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The humble oil change:  Changing your oil is one of the easiest and best ways to ensure the longevity of your car’s engine.  Your car’s manufacturer will advise you of the best time to change your oil (typically 3,000 – 6,000 miles), but note the main reason  your oil needs to be changed is because it gets dirty and the oil’s lubricating additives break down with use.

Three options:  Dealer vs Quick Change VS DIY

  • The dealer is a great place to be sure you are getting the correct oil filter and oil, but dealers are expensive, plus you need to schedule an appointment and either wait for the car or drop it off.

  • Quick change oil companies are cheaper, but their business is about volume and “up selling” you everything from new wiper blades to a car air freshener.  Additionally, the quality of their oil filters is not always up to the same quality of Genuine or OEM.

  • FCP on the other hand offers Genuine and OEM quality oil filters plus premium oil brands so YOU can choose what to put in your car, plus you get a closer look at your car to  ensure all is well.

The four FCP OIl Change video show a common theme and process.  Even if you have a different model the process is very similar, and don’t forget our techs can help you with any questions.

Product Feature:

This Power Fluid Extractor literally sucks the oil from your car’s engine through your car’s dipstick making your oil change so much easier and cleaner.  Depending on where your oil filter is located, you may never have to crawl under your car to change your oil again!  And with our lifetime satisfaction guarantee, you will never buy another one again.

Get your oil change supplies from FCP Euro to save money and get the best for your car.  Use our Vehicle Selector to choose your car’s year make and model so you only see parts that fit your car.

About The Author: Scott Drozd

scott-drozdScott Drozd is the Chief Executive Officer of FCP Euro & FCP Import, an online retailer of Genuine and OEM car parts for European and Asian Import vehicles.

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Written by :
Scott Drozd

Scott Drozd is the Chief Executive Officer of FCP Euro, an online retailer of Genuine and OEM car parts for European vehicles. You can reach him at

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