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The FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park is right around the corner, so it’s time to get planning! If you’re anywhere within the Northeast, we can’t recommend heading to Lime Rock Park to watch the race in person enough. If you’re not, don’t worry; NBC’s provided race coverage will make you feel like you’re part of the crowd. Check out the guide below to get all of the details on the best ways to watch the race!

FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix At Lime Rock Park Race Details

This year’s FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix At Lime Rock Park, presented by LIQUI MOLY, is more action-packed than ever before. New for this year are the VP Sportscar Challenge races. Each round is a 45-minute sprint race with two classes: LMP3 and GSX, featuring GT4 machinery. Their two races bookend the main event that features a knock-down, drag-out fight between two classes of GT3 racers. Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and others go head-to-head along the historic 1.5-mile course in the Connecticut mountainside. Finishing the high-powered Saturday is the Michelin Pilot Challenge Lime Rock 100, an hour-and-forty-minute-long battle between the best touring car teams in the country. 


In that final race of the day, you'll see some familiar colors flying around, too. FCP Euro is partnering with Unitronic JDC-Miller MotorSports, who will be carrying FCP Euro into competition on their amazing Audi RS 3 LMS in the Michelin Pilot Challenge 100. Be sure to stick around and cheer on the team, and don't forget to visit FCP Euro, LIQUI MOLY, and others in the FCP Euro Vendor Village located in the midway. Plus, we'll have FCP Euro builds on display, such as the Golden Era 190 DTM, Volvo 850 Project, Yippie Cayenne, and GRIDLIFE GLTC Mini Cooper racer.


  • Race Day: July 22, 2023
  • Time: 
    • 9:00AM – VP Racing SportsCar Challenge (Race 1 of 2)
    • 12:10PM – FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix Presented by LIQUI MOLY (IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Challenge)
    • 3:00PM – VP Racing SportsCar Challenge (Race 2 of 2)
    • 4:10PM – Lime Rock 100 (IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge)
  • Location: Lime Rock Park, Salisbury, Connecticut
  • TV Channel: CNBC
  • Streaming App: Peacock, IMSA TV


How To Watch The FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix At Lime Rock Park Online

Cable prices have gone bananas in recent years, and plenty of other online streaming options exist. The best place to watch any/all of the races online is NBC holds the broadcasting rights to all IMSA races, and their Peacock streaming service is guaranteed to have every race live, from start to finish. No more jumping around from CNBC to NBC Sports and then to USA Network for the last 30 minutes; it’ll be the entire race from one place. However, you need to subscribe to Peacock Premium to watch. 

If you’re outside of the US, you can stream the race on NBC doesn’t carry the rights off US soil, so you can watch the direct IMSA broadcast on their website. Of course, if you prefer the IMSA broadcast and you are in the US, a VPN might be what you’re looking for. 

You’re third and final option is IMSA Radio. Believe it or not, one of the best broadcast teams in the business is the crew that handles IMSA’s radio duties. John Hindhaugh, Jeremy Shaw, Shea Adam, and Brian Till are all voices you’ve heard before and consistently deliver an enjoyable but objective call of the race. The broadcast is found on and on these satellite radio channels.

  • Sirius 138 
  • XM 202
  • SiriusXM Online 972


How To Stream The FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix At Lime Rock Park On Mobile

Although a big screen is best, sometimes a phone or tablet is your best option. If that’s the case, the Peacock App is your virtual ticket to the race. The app shares service with the website, so you’ll need the same Peacock Premium account to watch the race from the app. With that said, you’ll also have access to the broadcast via the SiriusXM app if you’re a subscriber to that. Use the radio channels above to listen to the stream on your phone.


Where To Watch The FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix At Lime Rock Park While In-Person

Without a doubt, the best place to catch all the racing action from IMSA’s weekend at Lime Rock Park is from the track itself. With revamped facilities, plenty of parking, camping spaces, and unrivaled viewing areas, you’re all but guaranteed a great seat anywhere on the grounds. Before you get there, though, you’ll need to buy a ticket.

Tickets to nearly every event at Lime Rock Park can be purchased online on their website. There are general admission tickets, as well as several different options for the various car corrals, hospitality areas, and camping spots dotted around the midway and skidpad area. With that said, not everyone will need to buy a ticket, as active-duty military members, veterans, and kids under 12 are all admitted to the park free of charge. All former and current military members should bring the proper identification.


After securing your tickets, you can strategize where you’re going to sit. The historic 1.5-mile course certainly isn’t the biggest in the world, making it a challenging place to race, so there are specific areas that are better than others for the action. Take a peek below to find out where you might want to set up your chairs during the race. 


On The Hill Above The Left-Hander

One of Lime Rock Park’s most iconic features is the large hill within the track that overlooks the first half of the track. The section overlooking the only left-hand turn on the track arguably gives the best vantage point and the most amount of available shade, thanks to two enormous trees. If your seat is in the right place, you’ll be able to see drivers enter the braking zone at Big Bend and hustle through the first few corners before burying the throttle down the Paul Newman Straight. There is sure to be plenty of action happening here as the several turns within view are some of the best passing points on the circuit.



The Outfield Spectator Area

Across from the timing and scoring tower on the outside of the track is the Outfield area, a wide open hillside meant for spectator viewing. It gives an open view of the front straight, Big Bend, and the downhill if you’re in the right spot. The Downhill leading to the front straight is a high-speed, high-commitment corner that leads to a drag race before the braking zone to Big Bend. Also unique to this spot is the view of the pit lane action. All other seating areas from within the track will be stuck watching the tire and driver changes on one of the large screens around the park.

FCP Euro Lime Rock Park Outfield Spectator Area


The Uphill

On the backside of the course, the Uphill presents a unique view. As the machinery comes hustling down the Paul Newman Straight, they’ll break and turn into an uphill chicane that leads them onto the back straight. Cars will get light here while cresting the hill, leading to some squirrelly side-by-side moments for the bravest drivers. This also makes for a great spot for photographing the race. 



West Bend

Opposite the Uphill at the back of the track is West Bend. Getting a good run out of this corner is crucial as it sets up a driver’s line and pace through the Downhill and onto the front straight. Passing does occur here, but not as much as in other places due to its high-risk nature. The exit of the bend narrows because the bridge takes spectators and teams over the circuit and into the center of the track, so any mistake means little to no runoff area. There’s good space at this section of the track, and the skidpad within it is always home to the Porsche Car Corral for those looking to look at more than just the racing cars.


What To Bring To A Lime Rock Park Race Day

Lime Rock Park race weekends, whether the Historic Festival or the FCP Euro Northeast GP, are generally warm, sunny, crowded, and loud. The atmosphere is similar to other sporting events, but there aren’t any bleachers or stadium seating to go around. Instead, you’ll need to grab space somewhere in the infield grass around the circuit. 

Preparing for a day in the sun and grass isn’t difficult, but it requires a few accessories to make it as enjoyable as possible. Here's a list of what we recommend:

  • Cooler
  • Chairs
  • Blanket
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Earplugs

A blanket or chairs are as essential as it gets—you’ll need somewhere to sit unless you’re alright with the grass. Food and drink are readily available but only easily accessible while on the midway or down by the concession stand in A Paddock. Bringing a cooler to stuff with drinks while on the hill or near West Bend will save you from having to get up during the on-track action. The earplugs and sunscreen are necessities for protection, and the sun and sounds are regularly stronger than expected.

With all that in mind, you’re all set to watch the FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix presented by LIQUI MOLY in the way that best suits you. Enjoy the race! 

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Written by :
Christian Schaefer

Car and motorsports-obsessed writer/editor for FCP Euro's DIY Blog. Constantly dreaming of competing behind the wheel or searching for another project. Owner of a turbo Subaru Forester and a ratty Porsche 914, neither of which are running.

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