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Sachs Suspension Parts

Sachs is a brand of the ZF family, which includes Lemforder, Boge and ZF parts. As a group, ZF is amongst the top 10 automotive suppliers worldwide with over 120 production companies in 26 countries. ZF started in 1915 with the development of transmissions and has grown to employ over 75,000 employees worldwide.

Sachs – OEM Quality & In Stock at FCP.

Sachs specializes in shock absorbers and clutches including as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket supplier for most European car brands.

Sachs Suspension Components

A car’s handling is a key component to enjoyable, safe driving. In general the job of the suspension is to keep the tires firmly on the ground while maximizing driver comfort. When the suspension is worn, you will tend to notice poor road surfaces more often, as well as loss of traction including poor handling. These are typically indicators of a worn suspension components that need replacing, including shocks/struts, strut bearings, bushings and ball joints. Be sure to inspect the suspension for signs of wear including fluid leakage (shocks/struts) as well as excessive “play” between suspension components, and replace as necessary.

Sachs Shocks provide a quality choice in car suspensions. Sachs utilizes an oscillating dampening feature in its shocks to enhance the driving performance and experience while still providing safety control. Further, the suspension products enhance noise reduction, making the car driving experience even better as comfort is increased. As a result, both Sachs Super Touring and Sachs Advantage shocks provide a great aftermarket suspension replacement option for cars of all types. Even more important, a Sachs suspension system won’t break a car owner’s budget. Sachs dampeners and shocks are very affordable, which is a pleasant surprise given the level of technology involved in their design. The parts are so reputable, many car manufacturer use them as stock OEM parts. If you want to return your suspension to like new condition consider [Sachs OEM quality suspension components] (/Sachs-parts/?taxon=Suspension) and FCP for Service, Selection and Speed.

Sachs OEM and aftermarket Clutch Components

Simply put the clutch is the item that supports the transfer of the engine’s power into the manual transmission, and eventually to the drive wheels. Depending on the car and driver, clutches can last for quite some time, or not…. Typically, if you experience excessive slipping, it is time for a new clutch. But before you order, first be sure to check your brake fluid level first. Why? Because many cars use a “master” and “slave” hydraulic system to engage the clutch, and they often share the same hydraulic refill (brake fluid refill) used for the car’s brakes. So be sure to check for any leaks and be sure the fluid is topped off before ordering a new clutch kit. Since Sachs is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of clutches, you can be sure of a quality clutch with a Sachs clutch kit…. And a great price with quick shipping from FCP.

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