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If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, your car rarely sees the dealership's shop. It is great to save money by turning your own wrenches, but there might be a few mundane things which you forget to reset; the most common of which, is the routine maintenance light.

Most modern cars are equipped with a service message and/or light. This is not a check engine light, it is merely a reminder that an upcoming service is due. Cars are programmed to trigger this message after a set number of miles and it can easily be reset by the dealer. However, if you have personally done the maintenance, or your mechanic simply forgot, you may need to reset the light yourself.

On P1 Volvos, the service message is displayed on the gauge cluster screen. Depending on your region or mileage, it will either read "Time for Regular Service," "Time for Premium Service," "Book Time for Maintenance," or "Service Overdue."

Please refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for a list of necessary maintenance items at each mileage interval. I strongly discourage resetting the service light until you know everything in your car is up to date.

Resetting the Service Message:

1) Insert the key into the ignition and turn to position I.

2) Press and hold the trip counter reset button.

3) While still holding the reset button, turn the key to position II.

4) When the amber "i" indicator begins to flash, release the trip reset button. If done correctly, the service message will now be cleared and you will hear a small chime from within the car.

Never rely solely on the service message for when routine maintenance is due. Keeping your car's maintenance up to date is your responsibility and I suggest data logging your own mileage between fluid and filter changes. A car is a big investment; take care of it and it will take care of you.

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Written by :
Michael Hallock

Michael lives in Dahlonega, GA where he works full time as manager of an accounts receivable department. Despite a bachelors in New Media Arts, his true passion is in modifying and maintaining the cars that he and his wife own; Volvo for life. Many in the Volvo community might recognize his screen name, MyNameIdeasWereTaken.

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