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There aren't many car modifications that are affordable, simple to install, and actually make a noticeable difference on your car. Luckily, these billet aluminum dogbone/pendulum mount inserts from 034Motorsport fit the bill. They reduce the amount of movement of the stock dogbone/pendulum mount, making your shifts more direct and your drive-line more rigid.

Audis and Volkswagens with the MQB series engine use a very soft OEM dogbone/pendulum mount on the front sub-frame. This mount is there to prevent the engine from torquing forward and backward. The only problem is, it's too soft. 034Motorsport's solution to this issue is this billet aluminum insert.

Instead of completely replacing the OEM mount, it modifies it slightly by filling the voids, striking the perfect balance of comfort and performance. When daily driving you won't notice any difference; driving aggressively or on track is where this product shines. I'd go as far to say that it's a must if you've added any considerable amount of power to your car as well. 

034Motorsport VW/Audi Dogbone Mount Insert Nate


034Motorsport offers two variants of their Dogbone Mount Insert as some Mk7 GTI & Golf R models are equipped with a different factory dogbone mount than the rest of the models. The image below clearly demonstrates how to determine which mount you have and which variant insert you will need.

034Motorsport Dogbone Mount Insert Variants


In this Really Quick Product Review, Nate Vincent, our Director of Motorsports, demonstrates why Dogbone mount inserts are needed on the sub-frame of our infamous Project MK7If you like this Really Quick Product Review, subscribe and check back here for regular releases in the future.  




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Written by :
Evan Madore

Writer/Editor at FCP Euro and owner of a daily R53 MINI Cooper, a track-built R53 MINI, and a 1997 Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Sedan. ••• Instagram: @evan.madore

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