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FCP Euro Brake Kit Sale

With 2023 shifting into its final gear, this year was one of the most memorable to date! Everything we accomplished is because of every single one of you who shops with us, shares our content on social media, reads our blog articles, and comments on our YouTube videos, and we cannot thank you enough for it! 

FCP Euro hit some massive milestones in 2023. If you haven’t heard, we recently opened our Arizona facility, expanding distribution space by 150% to decrease shipping times to the West Coast and increase product availability across our entire catalog. And speaking of catalog, we added over 40,000 products this year alone and optimized countless others based on your feedback on 400,000 customer service inquiries. After everything, in 2023, we helped over half a million customers enjoy their cars more, shipping products to over two-thirds of all the countries in the world! 

This year, our team took on some of our most elaborate builds and published some of our favorite content across our blog, YouTube channel, and social media, and you all agreed. Here are our top pieces in every category, voted on by you!


Most Watched Videos Of 2023

You set some records this year, watching our videos over 13MM times—spending over 1 million hours on YouTube alone! If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry, as the majority of those hours were spent learning from our educational series. Your top 6 favorite videos of the year were:

Views: 282,321
Hours Watched: 35,642


Views: 258,439
Hours Watched: 18,903


Views: 228,054
Hours Watched: 19,281


Views: 198,381
Hours Watched: 15,052


Views: 187,087
Hours Watched: 13,764


Views: 119,606
Hours Watched: 15,248



Most Read Articles Of 2023

Good on you for getting your reading in this year. Throughout 2023, over 3.3 million of you read articles on our blog. Not only that, but you all blew the average reading time out of the water, spending over 300,000 hours reading, or nearly 6 minutes per article! Pretty good when the average time spent reading an article online is less than a minute! These were your top picks from the year:

The Definitive Guide To The VW Mk7 GTI EA888 Engine (Gen 3)

Reads: 63,000
Hours: 5,250


The 5 Cheapest, Reliable, High-Performance BMWs Right Now

Reads: 62,000
Hours: 5,150


The Definitive Guide To The DSG Transmission

Reads: 60,000
Hours: 7,000


The Cheapest, Most Reliable Mercedes-AMG Cars Ever, Period!

Reads: 48,000
Hours: 3,200


The Definitive Guide To The BMW N55 Engine - Common Faults, Tech Specs, & Upgrades

Reads: 42,000
Hours: 5,000


How To Choose The Best Brake Pads For Your Car 

Reads: 42,000
Hours: 4,000


Most Viral Social Media Of 2023

How’s your social media addiction doing? We know ours isn’t getting any better. You guys set some new records this year—Out of your millions of views, likes, and comments, these were the reels of 2023 that you just couldn’t get enough of!


Views: 2,259,166
Likes: 150,770
Comments: 640


Views - 1,352,722
Likes - 75,736
Comments - 529


Views - 1,205,841
Likes - 51,550
Comments - 478


Views - 658,421
Likes - 40,384
Comments - 394


Views - 355,387
Likes - 45,742
Comments - 467


Most Sold Kits By Make:

Of the over 1 million orders you all placed, these are the most purchased kits by each make. It looks like a safe bet to buy a used car from an FCP Euro customer, as you guys ensured you were replacing your oil regularly!

BMW - BMW 5W40 Oil Change Kit - 11427953129KT4



Volkswagen - VW Oil Change Kit (5W40) - Liqui Moly KIT-539037



Mercedes - Mercedes 722.9 Transmission Service Kit - Pentosin 7229LATE



Audi - Audi Engine Oil Change Kit - Liqui Moly 06E115562AKT43



Volvo - Volvo Oil Change Kit 0W20 - Liqui Moly 32140029KT2



Porsche - Porsche Engine Oil Change Kit (5W-40) - Liqui Moly/Mahle 99610722560KT2



MINI - Mini 5W30 Oil Change Kit - Liqui Moly/Purflux 11427622446KT3 



Most Watched DIYs Of 2023

It’s always nice to see that our customers really are not afraid to get their hands dirty, even with some pretty involved DIYs. Of the hundreds of thousands of hours spent learning how to fix your cars, these are the top 5 of 2023.


Views: 147,058
Hours: 13,596



Views: 102,949
Hours: 16,284



Views: 101,519
Hours: 7,155



Views: 94,360
Hours: 13,835



Views: 81,099
Hours: 10,598


Our Builds

If you didn't get to see them during the year, throughout 2023, our team started, completed, or were amidst a handful of influential builds. These projects could be found around the country, being sat in by customers at shows, competing head-to-head in Time Attack at GRIDLIFE, driving the streets of Connecticut while hauling our team to our favorite lunch spots, and even cresting mountains on dirt roads in Oregon. 


MINI Cupper

Taking an R56 Mini Cooper from "Zero" to "Hero"
GRIDLIFE's "Sundae Cup" Time Attack series promises "motorsport for the masses," utilizing a strict rulebook built around inexpensive cars to promote track time and heavy competition at a price point accessible to all.

Traditionally, the class is dominated by the car it was built upon, the Honda Fit. But as a European alternative that fit perfectly into the class's power-to-weight restrictions, we surmised that a base-model R56 Mini Cooper might be the Sundae Cup stone left unturned. 



Volvo 850 Project

The 850 Project "Levels Up" in Season 2
Jacob purchased his $850 project with the intention of not only proving the viability of the Volvo P80 platform for performance driving in the 21st century, but also as a statement; buying and creating a car you love doesn't always have to be a financially-exhausting endeavor. 



Golden Era

The "Golden Era," Reimagined
The "Golden Era" of DTM racing in Europe, beginning in the late 1980s and extending to the early 1990s, would go on to shape motorsport for decades to come. The cars were cutting-edge, the engineering was clever and groundbreaking, and the competition was fierce, all in vehicles that looked like your relative's daily driver.

While the cars of competition were decades ahead of their time, you can't help but wonder what the introduction of modern technology and design would look like when applied to some of the best racecars ever made. Enter FCP Euro's 190E 2.0-16, the ultimate Evolution of the Mercedes 190E.



Coming Soon: Porsche Cayman S Rallye

Join us as we explore Porsche's distinguished history in rally racing with our latest project, the 987 Cayman S Rallye. This street-legal Cayman is destined to compete in the ARA 2WD open class. It's a refined version of the familiar 987, enhanced to navigate beyond paved roads, combining power and agility to master any terrain in its path.


We want to thank you once again for an amazing and record-setting 2023. We’re not slowing down for 2024 and look forward to you joining us for an even more special year!

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Written by :
Evan Madore

Writer/Editor at FCP Euro and owner of a daily R53 MINI Cooper, a track-built R53 MINI, and a 1997 Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Sedan. ••• Instagram: @evan.madore

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