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Bosch, at this point in their history, is a household name. Just shy of its 140th anniversary, the engineering firm is one of the most versatile businesses, supporting several areas of the global economy through mechanical and electrical innovation. Their products have been the choice of many industries, though their advances in the automotive sector are at their core. Since creating the first automotive-focused magento in 1897, Bosch has been at the forefront of the automobile’s development, and it’s for that reason—among many—that Bosch is a proud partner of FCP Euro.  

A Brief Bosch History Lesson

From the outset, Bosch was always going to be successful. Company founder Robert Bosch studied under the Siemens Brothers and Thomas Edison before returning to Stuttgart and opening his first workshop. Within a decade, he and his employees were the only suppliers of reliable ignition systems for early automobiles thanks to a revolutionary magneto design. It was also around then that Bosch saw its first success in motorsport in a Mercedes at the 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup. Manufacturing demand was so great that a US-based manufacturing plant was opened in Springfield, Mass, in 1910.   

Vintage Bosch

The two world wars severely hampered the company’s progress, but by the sixties, Bosch was entering a new era. From designs acquired from Bendix/Chrysler, engineers developed the D-Jetronic electronic fuel injection, first seen on Volkswagen engines in 1967. It was the company's first injection system, and like its L-Jet successor, it was used by Porsche, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Saab, and Mercedes vehicles. Bosch never let up on their fuel injection innovations and genuinely led the development of the most popular systems of the next several decades.   

Their longevity and century-long record of creating reliable products designed to improve our lives speak for themselves but are arguably forgotten under everyday circumstances. Luckily, Bosch doesn’t run on public appreciation and instead continues to supply European manufacturers with OE and OEM components. Product offerings remain a contender for best in the business, and there aren’t any signs of that slowing down.


You Probably Already Have Bosch Parts In Your Car

Dig around under the hood of your car, and it won’t be long until you spot a pump, filter, or relay wearing the Bosch logo. Bosch is one of a few parts suppliers who are trusted to manufacture the components designed by automakers for their vehicles. Their long history of engineering and innovating in the automotive space has made them a leader among their competitors and a trusted source of partnership and engineering. Because of that, you’ll find all sorts of Bosch bits for your Euro ride on our site, both OE and OEM.

What’s The Difference Between OE And OEM? Find Out Here!


OE electronics are Bosch’s bread and butter. Their current slate of ignition components doesn’t include a magneto but still contains the distributors and ignition coils for the classics, along with all of the contemporary parts you’d expect to see. Spark plugs and ignition coils are some of the most popular offerings for the average DIY’er unless you’re a BMW owner fighting the good fight against direct fuel injectors. The engine ancillaries, like power steering pumps, water pumps, and secondary air injection pumps, are another common place you’ll find Bosch parts. Whether belt-driven or electronically controlled, you’ll likely find at least one in your engine bay, providing pressure where it’s needed. 

On the more mechanical side, Bosch also produces an enormous range of braking system components. Their QuietCast rotors are an inexpensive but over-engineered design that can provide the same OE performance to your car as some of our favorite European sports cars. Brake pad offerings are even more diverse, with multiple compound options to suit your preferred driving style and braking habits. Their Evolution wiper blades are just as important to safe operation but in the rain. 

However, some parts have universal appeal. The “044” fuel pump is a legend for its flow rate, adaptability, and reliability. Injectors can be application dependent, but the Bosch style has many variants, so oversized units fit for more power are easy to come by. Smaller parts like coolant temp, MAP, and 02 wideband sensors provide easy replacement in OE applications and high-performance reliability in aftermarket ones. 


Shop Bosch Parts

Although I’m certain you already know the answer, it’s right here at! As a proud partner of the automotive giant, we carry the full line of Bosch automotive products for your European vehicle. Simply head over to our main site or click one of the banners below to enjoy the ease of ordering parts, knowing they’ll fit and be as reliable as they come. Oh! And if you act fast, you might just be able to pick them up at a discount, too!

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