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Starla is a Swedish manufacturer of muffler and exhaust system parts and accessories. They specialize in OE quality aftermarket products including mufflers, various pipes, and other exhaust system accessories. Interestingly enough, Starla is a division of Walker Manufacturing, a company that got its start formally in 1912, during a chance meeting on a train to Chicago. Willard Walker met with the leader of Mitchell Motor Company, a respected leader in its time. Before arriving in Chicago a deal was made in which Walker would produce what was then known as the "economy spring" for passenger vehicles, to keep it off the ground during winter months. This invention would eventually become more popularly known as a car jack. During the first World War, this invention flourished and produced a massive amount of capital for the business and the name Walker Manufacturing was assumed. Today Walker is the parent company to many other top producing manufacturers and vendors around the world. They remain a trusted and respected provider of great quality parts that are commonly found on a majority of passenger cars and trucks.

Starla Parts from FCP Euro

FCP Euro carries a large selection of Starla parts so that you can have all the best exhaust and muffler solutions right at your fingertips. By ensuring that you have all the right muffler and exhaust parts on your vehicle, you help your engine to realize its full potential, and avoid some of the more potentially dangerous problems that can arise from a faulty exhaust system. Unfortunately a malfunctioning exhaust system, especially when its something such as a bent pipe, can lead to toxic fumes re-entering the cabin of the vehicle, putting you and your passengers at a seriously increased health risk, and possibly even death. FCP Euro helps you to maximize the potential of your engine while also protecting you from the previously mentioned issues. What's more is that our Starla parts catalog also includes a variety of complete exhaust and muffler kits that enable you to complete an entire overhaul of your exhaust system, right down to the clamps. These signature exhaust kits from FCP Euro will literally save you time under the hood, and money as opposed to sourcing the parts individually. You'll also be performing the type of maintenance that will greatly outlast a "piece by piece" approach to reconditioning your exhaust system. Trust our expertise and let our dedication to our customers make a lasting difference on the quality performance of your vehicle.

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