European Power Bleeder - Motive Products MOT0100

For most European vehicles that use a 45mm threaded reservoir cap

Motive Products European POWER BLEEDER Bleeder works on most European cars, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SAAB, Volkswagen, Volvo, and all other cars with 45mm threaded hydraulic fluid reservoir caps. Comes with 1100 adapter.


  • Heavy duty 2 quart pressure tank holds enough fluid to do complete flush & bleed.
  • Built-in hand pump (no other pressure source is needed)
  • Precision pressure gauge ensures safe and effective operation.
  • Tested for compatibility with both standard and synthetic hydraulic fluids.

All bleeders come with everything you need to bleed your hydraulic brake or clutch system and a full lifetime warranty.

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European Power Bleeder - Motive Products MOT0100

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Power Brake Bleeder
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Customer Reviews

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4.4 based on 21 review(s)
By: Kim
Sun, May 28 at 8:29PM
Easy Use, But Required Time Reaching To 15 Psi Is So Long.

I replaced the brake fluid by this product. Easy use, but required time reaching to 15 psi is so long. There is no useful information about a grease for Piston movement (never use petroleum grease described by its manual).

By: Steve Lewis
Thu, Nov 3 at 2:23PM
Power Bleeder

loved this tool..longer part of bleeding the brakes was actually removing wheels from the car

By: Ash
Fri, Sep 2 at 10:21AM
Power Bleeder

Works well

By: mark
Thu, Jul 21 at 11:57PM

I told my friend about the motive power bleeder and he wouldn't believe what a time saver it is. I bought him one for his birthday and now he won't shut up how great it is.

By: Julius
Tue, Jun 7 at 10:06AM
No Brainer, Awesome Bleeder

Oh man, it took me about an hour to finish bleeding by myself easy to use, don't need to have my girlfriend pump the brakes

By: Anastasia
Fri, Apr 22 at 5:35AM

Made bleeding brakes super easy, love it!

By: Jon
Sun, Feb 14 at 11:21PM

Worked as designed, be sure to have plenty of fluid. Ended up using it to constantly supply the reservoir while an assistant pressed the pedal.

By: John
Sat, Feb 6 at 7:05PM
Use Teflon Tape

Would have gave it 5 stars but brass fittings kept leaking until I bought Teflon tape...but other than that clutch and brake pedals are firm!

By: TW
Sun, Aug 16 at 10:54AM

The solution for one-person brake bleeding. I love this tool. Get the catch bottles too

By: Driveway Mechanic
Tue, Aug 4 at 12:08PM

Performs well. Don't forget to put the gasket on. it's not identified as a gasket and there are no instructions to do so.

By: Tyler M
Sun, Jul 26 at 9:18PM
Di Yer

This bleeder makes doing a bleed job alone very easy. Fill it with fluid, attach the connector to the brake fluid bottle on the car, pump it up to pressurize, then start cracking bleeder screws loose. Easy as that.

By: Nits
Sun, Mar 22 at 9:28AM

Works efficiently compared to the conventional brake pedal pumping. Would be great if it is offered with the fluid reservoir adaptor to other car brands/models.

By: Patricia Young
Sun, Mar 8 at 10:55PM
One Man Team

In the past I have had to have a second person to help me with the brake bleeding, which was a chore and a half...but with this bleeder, it is quick, efficient and most importantly much more effective, to be able to see the brake fluid change colors as the old fluid is flushed out is way better than hoping it was flushed out...easy to clean too, fill up with some denatured alcohol, pump up, and spray over some wood to burn and it's clean...

By: Glen
Wed, Feb 18 at 7:48PM
Ase Certified Technician

These power brake bleeders are an excellent addition to any mechanics tool set. We used a similar functioning product at the Volkswagen Dealership I worked at. It allows you to perform a complete bleed or brake flush in about 15 minutes, without a helper, and has always resulted in a firm pedal feel.

By: Glen
Wed, Feb 18 at 7:48PM
Ase Certified Technician

These power brake bleeders are an excellent addition to any mechanics tool set. We used a similar functioning product at the Volkswagen Dealership I worked at. It allows you to perform a complete bleed or brake flush in about 15 minutes, without a helper, and has always resulted in a firm pedal feel.

By: Alexander
Fri, Aug 16 at 11:30PM

The Motive power bleeder makes bleeding your brake lines super easy, i've always relied on the two-person method but i figured i'd treat myself and try it out, well worth the money and will be doing brake fluid changes more frequently as a result. Don't forget to bleed your clutch as well if you're doing a MT volvo as well.

By: BB
Wed, May 22 at 4:29PM
Love It!

Excellent product in my opinion. I've tried a vacuum pump before but always had to revert to the two-person method. Using this power bleeder I was able to change out some brake hoses and flush the entire brake system of old fluid very easily. I used the same technique as the other poster, just using the empty tank for the pressure. Worked out roughly to refilling the master cylinder for each wheel while doing the complete flush. I'm going to flush the brakes and clutch on my other car for next project (the cap fits both cars). Thanks power bleeder!!

By: Alex F
Sat, Apr 27 at 12:51AM
Excellent Product

What a great way to bleed brakes! This is an excellent bleeder that feels like a quality product. The plastic is thick, and the fittings are crimped together firmly. Using a catch-cup or a clear piece of tubing routed into a drain pan, this is a very clean way to bleed brakes without fluid spraying everywhere. I didn't even get fluid on my hands. Very clean. Also in reference to a review below - Jacking up your car is certainly mandatory, but not owning a jack certainly isn't the fault of the product. Any do-it-yourselfer with even the most basic set of tools and garage equipment (the jack in your trunk will work) can use this product to its fullest extent.

By: Todd
Sat, Apr 20 at 9:06AM

I used this on my 2005 BMW 330i and it worked great for me. I used this just for the pressure. I didn't fill it up the container with fluid, I just made sure the master cylinder reservoir did not go dry. Easier cleanup.

By: Peter D.
Fri, Apr 19 at 2:04PM

The cap perfectly fit my 02 Volvo S60. But the thing is, without a jack or bumper, you can't do the job. To perform a good flush, you need about 0.6 L DOT 4 fluid in the tank then pump it 10-20 psi.

By: Dane
Wed, Feb 15 at 6:47PM
Hate This!

I know this is supposed to make bleeding brakes easier, but it seems to only make a huge mess every time I have tried to use it and I just end up doing it two person-style.

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