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Volvo 164 Parts

Volvo 164 Parts

The Volvo 164 is a vehicle produced from 1968 through 1975. As a variation of the 140 series, the two cars are very similar mechanically and structurally despite sporting a larger 6 cylinder engine, and different front bodywork to both make room for the bigger engine and have a classier appearance with its large grille. Many of the Volvo 164 parts were engineered and revised at the same time the 140s were changed. The 164 was the first Volvo in a decade to be powered by a 6 cylinder engine, and was considered to be Volvos idea of competing with some Mercedes and Jaguar models of the time.

Volvo 164 Parts at FCP Euro

If you own a 164 youll probably want to keep your classic Volvo running strong to drive it well into the future. Volvos are well known for their longevity and dependability but all cars still require some degree of maintenance or repairs over time. If your Volvo 164 original parts are becoming tired, or if you want to be smart and stay ahead of the game by practicing preventative maintenance, our Volvo 144 catalog here at FCP Euro has the parts you need to keep that car of yours in smooth running condition. Your car deserves to be treated right. This car has proven to last a long time, help keep your Volvo on the road for you to enjoy for years to come.

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