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We’re expanding our parts catalog faster than ever before to supply you with the parts you need at better prices. Thanks to our dedicated experts working behind the scenes, new brands and parts are added daily, and this month, the focus was on bolstering our performance options. Historically, far and few between for FCP Euro, we’re changing things up to bring you the aftermarket go-fast goodies you’ve been asking for with a selection of high-quality brands. Look below at a small grouping of what’s new before heading to the main site to see everything that fits your vehicle. 

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You can't discuss the Volkswagen and Audi aftermarket scene without including APR. For over two decades, the American tuner has pushed the performance and aesthetic limits of the most popular VAG models. Their careful approach to tuning has resulted in an expansive catalog that includes proven in-house-designed performance parts, the software to take advantage of them safely, and a host of visual upgrades to match. 

Speaking of their specially designed parts, check out these injectors! APR's drop-in high-flow injectors are 13% oversized. The very specific increase delivers the perfect amount of fuel for your K04 big-turbo swap on any EA113-equipped vehicle. With enough flow to support over 500hp, the Bosch HDEV1 construction should give you the confidence to push those numbers. 

If you’re lucky enough to own an RS3 or TTRS with the 2.5L 5-cyl, you can add a pop of color to your engine bay while knocking out preventative maintenance with APR's ignition coil kit. Available in several colors, these kits keep misfires away, even under more boost, thanks to an extra 10% of energy output, while adding character under the hood.


Even the lowest-spec BMW is only a few choice upgrades away from a remarkably improved experience. Regarding the audio system, some refreshed speakers are a great place to start, and BAVSound has you covered. They take original BMW/MINI speakers and re-engineer them with different materials and revised shapes for remarkably improved sound quality and reliability in a perfect factory fit.

Starting with the speakers is the best option, as they make up the majority of sound production. BAVSound’s Stage One speaker upgrade sees woven fiberglass cones, butyl rubber surrounds, and silk composite tweeters stuffed into original housings. Combined with even the most basic head unit, they produce higher-quality sound, with a broader range and more balanced bass and treble output. It’s a complete upgrade that allows them to perform better at higher volumes without the distortion of the original units, so you can bump whatever you want, as loud as you want, for as long as you want, all with a 4-year warranty.

But you don’t have to stop there.

BAVSound also offers “Ghost” under-seat subwoofers to take your bass to the next level. Although not made from the original BMW woofers, BAVSound’s product is still just as plug and play, with three different versions to fit your factory system’s impedance. Thanks to oversized neodymium magnets and lightweight poly cones, they have a much more lively sound, far punchier and tighter than factory. Overall volume is up 10 dB across the 20Hz to 60Hz range, so you’ll feel the improvement, too. Head over to and explore everything else BAVSound has to offer.


It’s tough to beat the best. Bilstein has been synonymous with performance suspension products for decades, and their continued focus on providing the best bits possible shows no signs of slowing. Their shocks have proven to eliminate dead spots and deliver highly responsive valving for superior performance and handling, including consistent, fade-free damping and shorter braking distance while maintaining your vehicle's comfort and streetable compliance.

For those looking to refresh their suspension with a bit of extra firmness—say, for towing a boat or hauling the family—a set of B6 performance dampers is an easy choice. Meant to work with the OE-equipped springs, Bilstein engineers carefully reviewed shock data and tightened up the compression and rebound characteristics for a more responsive ride. Although firmer, they can often revive the comfort and compliance missing due to a very worn set of dampers. 

Not driving an XC90 and want an all-in-one performance package? The B16 PSS10 coilover kit is the way to go.  All PSS10 suspension kits feature ride height adjustability with 10-stage manually adjustable dampers in an OE quality, direct-fit package. The 10-stage mono-tube damping system adjusts rebound and compression with each click, allowing you to tune your damper response to your preferred feel in any condition. Paired with a spring matched to the damper’s adjustable range and set into a zinc-coated and threaded body, you’ll have the ultimate adjustable setup ready to tough out the saltiest winter roads.

COBB Tuning

For nearly two decades, Cobb Tuning's Accessport has been a preferred method of ECU and transmission tuning. Their latest "V3" iteration brings compatibility with Porsche, Audi, and VW owners, bringing the ease of tuneability to the Euro community for the first time. Additionally, with a host of cosmetically-minded products under the hood and in the interior, Cobb Tuning has something to get your VAG car tuned up and turning heads this season.

If you haven’t used a Cobb Accessport, it can be challenging to understand just how handy it is. At its core, the AP provides an easy and reliable tuning source for most reputable tuning shops, but its other included features make it so much more than that. While driving, you can watch live data through the “Gauge” feature, which gives you up to six programable readings, including AFR, knock, and boost. It also allows you to data log your trips and read and erase engine codes on the fly while providing the performance benefits of a simple flash tune. 

To get all that convenience, the AP must remain connected to the car via the OBD port, which is easy for some but not for others. Many modern Porsche models have the OBD port behind the fuse box cover, so exposing it would mean leaving the interior fuse box uncovered. Luckily, Cobb is all about solutions and offers a fuse box cover with a cutout for the port. It snaps right in, just like factory, keeping your electronics safe from any outside contaminants that might be on your feet. 


BMWs and Volvos are not the usual combination outside engine swap projects, but it has worked well for do88. The Swedish aftermarket company has become popular in the performance market thanks to their obsession with keeping your engine and air inlet temps cool. Through hundreds of hours of in-house research, do88 has painstakingly engineered its products to be some of the best performers money can buy.

Take this F-Chassis BMW intercooler, for example. Covering a host of 2, 3, and 4-series models, the all-aluminum intercooler is precisely what you need to produce more power reliably. Core size jumps from 6831 cm3 to 15208 cm3, a 123% increase over factory, while the CFD-optimized end tanks ensure all of the extra airflow is as smooth as ever. Yet, despite its size increase, the intercooler is a drop-in and will work with your existing intercooler piping—assuming it hasn’t disintegrated yet. We highly recommend swapping out those charge pipes if you can. 

While Volvos don’t necessarily have crumbly piping, you can upgrade your P1 chassis charge pipes, intercooler, and intake with our Ultimate Induction Kit. Featuring a similar intercooler to the one above (this one is 163% larger than factory!), it comes paired with mandrel-ben aluminum piping and custom-made silicone hoses with four layers of polyester/aramid reinforcement to ensure the best possible performance between the turbocharger and the throttle body. However, it also includes do88’s incredible air intake system, which is dyno-proven to add up to 21hp. 

Motorsport Hardware

Whether it's motorsport in mind, cosmetics, or simply the ease of swapping wheels without struggle, Motorsport Hardware has you covered. They know better than anyone just how important good quality studs and hardware are and offer some of the toughest products on the market. Each is TUV-certified, with 10.9-grade wheel nut & stud kits for adaptability and forged aluminum spacers for an unbeatable look.

We developed this kit specifically for/using the W211 platform. The factory lug bolts are long enough for OE wheels, but anything with a more aggressive offset typically becomes a problem. Take advantage of this stud and nut kit to ditch those annoying bolts and add the thread length you need to get your AMG (or not) Merc stanced right this Spring. However, this kit features an M14x1.5mm stud, so it will not fit any chassis utilizing the M12 wheel bolts.

If you don't have those aggressive wheels yet, picking up a set of wheel spacers like these will do just the trick for your Mercedes, BMW, Audi, or Porsche. Motorsport Hardware's all-new TUV-certified hub-centric wheel spacers are the safest way to push out your conservative OE wheels to fill out those wheel wells and give that chassis the look it was meant to have. When paired with your vehicle's stud conversion kit, they provide a one-stop shop for safe and proper fitment. 

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