Genuine Audi Parts


Genuine Audi Parts

The original parts used by Audi to build your car are available as replacement parts under the “Genuine Audi” brand. Manufactured under the direction of Audi, expect excellent quality and a premium price since these parts are exclusively available through the Audi Dealership network. FCP Euro has several relationships with these sources, and due to our purchasing volume we can pass along a savings to you, however their returns policy is the same for all customers including FCP. Per Audi, only defective Genuine Audi Parts can be returned. As a result, FCP’s return policy on Genuine Audi parts must reflect the same - returns only on defective parts.

You may not realize this, but the parts that make up your Audi are not necessarily manufactured by Audi. No cause for concern, as Audi designs the part, hires a manufacturer and ensures its quality to you, including a 1 year warranty. In fact, many of these manufacturers have been making parts for Audi for decades and are experts in their own right. In our industry these manufacturers are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or OES (Original Equipment Suppliers), and are often brands you recognize including Hella, Bosch, Bilstein and Lemforder. Don’t be surprised to open that Genuine Audi parts box and find a Lemforder branded part inside.

Genuine Audi Parts Online

If you are looking to buy Genuine Audi Parts online then you’ve come to the right place. FCP Euro offers both types of product – Genuine Audi and OEM/OES - from brands we trust to use on our own cars. If you have any questions on what options are available to you, just give us a call, we are happy to help.

What’s the difference between Genuine Audi Parts and aftermarket? Genuine Audi parts are made to exact fitment and quality specifications to the vehicle. Although Aftermarket Audi parts may fit the vehicle, they may not be up to the same quality as the Original Audi Parts. If you are looking for the highest quality replacement parts for your vehicle then we recommend using Genuine Audi parts.

FCP also stocks a wide variety of Genuine Audi kits to make it easy to find the right parts for a specific Audi repair by focusing on bundling and kitting routinely sold together car parts into one convenient package. FCP guarantees that customers will be able to find the Audi parts they're looking for regardless if the car is a vintage or newer Audi. FCP Euro’s all-in-one packages are designed for optimum compatibility and proper fitment depending on the level of upgrade.

**Please note our returns policy as it pertains to Genuine Audi Parts: Only defective Genuine Audi parts can be returned for credit and only upon verification of the defect. Returns will be sent back to the Vehicle Manufacturer to be inspected, tested, and verified as ‘defective’ prior to a credit being issued. A VIN number, mileage installed, and mileage failed will be mandatory information needed for a Defective Genuine Part Return.

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