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Volkswagen Exhaust Hardware Parts

Volkswagen Exhaust Hardware Parts

Volkswagen is the main auto company in Germany and currently ranks third in the world. VW has had three of their vehicle lines in the top 10-bestselling list and continues to manufacture them. They also rank third in putting aside the largest budget in the industry to be awarded to the research and development of new vehicles. They have an expansive line up with high quality products, and more specifically, with their exhaust hardware parts and components. Connecting your Volkswagen’s new muffler to your exhaust tail pipe necessitates a specific clamp for various types of joints. For example, a butt joint is when you have two pieces of pipe pressed together from end to end. A slip joint is when one pipe glides over the other pipe, but both procedures create a solid connection and require you to use particular types of clamps. First, fasten your Volkswagen’s muffler to the exhaust muffler hanger secured to the rear frame of your vehicle. This procedure will be different from one Volkswagen to the next. Usually, your muffler has an L-shaped bracket welded to that is produced to slide into the muffler hanger. Next, mate the muffler to your VW’s exhaust pipe, but if the muffler glides over the exhaust pipe, you will need to buy a U-shaped muffler clamp. If your VW’s muffler butts adjacent to the end of the exhaust pipe, you will need an exhaust butt joint clamp. If you have questions about Volkswagen’s exhaust hardware parts or components, the FCP Euro team and website are put in place to assist you with any support you may need.

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You are now ready to position the U-bolt from the U-clamp on top of the joint between the tail pipe and your Volkswagen’s muffler. Slide the base of the U-clamp onto the threaded sides of the U-bolt, and then wind both bolts to the U-bolt. Secure both of the bolts with a socket and ratchet, but if you are using a butt joint clamp, omit this step and go to the following one. Take off the bolts from the two studs joined to the butt clamp and widen the butt clamp. Position the clamp over your Volkswagen’s tail pipe and muffler and then press the muffler adjacent to the tail pipe and situate the butt clamp in the center of the joint. Fasten the butt clamp to the exhaust by threading the nuts onto the two threaded posts, and then fasten the bolts with your socket and ratchet. FCP Euro's qualified and educated call center staff is accessible and ready to answer any questions you have or support you may need. If you are hesitant about which exhaust hardware part or component is compulsory for your Volkswagen, FCP has a vast line up for the Volkswagen brand. Check out the FCP Euro website for all parts, as well as our updated inventory. If you have questions, would like to put in a phone order, or just have feedback, do not waver in giving FCP Euro a call at 1-860-388-9001 to connect with our service friendly team.

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