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Volvo 144 Parts

Volvo 144 Parts

The 140 series are cars produced by Swedish auto maker Volvo starting in 1966 and were a replacement for the previous Volvo Amazon model. Up until the release of the 140 series, Volvos had much different styling that was more rounded and old-fashioned looking. This was the first series to have the boxy Volvo style that was seen on all models well through the 1990s before the S80 brought around stylistic changes that would put an end to that look. This was also the first Volvo series to use a three number system to name the models (tri-digit nomenclature) which also became a common practice for future years. The three models in the series were the 142 which was a 2-door sedan, the 144 4-door sedan, and the 145 being the 5-door estate wagon of the lineup. The series ended mainly in 1974 when it was replaced by the similarly styled 240 series, although the model continued into the 1975 model year in some markets. As you browse our Volvo 144 catalog, you'll find that we have an ever growing selection of Volvo 144 parts available to help you recondition the quality and performance of your Volvo.

Volvo 144 Parts at FCP Euro

These cars were introduced over four and a half decades ago and many can still be found on the road to this day. This is all possible because Volvo 144 parts were made with the same quality and precise engineering that Volvos are so well known for. If you own one of these classic Volvos you can continue to keep it on the road with the practical application of our Volvo 144 parts. Here at FCP Euro we are dedicated to helping you keep your car in good running order for you to enjoy for years to come. 144 original parts have proven themselves to be durable and long lasting, but over time many things need to be serviced or maintained, and we're sure to have what you need in our Volvo 144 catalog.

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