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Though rare to fail, rear wheel bearings may eventually be in need of replacement, especially if the vehicle is subjected to rough roads and potholes. While bearings can be pressed out and replaced, it is often easier for the do-it-yourself mechanic to simply replace the entire hub.

Volvo Wheel Hub Assembly Rear (C30 S40 V50 C70) - Genuine Volvo 31340686

Required Tools:

  • Jack and jack stands
  • Necessary tools to remove rear wheels
  • 13mm wrench (or other size for removing caliper hanger bolts)
  • T50 torx bit with socket wrench extension
  • Rubber mallet


Rear Hub Removal:

With the vehicle jacked up and safely secured on jack stands, remove the wheel.

Remove the two 13mm caliper hanger bolts to free the caliper. Be sure that the hand brake is not set, as that will prevent the caliper from sliding off of the rotor.

Once the caliper is removed, securely support it with a jack or block; do not let the caliper hang by the brake lines. The rotor should now slide straight off of the hub.

With the rotor removed, you can see the ends of the hub assembly screws. In this picture, I had removed the studs from the hub, this is not necessary if you are replacing the hub assembly.

Using a T50 torx bit with socket extension, remove the four hub assembly screws.

While there is sufficient room to access the screw heads, some find it easier to remove the rear shocks as well. However, I was easily able to remove the S40 rear hubs while leaving the shocks in place.

Before completely removing the hub from the car, disconnect the ABS sensor wiring clip. Be sure to note the orientation of the sensor plug for installation of the new hub.

When the hub is removed, the brake dust shield may be rusted to the back of the assembly. Using a rubber mallet, lightly tap the edges to break it free. Be careful not to bend the dust shield, as it will cause hideous squealing noises if it makes contact with the brake rotor.

Before installing the new hub assembly, clean the face of the trailing arm where the hub attaches. Any bit of dirt could easily upset your rear alignment.

Simply follow these instructions in reverse order to install the new hub assembly. Do not forget to install the brake dust shield and reconnect the ABS sensor. Also be certain to orient the ABS sensor plug in the correct position before screwing the hub assembly into place.

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Michael Hallock

Michael lives in Dahlonega, GA where he works full time as manager of an accounts receivable department. Despite a bachelors in New Media Arts, his true passion is in modifying and maintaining the cars that he and his wife own; Volvo for life. Many in the Volvo community might recognize his screen name, MyNameIdeasWereTaken.

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