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In the quest for performance, few bolt-on modifications are as universally loved as the cold air intake. Aftermarket cold air intakes can manifest in many forms, ranging from stock-like looks and performance, to complete intake replacements that utilize none of the car's original components. The reasons to change a vehicle's intake system are often based on what the owner wants out of their car.

The BMS intake system I have chosen to install on my X1 35i offers a blend of stock-like functionality due to it's retention of the factory lower airbox. This airbox allows cool air to be forced in at speed, guiding the air properly into the air filter. The addition of a smooth intake tube and high-flow cone filter round out the performance advantages, allowing the turbo to spool quicker and more noise to be heard in the cabin.



  • T20 Torx Bit
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver



Begin by removing the airbox clamps holding the upper housing to the lower housing.

Loosen the worm clamp holding the factory intake pipe into the rubber coupler.

Place a small flathead screwdriver under the MAF sensor's connector and gently slide it off the MAF. If you're pushing hard, the clip hasn't disengaged yet.

Remove the intake pipe from the vehicle, revealing the air filter. Remove the air filter from the stock airbox, then vacuum out anything that remains.

Remove the stock MAF sensor from the factory intake pipe using a T20 torx bit. Save these screws by threading them into the stock pipe, they will not be re-used.

Insert the MAF sensor into the BMS intake pipe and fasten it with the included Phillips-head screws.

Attach the cone filter to the intake pipe using the supplied worm gear clamp.

Loosely attach the airbox bracket to the intake pipe.

Slide the assembled new intake into the rubber coupler and tighten the worm gear clamp. Using a 90º screwdriver bit, tighten the pipe's airbox bracket once it has been locked into the lower airbox properly.



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Written by :
Alex Fiehl

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