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The differential is an often overlooked component on vehicles that requires regular maintenance. Something as simple as regular fluid flushes can keep your differential functioning optimally for the lifetime of your car. This kit is intended for vehicles that require a single liter of fluid. 



Mercedes-Benz W211 Differential Fluid Kit Replacement Symptoms

Changing the differential fluid on W211 Mercedes-Benz is a straightforward task that often goes ignored. Ignoring the symptoms of differential fluid that's past its service life can cause costly damage—even requiring complete replacement of your differential and transmission. Some of the symptoms that it's time to flush your differential fluid are:

  • Whining or groaning differential or transmission
  • Transmission failing to go into gear or specific gears
  • Jerking motion when shifting

We recommend replacing your differential fluid at least every two years, no matter how many miles you add during that time. 

If you go to a dealer, you can expect this job to cost between $100 and $200. By doing it yourself, you're only paying for the parts, which are a fraction of the cost. Another added benefit is that the parts come with our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. In another 2 years, you can send the fluid back to us and get a new bottle completely free.


Mercedes-Benz Models Applicable

This kit fits multiple Mercedes-Benz W211 models, including:

  • 2002-2007 Mercedes-Benz C230
  • 2006-2016 Mercedes-Benz E350
  • 2004-2005 Mercedes-Benz E320
  • 2006-2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK280


Parts Included with Mercedes-Benz W211 Differential Fluid Kit


Additional Parts Required with Mercedes-Benz W211 Differential Fluid Kit

Everything you need is included in this kit. There isn't anything else necessary to drain and replace your differential fluid. 


Special Tools Required with Mercedes-Benz W211 Differential Fluid Kit

There aren't any special tools you need to drain and replace the differential fluid on your Mercedes-Benz W211. 


Additional Parts Recommended with Mercedes-Benz W211 Differential Fluid Kit

This job doesn't require much to be done, so there's nothing else we recommend doing while you're at it. 


In the video below, Kyle Bascombe, our Mercedes-Benz Catalog Manager, gets up close with this differential service kit. If you're unsure if this kit will work on your car, you can verify the fitment by going to our homepage and use the vehicle selection tool in the upper left corner. As usual, if you like this Really Quick Product Review, subscribe and check back here for regular releases in the future.

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Written by :
Evan Madore

Writer/Editor at FCP Euro and owner of a daily R53 MINI Cooper, a track-built R53 MINI, and a 1997 Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Sedan. ••• Instagram: @evan.madore

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