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The transmission torque mount, often referred to as the rear motor mount, is one of three mount which support the P1 engine and transmission. Being the only lower mount, it experiences the majority of the torque from the transmission and can quickly wear away in as little as 50k miles. Luckily, replacement is fairly easy with standard tools and there are many options to upgrade this mount for a sportier driving experience.


Retired Tools:

  • Jack and jack stands or ramps
  • 13mm & 15mm sockets and wrench
  • Torque wrench

Volvo Performance Engine Mount (C30) - Elevate 270:20001

Volvo Torque Rod Mount (S40 C30 V50 S40) Genuine Volvo - 9487349


Torque Mount Removal:

Near the rear of the transmission, under the car by the firewall, you will find the torque mount. It is bolted to a bracket which connects to the transmission, while the main bushing of the mount is fitted into a slot on the vehicle's frame.

With the vehicle securely on jack stands or ramps, remove these three 13mm bolts which hold the torque mount bracket to the transmission. One of these bolts may have an additional nut which holds a bracket for the O2 sensor wiring bundle.

Once the bracket is released, remove the two 15mm bolts which hold the torque mount in place. The main bolt goes through the center of the bushing, the second bolt holds the mount to the transmission bracket (depending on the type of mount, the bolt head may be threaded from either the left or the right side)

Some find it easier to remove the mount before removing the bracket bolt. With a little force, the mount slides straight out from the frame of the car.

When reinstalling the mount, follow these instructions in reverse order. It may be necessary to slightly lift the transmission to realign the transmission bracket bolts. To do so, place a jack with a board of wood under the base of the transmission; only jack it up as far as necessary to avoid straining the other engine mounts.

The center bolt in the torque mount bushing is to be tightened to 60ftlbs with a torque wrench. It is advisable to double check the torque on this bolt after 100 miles of driving.

The three bolts holding the bracket to the transmission should be torqued to 45ftlbs.


What is the point of upgrading the torque mount?

Believe it or not, an upgraded torque mount makes a noticeable difference in driving experience both for manual and automatic cars. A rigid mount will prevent the transmission from shifting under load, this allows for smoother shifts and quicker launches off the line. In automatics, there is even a slight improvement in the shift delay when driving with the geartronic manual mode.

However, stiffer mounts do not come without a few sacrifices. A bit more vibration may be felt through the steering wheel, especially at idle. For some, this is welcomed, as stock P1 Volvos have a rather numb feeling between the steering wheel and the road. There may also be a slight increase in cabin noise, as more engine/transmission vibrations are being transferred into the frame of the car.


Elevate Torque Mount Review:

Here you can see the Elevate sport torque mount next to the factory mount. It is quite apparent that the stock mount has excessive room to flex, hence the sloppy shifting feel.

With the Elevate mount installed, everything feels a bit firmer right from the start up. The slight increase in cabin noise gives the impression of a sports car, not some luxury sedan.

When stomping on the throttle from a stand still, the car does not skip at all. Traction is improved because the transmission remains planted, which in turn, helps keeps the front drive wheels on the ground.

I personally consider an upgraded torque mount as a necessity for anyone seeking performance out of their P1 Volvo. FCP Euro's price makes it one of the cheapest upgrades available.

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Michael Hallock

Michael lives in Dahlonega, GA where he works full time as manager of an accounts receivable department. Despite a bachelors in New Media Arts, his true passion is in modifying and maintaining the cars that he and his wife own; Volvo for life. Many in the Volvo community might recognize his screen name, MyNameIdeasWereTaken.

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