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Volkswagen is the top selling auto brand in Germany, as well as third worldwide. VW has had three vehicle makes on the top 10 bestseller list and continues to manufacture them daily. VW also comes in third worldwide for allocating the largest amount of funds that are distributed to the research and development of new vehicles. They have a huge line with high quality products, and more specifically, with their engine electrical parts and components. Sooner or later your Volkswagen's engine is going to need some help. Your ignition coil provides a spark to your engine's spark plugs. It is a small transformer that converts energy from fuel combustion into a high-voltage that is usable by the spark plugs. Older VW’s usually have a single ignition coil, while newer vehicles typically supply each spark plug with its own specific coil. If a coil fails due to overheating or breakage, then it will bring on a reduced performance in newer vehicles and will force the engine to stop running in single-coil vehicles. If you have an older model VW that has only a single ignition coil, then there is only one warning sign associated with ignition coil failure. Once the ignition coil fails it will be impossible to provide energy to your engine's spark plugs and your vehicle will stop running. If your VW stops running, then you can look to your owner’s manual to find out whether it is a single-ignition coil. If it is a newer VW with numerous ignition coils, a different issue is causing your engine’s failure. If you have questions about Volkswagen’s engine electrical parts or components, the FCP Euro team and website are able to answer and upkeep all of your needs.

Volkswagen Engine Electrical Parts Online

If you own a newer Volkswagen with numerous ignition coils and one of your ignition coils fails, you should presume to detect an overall reduction in fuel efficiency. The decrease should be much more delicate under conditions in which you drive at a slowly and do not rush. In these conditions your Volkswagen’s engine is not running at full capacity and the faulty coil will have little impact on your vehicle’s performance. Your Volkswagen 's fuel efficiency will take a much larger hit on the highway or when speeding up quickly, since all power that is being communicated to the faulty coil will disperse and be lost from your system. FCP’s extensive VW engine parts catalog features new products uploaded every day to an already incredibly extensive offering. FCP has everything from VW spark plug parts to VW ignition parts. Our sales and support staff are ASE Certified and will guide you along every step of your part selection if you need help. So we've got you covered, check out our complete VW engine parts catalog or give us a call at 1-860-388-9001.

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