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FCP Euro Lifetime Parts Replacement Guarantee


Yes, our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on Auto Parts is Real!

Every auto part you buy from FCP Euro is guaranteed for life, for as long as you own the vehicle. Our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee covers everything we sell, including wear-and-tear items like brake pads, gaskets, brake rotors, filters, and wiper blades!

Once the part purchased from FCP Euro wears out, simply purchase a replacement and then return the part you purchased to us within 180 days. We will issue you a refund against the replacement for the value up to the original cost of the part.

For the past 5 years, we've ensured that the quality parts you purchase from FCP Euro all fall under our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

How the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Works

You must have a valid purchase through FCP Euro to participate
Under no circumstance will we take back parts that are not ours. We inspect all parts upon arrival. If we receive a part that is not ours, we will charge you to ship it back or discard it.
When you need a replacement, you must purchase the new replacement part first
This is a lifetime replacement program and we will not issue refund against your original order.
Once you receive your replacement part, you can send the initial item you purchased from FCP Euro back
Absolutely no return will be accepted without our fully completed returns form.
Upon receipt of part, we will issue you the refund against your replacement order
We do not cover the cost of brand upgrades
The only exclusion to this program is empty containers with contents that can not be physically returned
For example aerosol spray cleaners and additives that have been discharged or emptied

Still don't believe us? Check out the parts!

Some people have a difficult time believing we can offer this, so if you need more proof, we've set-up a 24/7 live feed of our warranty and returns department. See every box, bin, and part for yourself!

FAQ's About Our Lifetime Replacement Parts Guarantee

Q: Is this real?

A: Yes!

Q: Does this really include every part you sell?

A: Yes, our lifetime replacement covers every single product we sell, including wear-and-tear items like brake pads, spark plugs, gaskets, rotors, filters, belts, wiper blades, etc. This covers every part across every brand, including OE, OEM, genuine, performance, aftermarket, and re-manufactured parts.

Q. Are there any exceptions or limitations on the lifetime replacement guarantee?

A. The lifetime guarantee is non-transferable and only applies to parts you buy from FCP Euro. You must be both the current owner of the car and the original purchaser of the parts. Additionally, as stated above, we do not cover empty containers with contents that can not be physically returned. Such examples include aerosol spray cleaners, liquid gaskets, and additives that have been discharged or emptied.

Q. Can I return parts that were original to the car or ones that I purchased elsewhere?

A. No. The lifetime replacement guarantee only applies to parts you buy from FCP Euro.

Q: How can FCP Euro afford to offer this?

A: We only offer high-quality parts and reputable brands. This makes warrantying everything for life a little easier, but we also consider replacements the cost of business for keeping our customers happy and coming back for life.

Q. Do you guys cover the labor to replace a part?

A. We don't cover labor costs, just unlimited replacement parts (whether that's a $10 part or a $1,000 part).

Q. Do parts have to be installed by a certified mechanic or can I have done it myself?

A. The lifetime replacement guarantee applies to every product we sell, regardless of who installed it or how it was installed!

Q. Does this guarantee still apply if I track my car?

A. It absolutely does. We're proud to offer some of the highest quality parts and reputable brands in the industry. Regardless of whether our parts are installed on a daily driver or a track car, we guarantee to stand by our promise.

Our race cars are even built and maintained with our own parts. We put them through the paces just like you.

Q. Are tires covered under the lifetime replacement guarantee?

A. They would be if we sold them!

Q. Does this apply to international customers?

A. Yes.

Q. What about shipping costs?

A. All we ask is that you get the part back to us!

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions regarding our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, our services, or products. We're always happy to help!

Examples of Parts Warranty Returns

We’d like to share just a handful of returns that customers have sent back. There’s thousands more (just watch the live stream above), but you get the idea. Everything you buy is covered by our lifetime replacement guarantee. Note: these were all purchased from FCP Euro over the years.

Volvo tailpipe

BMW Tie Rod

bmw auto part

BMW Ball Joint

Mercedes Brake Disc

control arm bushings

Volvo timing belt kit

volvo replacement part

bmw coil springs

bmw wheel hub

Clutch kit

mercedes radiator

Audi gasket

vw water pump

bmw shock absorber

volvo spark plug

mercedes weatherstrip

see more parts

FCP Euro Online Shopping Customer Reviews

"I've spent more than I care to think about at FCP Euro over the last few years on my E34, E38, and E39. Have only had a few part failures but they either exchanged or refunded promptly, with no problem. For a small part (like the coolant level switch) they didn't even make me return the old one." - DrCharles

"I've had only positive experiences with their lifetime warranty, and have been buying parts from them for a good number of years. Having actually used their warranty, I can confirm it’s exactly what they claim it to be." - SilberVogel

"I have dealt with FCP Euro, and am very happy with them. Their website is very easy to use. They are speedy. Shipping charges are reasonable. The quality is first-rate and many of the parts they stock are original equipment. Their return policy is unbelievable. I have credit with other vendors and I still use FCP Euro first." - Frederick J.

"I've been shopping FCP Euro for about 8 years now. I've had an incorrect part shipped once, and they refunded me the money. Had to warranty (2) E34 thrust arms, no worry. They do what I'd expect any reputable business to do, and they do it with consistency." - Trasportador

"Have used FCP Euro for 10 years plus for E39, E36 and E90 and they have warranted anything I have asked about - no matter what - shipping is fast, customer service response is fast, refunds or replacements are fast and accurate. Plus 110% for FCP" - jfmjr442

"Steller customer service, great prices on quality OEM parts and a lifetime replacement guarantee even on wearable items. You can't beat the treatment that you receive at FCP Euro, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my benz. Thank you!" - Ashley

"I have ordered extensively from FCP Euro over the past 6 years and never been let down. On numerous occasions they have taken extra steps to make good on any issues, and honored their lifetime warranty. Professional, courteous, unparalleled customer service in the euro market. Look no further." - Adam H.

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