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Reinz Gaskets

Reinz OEM gaskets for Mercedes & VW and more.

Over ninety years ago, when it was still very uncommon to see a car on the street, Reinz was already in business. They have an extensive history that far surpasses most other parts manufacturers. For almost a century they've provided gaskets and sealing products for both auto manufacturers and as aftermarket options for car enthusiasts. Their full catalog features over 15 000 different products, providing a great selection for excellent value.

Way back in 1962 Reinz became the original equipment manufacturer for the prestigious Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen car companies, a strong partnership that still continues to this day. The company continues to innovate and usually manages to stay well ahead of the curve. For example, back in 1993, Germany banned the use of asbestos in gaskets, following the lead of the Swedes. However, Reinz was a step ahead: they'd already developed a gasket without asbestos in 1981 – over a decade before they would've been forced to.

Why Reinz Performs

Every part Reinz manufacturers meets OEM standards – meaning you're getting great value that you can believe in. Many known brands and models of vehicle manufacturers use sealing solutions from Reinz. The company's future promises to be even more exciting and innovative than their illustrious past, as they continue to lead the way in providing a selection of gasket and sealing products.

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