DOT 4 TYP 200 Brake Fluid (1 Liter) -  ATE BF1200
  • DOT 4 TYP 200 Brake Fluid (1 Liter) -  ATE BF1200

A high performance DOT4 compliant brake fluid

Modern brake fluids are glycol based and comply with DOT3, DOT4, or DOT5.1 standards. Glycol based fluids are hygroscopic which means they absorb moisture. Additives in brake fluids are designed to prevent corrosion caused by moisture. Simply put, the longer you keep brake fluid in your system the higher its moisture content will become. A higher moisture content decreases the boiling point of your brake fluid and increases the temperature at which the fluid will freeze. We always encourage and recommend to change your brake fluid regularly to protect the seals and brake lines in the system.

Typ 200 specifications:
Dry boiling point: 280°C (536°F)
Wet boiling point: 198°C (388°F)
Recommended change interval: Up to 3 years

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Wet boiling point

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Motul RBF 660

325 °C (617 °F)

204 °C (400 °F)

Motul RBF 660

Motul RBF 600

312 °C (594 °F)

216 °C (421 °F)

Motul RBF 600

ATE Type 200
(Daily/AutoX/Light Track)

280 °C (536 °F)

198 °C (388 °F)

ATE Type 200

Pentosin Super DOT4

265 °C (509 °F)

165 °C (329 °F)

Pentosin Super DOT4

BMW Brake Fluid

265 °C (509 °F)

170 °C (338 °F)

Genuine BMW Brake Fluid

(Low Viscosity) (Daily)

265 °C (509 °F)

175 °C (347 °F)


Pentosin DOT4 LV

265 °C (509 °F)

170 °C (338 °F)

Pentosin DOT4 LV

Rowe DOT4 LV

260 °C (500 °F)

170 °C (338 °F)

Rowe DOT4 LV


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DOT 4 TYP 200 Brake Fluid (1 Liter) - ATE BF1200

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Brake Fluid
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Customer Reviews

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5.0 based on 9 review(s)
By: Jim Moffitt
Fri, Nov 10 at 9:51PM
Same At The Late Great "Ate Blue"

This fluid has the same specs as the blue racing fluid. A little harder to tell when all the old stuff is flushed out, but works just fine on the track (HPDE).

By: Stan
Wed, Oct 26 at 8:02PM
Best High Performance Brake Fluid For My Use. Wish It Still Was Available In Blue

ATE Type 200 brake fluid had served my needs for a high performance street brake fluid. Wish it still was available in blue, sure made flushing a lot more economical/through.

By: Paul
Wed, Apr 6 at 10:18PM

It is quality brake fluid, big container to have on hand for future..

By: Jacob Dance
Sun, Feb 28 at 8:46AM

Great brake fluid. I use it on both daily driven E30 and E39. If you love your BMW and its excellent brakes, this is the perfect brake fluid for you.

By: SirMawn Wilson
Fri, Sep 11 at 2:26AM
'ate Typ 200 Brake Fluid (1 Liter) Bf1200'

Great fluid at a reasonable price!

By: wesley
Sat, Mar 21 at 1:00AM

great product great price amber then blue makes flushing smoooth mahalos

By: Peter
Tue, Nov 4 at 5:01PM
Some Guy

Just what the doctor ordered for your 2001 V70 brake system. While the OE fluid is almost clear, and about whiskey color if it has been in here for a few years, this blue colored fluid makes it easy to know when you have flushed out the old stuff. With a life expectancy of up to 3 years( this one also turns brownish when spoiled) you should be good to go for a while. For Volvo, DOT4+ means level 4 or higher. Do not mix brands(because of the dye) and you should never mix types, it really shortens their life or worse...

By: Royce
Wed, Jun 25 at 12:46PM

I just changed out my rubber front hoses (both dated 2010) on my ’98 v70xc w/ SS lines and fresh ATE 200 amber fluid (both purchased from FCP) and I was shocked at how much of an improvement it made in the all around feel of the brakes on the wagon. It’s still not quite as good as our ’03 gti, but it’s definitely better than it was, and I’m sure good fresh fluid was the key to gaining some confidence back.

By: Otto
Sun, Apr 21 at 3:30PM

If you have a b5 a4 and are unsure of which brake fluid to get this is definitely the one you want in your car.

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