Volvo PCV Breather System Kit - 850T200
  • Volvo PCV Breather System Kit - 850T200
  • Volvo PCV Breather System Kit - 850T200
  • Volvo PCV Breather System Kit - 850T200
  • Volvo PCV Breather System Kit - 850T200
  • Volvo PCV Breather System Kit - 850T200
  • Volvo PCV Breather System Kit - 850T200

Be sure to check the fitment guide below for specific details tailored to YOUR model. Your engine serial number is located on your timing cover.

FCP Euro offers this Volvo breather system kit at an affordable price without having to sacrifice the quality that you and your Volvo deserve. If you notice that your Volvo 850 or other model listed below does not operate with the same level of power it once had, or if your exhaust is emanating an unusual odor, this may be related to your Volvo breather system. This kit will replace rubber tubing and fittings that become brittle with age. The tubing can also become restricted due to built up oil deposits and sludge within the hoses. This kit includes a new oil trap, all of the breather hoses, an intake gasket and all of the necessary hose clamps.

What causes my breather system to fail?

  • Wrong oil grade, quality and/or viscosity
  • Vehicles driven too many miles between oil changes
  • Vehicles frequently driven short distances with many cold starts
  • Excessive idling
  • Fuels of low quality or with high alcohol content
  • Additives added to oil or fuel
  • High ambient temperature
  • High air humidity

What can I do to check for it?

  • The first step is to inspect the oil filter to see if it is abnormally dirty. An abnormally dirty filter is easily recognized by its thick, black deposits
  • If the engine has a problem with carbon deposits, the passageways in the engine block and oil trap may be completely or partially clogged. Remove and check the oil trap, hoses and their passageways in the engine block. There should not be any major collections of carbon deposits in the hoses or in the passageways in the block.
  • Drain the engine oil. Remove the oil pan and check the oil pan and crankcase for deposits. Normally, there should not be any deposits. Also check the oil suction strainer on the oil suction line for contaminants and deposits.
  • Use a low caliber Vacuum gauge to check for positive pressure through the dipstick tube

This Kit Includes:

Part SKU Brand MSRP
1x PCV Valve Oil Trap VOL-1271988 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $48.99
1x Crankcase Vent Hose VOL-1271653 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $15.99
2x Hose Clamp VOL-976584 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $4.99
2x Hose Clamp 977964 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $1.99
4x Hose Clamp 976561 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $1.99
1x Hose Clamp VOL-1389647 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $3.99
1x Crankcase Vent Hose VOL-8653339 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $11.99
1x Crankcase Vent Hose VOL-1271654 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $36.99
1x Crankcase Vent Hose VOL-9471644 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $60.99
1x Engine Intake Manifold Gasket OEM-9146266 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $6.99
MSRP (bought separately): $207.85
Our kit price: $150.99
You save: $56.86
Fits These Cars:
1995 Volvo 850 Breather System Kit
Sub model: T-5R
Only fits models after engine serial number 330414
1995 Volvo 850 Breather System Kit
Sub model: Turbo
Only fits models after engine serial number 330414
1996 Volvo 850 Breather System Kit
Sub model: R
1996 Volvo 850 Breather System Kit
Sub model: Turbo
1997 Volvo 850 Breather System Kit
Sub model: GLT
1997 Volvo 850 Breather System Kit
Sub model: R
1997 Volvo 850 Breather System Kit
Sub model: T-5
1998 Volvo C70 Breather System Kit
1998 Volvo S70 Breather System Kit
Sub model: T5
1998 Volvo S70 Breather System Kit
Sub model: GLT
1998 Volvo V70 Breather System Kit
Sub model: AWD
1998 Volvo V70 Breather System Kit
Sub model: GLT
1998 Volvo V70 Breather System Kit
Sub model: R
1998 Volvo V70 Breather System Kit
Sub model: X/C AWD
1998 Volvo V70 Breather System Kit
Sub model: T5
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Volvo PCV Breather System Kit - 850T200

Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo
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Breather System Kit
OE Numbers:
$150.99 MSRP: $207.85
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Customer Reviews

Write a Review Average rating:
4.8 based on 31 review(s)
By: Eric McDonald
Tue, Nov 28 at 7:18AM
Great Selection Of Parts

I am very impressed with your service, selection and price of parts. You will have my business completely for my Volvo.

By: Connor Blikre
Sun, Mar 5 at 11:37AM
High Quality Pcv System Replacement

Installed new PCV parts about 2 months ago and it's been great. All high quality parts, and Ben's video is fantastic.

By: Myra Doyle
Sat, Jul 30 at 10:41AM

This kit had everything my mechanic needed to replace my PCV system. I appreciate the quickness of shipping!

By: Leo
Sat, Jun 11 at 12:22AM
As Advertised

Followed Ben's video. Took me a lot longer than most but an enjoyable experience and great feeling of accomplishment. One thing, I had the same problem that 2 reviewers had with an elbow Vacum line one end fitting just right but the other end being bigger size. So that delayed me finishing the job in one day. Called FCP and they overnited the correct size elbow and badah Bing !

By: Bob Bollman
Fri, Mar 4 at 1:17PM

Not as hard as you think! Just takes a little time. Everything you need to do it right...

By: James
Sun, Feb 21 at 3:23PM
Problem Solved

saved the day again. you guys are the best

By: Paul D
Wed, Dec 23 at 9:18PM

Bought a while back and finally did job this week. Everything fit perfectly. I have a 98 V70 GLT and followed Ben McNallly's excellent video on how to do the job. Put video on my laptop and followed Ben step by step in the garage. A couple of notes: Did not need the two 976584 screw clamps as the lower oil trap port used the new metal clad push on gasket. The old one I took off the GLT did use these two clamps as it was just a short rubber hose. Also note that the knock sensors on my car did not have detachable electrical connectors as shown in the video but where hard wired. This however did not pose any problem as cable had enough slack to work around it without having to unbolt the sensor. Another tip is leave the intake manifold bracket to block bolt a little loose as it is tough to line up the bracket hole and hole in manifold when reassembling. Once bolt is through bracket into bottom of manifold I used a short 3" 12MM box wrench to tighten both the bracket to block and bracket to manifold bolts. I also cleaned out PTC Valve on hose to turbo before connecting new hoses to it. Small side port should be checked and cleaned out by sticking a 2MM diameter drill through hole and you should be able to see it come through looking down through hole in top of valve. Looking straight down through top port of valve if you see built up oil residue this and can't see small hole in bottom of valve clean it out. I used some brake cleaner sprayed in to soften it up and then used a 1/4" diameter wire brush to clean it out. System won't breath right if this valve is blocked and you can clean it without removing it or replacing the entire intake tube. Once completed the car runs fine and no more smoke coming from dip stick tube. Overall great kit and super video. Thanks FCP!!!

By: Jorge S.
Thu, Oct 22 at 12:33PM
Pcv System Kit (After Engine #330413)

I have been ordering from FCP for years now and I have always been extremely satisfied with their prices and customer service. This is my second time ordering a PCV system kit and it has everything you need to complete the task with OEM parts with are by far the best to use. Just want to let the guys at FCP know that since this kit has the drain hose #8653339, the two hose clamps #976584 are not needed but I will be sure to use them elsewhere! The original drain hose was rubber and this new drain hose is encased with metal and does not use clamps. Cheers!! A loyal FCP customer, Jorge S.

By: Roger Chamberlain
Tue, Sep 8 at 7:59PM

Great kit, maybe include the pliers for the crush clamps.

By: Jason
Sun, Sep 6 at 11:35AM

Everything in the kit that you need to replace your Volvo's overly complex PCV system. Installation is not that difficult with the right tools. Patience is one of those tools! Watch the install videos a couple times, then find a nice day when you have plenty of time to complete the job. Also a good time to clean out the throttle body and idle control valve.

By: Jason
Fri, Jun 5 at 3:25PM
Awesome And Convenient

This kit includes everything you need to replace the PCV system. Great! Thanks FCP!

By: Kevinholbrook
Mon, May 4 at 7:01PM

Engine Breathing now!

By: Isaac
Tue, Mar 31 at 12:55PM
Weekend Warrior

Everything you need to change your PCV system, and all OEM quality parts! Second time I've replaced a Volvo PCV system using FCP and plan on using them again if I ever have the misfortune of doing it in the future.

By: Andrew
Wed, Feb 25 at 10:14AM
Great Fit And Great Video Showing How To Install.

This kit contained everything that was needed to do the PCV repair on a 1997 850 T-5 Wagon. It was a relatively easy job following the video instructions. Would definitly recommend if you are having issues with your PCV system.

By: mulepete
Mon, Oct 6 at 1:58PM

Quality parts and fit. Make sure you clean the PTC too

By: Emmet Murphy
Mon, Sep 15 at 8:58PM

Genuine volvo parts fit perfect. Can't beat the price of this kit.

By: M
Wed, Aug 13 at 6:16PM

Breathing relieved knowing it's new :)

By: Stickman
Tue, Jul 29 at 4:46PM

Fit great - took a while, but had not issues following Ben's 850 PCV video. The kit appears to have extra/unnecessary clamps for my car ('98 V70 T5) but PTC elbow appeared to be the right size and it all fit and works.

By: Jono
Sun, Jul 6 at 9:13AM

Everything that was needed for the replacement and fitted without any issue. Extremely helpful for a new owner completing one of those annoying 'must do' tasks.

By: Dylan
Sun, Jul 6 at 5:49AM
Delivered As Promised

Kit was complete and functional. All components necessary to do the job. Performed as promised and without incident.

By: Simon
Sun, Apr 6 at 12:52AM

Great kit, OEM parts a plus. Same issue with PTC elbow. I actually removed the elbow, shortened the plastic pipe, and reused the old elbow because the one included in the kit is too big (this probably isn't FCP's fault, more so a production problem). Be great to have extra o-clamps and a dipstick o-ring.

By: Chris
Mon, Jan 20 at 3:42AM
Ptc Nipple Weirdness

I had the exact opposite problem as Colin (below) as I found the elbow for the PTC nipple to be too SMALL. Struggled for hours trying to get a one size too small elbow onto a nipple, that I'm sure in time will tear due to the stretching.

By: Gabriel
Wed, Jan 1 at 8:22PM

When I did the PCV on my 850R, this kit was perfect. Mostly OEM parts, no more oil blow by and no more oil on my engine!

By: Dean Breitbach
Thu, Dec 12 at 11:47AM

Part came quickly, everything fit a worked properly. Very happy with the service.

By: Colin Futureboycolin
Thu, Oct 10 at 3:01PM
Some Gripes:

Everything is included in this kit, and the job isn't easy, but that is not my complaint. I understand that oetiker clamps are OEM, but they just plain suck to install. The major complaint I have with this kit is that the vacuum tube elbow that is supposed to attach to the PTC nipple is just TOO BIG. None of the included clamps were tight enough to make it stay on the nipple, and because of the tight bend required to seat the elbow, it just kept popping off. I ended up having to rig together a new larger nipple from a vacuum hose connector and some old, larger diameter vacuum hose. This was seriously frustrating, as once everything is reassembled, it's a little difficult to reach down by the PCV to work on the connection. It would also be nice if this kit included the dipstick lower o-ring. I would have a variety of sizes of worm clamps on hand, and extra vacuum hose available.

By: John Wart, jr
Wed, Jun 5 at 12:03AM
Rite Of Passage For Volvo 850 / 70 Series Owners

I just finished installing this kit on my 97 855R. All in all, using Ben's video on Youtube, this was a pretty straightforward job. I had 2 reasons for taking on this job. 1) I'm losing oil out the dipstick tube and around the oil filler neck 2) I am getting a code P0172 Bank 1 System Too Rich. Upon googling the P0172, I found a common fault of this code was the vacuum hose that plugs into the passenger side of the intake manifold. Mine was broken clear off, and there was no way to get in there with the intake manifold installed and reconnect it. I can see this being a 2 hour job or less if you have all the right tools on hand, know how everything goes together and comes apart, etc. I always tread very lightly when taking on a new project, in my younger days, I broke my fair share of studs and bolts, and paid the price for rushing. The FCP kit was great. It contained dang near everything I needed. I say dang near, because I should've thought to order new o-rings for the dipstick and the injectors - the originals are a little tired after 16 years. A couple things worth mentioning: 1) Have plenty of extensions and swivels of various lengths. Along with an assortment of torx bits, you also need 10 and 12mm sockets in both 1/4 and 3/8 drive. Most of the job can be done with the 1/4 inch drive just fine - but getting to some of the intake manifold bolts is difficult without a number of stacked extensions and swivels. 2) Have about 10 feet of good silicone tubing around for replacing failed vacuum lines. Many of them crumbled just upon being touched. Don't forget clamps for the tubing, and maybe a few zip ties. 3) It's a good time to replace your oil fill cap gasket. I cleaned the oil cap and the dipstick tube with brake cleaner to get all the accumulated oil residue off everything so I'm starting 'clean'. I also had a ton of oil under the spark plug cover. 4) The OEM style Oetiker clamps are a pain in the butt. The hardest part of the job? No doubt, it's the 12mm fasteners holding the dipstick tube and the intake manifold brace. 1/4 inch drive fit, 3/8 didn't. 1/4 inch drive wasn't long enough to get enough torque to loosen the fasteners, 3/8 drive would've been, but it couldn't be swung. Also worth mentioning: the video didn't tell me this, but I should've known! The intake manifold brace has to be lined up perfectly for the screw to go into the intake manifold correctly. I had mine tweaked to the side slightly, and had to loosen the bolt into the block, line up the bolt into the manifold, and then snug both bolts again. There *is* a fan shroud mod that looks interesting. I may tackle it the next time I'm working on that area of my car. It basically moves the radiator fan in front of the shroud, where it previously mounted behind the shroud. Google ' volvo 850 fan shroud mod' for a forum thread with pics that describes the process. Things I wish I had had for this job, and didn't think to have before hand: A floppy neck style ratchet - the kind where you can tilt the head to help reach in tight spots. It's on my tool shopping list for the next time I have tool budget O-rings for the dipstick tube *and* the injectors. My originals look kinda tired. I'll add some to my next FCP order and be ready for the next time I take things apart. Vacuum lines. I had several crumble, and I was able to pirate some leftover scraps from previous jobs I had around my garage.. I'm going to add some good vacuum line to my next parts order, along with an assortment of clamps, elbows, etc. You *may* want to have a complete set of worm style clamps on hand for this project. Some of the spots with the Oetiker clamps were really tight to get to - no doubt the worm clamps would be easier. I understand why Volvo used these, but I don't have to like them. All in all, it was a good project. Not the most difficult automotive project I've undertaken, I think most shade tree mechanics could tackle it in 4-5 hours and get good results. If you're on the fence about doing this job, do it. That is, assuming you have basic tools, and the patience/ability. Thanks, FCP, for putting this all in one kit. I don't know how long it would've taken me to find part numbers - and the price was right. Inexpensive enough that I didn't have to think twice about whether I should try to reuse original parts after cleaning them.

By: Justin
Wed, Apr 24 at 11:17PM

Fit flawlessly. Took some extra time to thoroughly clean all of the ports and PTC. Went from blowing out seals due to extreme pressure build up. To perfect PCV operation. Would buy this product again, came with all clamps, tubes, and elbows.

By: Robert Issem
Wed, Apr 24 at 10:27AM

This kit installed perfectly, and combined with a simple cleaning of the PTC, this kit restores the breather system to new condition.

By: Tim Smiley
Mon, Apr 22 at 5:09PM

If replacing all of your PCV components, this is the only way to go. I mistakenly used the URO kit a couple of years ago thinking I could save a few bucks and be ahead of the game. What a waste of money THAT was! Two years later ALL of the PCV hoses were rock hard and brittle/broken leaving me to have to do the job again. Much more piece of mind know knowing my 855R has worthy parts on it. When it comes down to it, I am ONLY installing Genuine parts on my car! You should too.

By: Joseph Doukmetzian
Wed, Feb 15 at 6:52PM
Great Kit

I've used this kit twice now. It is a must do on your car if you don't know when it was replaced last or if you are losing MPGs and you have no idea why. This kit will free up power that you might not have known you had because of crankcase buildup. The only complaint I have is the clamps that come with the kit are a pain in the rear to put on/take off. The whole process takes from 2-4 hours depending on if you have done it before and level of skill.

By: Mat Grayson
Wed, Nov 23 at 12:56PM
A Must Do!

If you have oil on the top of your motor, of intermittent stalling, smoke coning from you dip stick tube. Than you need this kit. It a 2-4 hour job depending on if you have done it before.. But this complete kit is worth the trouble

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