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Saab Brake Pad Parts

Saab Brake Pad Parts

Saab made its presence known in the auto industry over a half of a century ago out of their headquarters, in Scandinavia. Saab has steadily been valued for their innovation in all of their products, and even in their brake pad parts and components. The disc in your Saab’s brake is a steel brake rotor that turns with your wheel hub. These pads are positioned next to a caliper that is secured over the rotor. Disc brakes became more popular over drum brakes due to their capacity to get rid of heat, as well as the resistance to fade with hard usage. Saab, a European automaker formed in the late 1940s, became a standard with their disc brakes when most American vehicles were using drum brakes. Your brake pads can be replaced on your Saab in about an hour. Put your Saab on its jack stands by lifting the vehicle with a floor jack and gliding the stands below each corner of your vehicle’s frame. Take off the wheels with a lug wrench and put them out of reach for now. You should concentrate on one wheel at a time. First, take off the rubber plugs that are protecting the two caliper bolts with a flathead screwdriver and put them out of the way. Take off your bolts with a 7 mm hex wrench and lift the caliper from your Saab’s brake rotor and suspend it from the coil spring in the wheel well with a piece of wire. This is to keep from putting stress on the flexible brake line connected to the caliper. FCP Euro has an spacious supply of Saab brake pad parts and components, including all parts for Saab’s vehicles.

Saab Brake Pad Parts Online

You can now take off the wire spring holding the brake pads in the caliper with a flathead screwdriver. Now, take the brake pads out. Push back the piston into the caliper by putting a "C" clamp on the end of the piston and the other side of your Saab’s caliper. Secure the clamp to push the piston back into the caliper. This will help to make space for your new brake pads. Push in your new brake pads; two for each caliper, into the caliper in the same way your older pads were put in. Push the ends of the wire clip back into the holes in the caliper to hold your new brake pads in. Take out the wire from the caliper and push the caliper back over the rotor. Make sure to line up the mounting holes. Put the caliper bolts in and secure them in a with your 7 mm hex wrench. FCP Euro's zealous and specialized call center team is endlessly available and waiting to help out with any support or questions you have. If you would like any direction to help find out which brake pad is best suited for your Saab, FCP has a hefty mixture for the Saab brand. Check out FCP Euro’s website for all products, as well as our continuously updating inventory. If you have questions, would like to put in a phone order, or just have feedback, do not hesitate to give FCP Euro a call at 1-860-388-9001 to connect with our service friendly team.

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