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The Volkswagen Campmobile, also known as a Campervan or simply the VW Camper, has been a family favorite for generations. The Campmobile is a Volkswagen type 2 van, microbus, minibus, or transporter (depending on what generation and region it is from the name varies but it's still just your typical VW van) that's been converted to allow people to sleep in it, or to take camping. First introduced in the 1950's the Campmobile has become an icon of good times and freedom over the years allowing people to go out and live life, it was also popular with the counterculture movement of the 1960's giving it the nickname “hippie van”. The Campmobile has evolved over the years to accommodate for extra people, some could sleep up to four adults where as older ones could sleep two and maybe two children. Some include kitchenettes, running water, gas stoves, refrigerators, electrical outlets, and RV hookups. Some more notable features that some vans have are the pop-up roof, larger windows with curtains, and rotating front seats. One reason the Campmobile has become popular is because, unlike most larger RV's and campers it can also be used as an everyday vehicle and achieves fairly good fuel economy. No matter what specific model it is or what options it has, the VW Campervan is a very versatile and enjoyable vehicle.

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Keep your Campmobile on the road for many more years of future enjoyment to come. Here at FCP Euro we are proud to offer you a selection of Volkswagen Campmobile parts to help you perform preventative maintenance and repairs to help you keep your vehicle in smooth running condition the way it was intended when new. Be sure to remember that all of the parts in our Volkswagen Campmobile catalog are covered by a quality and fitment guarantee as well as our one year warranty to ensure your satisfaction!

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