for Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid Training

This month, we provided the first of four Mental Health First Aid Trainings scheduled this year for our managers. The purpose of this training is to enable them to identify, understand, respond to, and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. By equipping our leaders with this crucial knowledge, we strive to foster a supportive and inclusive work environment where these conversations are supportive and impactful for a team member experiencing a mental health challenge.



Navigating Stress & Avoiding Burnout Group Health Coaching

Recognizing the impact of stress and burnout on mental health, we offered a 12-week group health coaching program for our employees in partnership with our wellness program provider WellSpark. This program served as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate and manage stress effectively, thus promoting overall well-being.

Employee Quote: "Some participants were able to offer suggestions while others just needed to vent. More often than not, group members personally related to struggles others opened up about, which then helped them to open up and share. For some, it was work-related. For others, it was more involved in their personal life. Overall, good discussions were covered, and information shared."


Guided Moments of Mindfulness

Every Monday in May, we hosted 15-minute guided Moments of Mindfulness, also in partnership with WellSpark. These sessions provided a much-needed pause for our employees, allowing them to cultivate a sense of calm and promote mental clarity amidst their busy schedules.


Education on Accessing Mental Health Professionals

Partnering with Local Mental Health Professionals

To ensure our team members could easily access mental health professionals when needed, we collaborated with local mental health professional and owner of Art Therapy of Milford, Erica Hatrick, to provide our team members with education about how to find and connect with a mental health professional in their community.


Educating Managers About Mental Resources

At the end of our Mental Health First Aid trainings, we provided supplemental information to managers about the mental health resources available to our team members through our benefits package. This enabled managers to quickly and confidently refer employees to these benefits when needed.


Continued Support For Mental Health Causes

Employee Giving

FCP Euro proudly offers team members an online platform called Millie Giving, where our employees can donate to causes related to mental health that resonate with them. To further incentivize their generosity, FCP Euro provides a dollar-for-dollar match. Research has shown that giving to others can enhance mental well-being, as it triggers the release of endorphins, boosts self-esteem, promotes happiness, and combats feelings of depression.


Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

We also understand the value of giving back to the community and its positive impact on mental health, so in addition to our online giving platform, FCP Euro offers 16 hours of paid Volunteer Time Off per year, allowing employees to engage in activities that support causes close to their hearts.


While we recognize the importance of observing Mental Health Awareness month at FCP Euro, our commitment to mental health is ongoing and ever evolving. By implementing a range of initiatives, we strive to create a supportive workplace environment where mental well-being is prioritized, and stigma can be eradicated. We invite our colleagues, industry partners, and fellow employers to engage in ongoing conversations and initiatives surrounding mental health. Together, we can all make a lasting impact on the well-being of both our team members and the communities that we share.

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Written by :
Nicole Batista

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