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Browse Our Mercedes Benz ML450 Parts Catalog

About Mercedes-Benz ML450

The ML450 is a hybrid SUV built by the German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz. In this day and age with the stifling cost of fuel that just keeps rising, many people can no longer afford to drive larger gas guzzling trucks and SUVs. Mercedes-Benz came back with a solution that allows drivers to have the best of both worlds by releasing the ML430, a big luxurious SUV (which is part of the already successful and popular M-Class, known for safety, comfort, and capability) with the power and performance feel of a V8, but the fuel sipping economy of a much smaller vehicle. Through hybrid technology, using a combination of electricity and a smaller V6 engine, the ML450 produces 335 horsepower, about 90% of the horsepower that its V8 sibling makes while using about 1/3 less gasoline. The V8 makes 382 horsepower but is only EPA rated at 13/18 mpg (city/highway) whereas the hybrid is rated for 20/24 mpg (The ML450 also produces over 50 horsepower more than the ML350 while still achieving better economy). Both the ML430 and ML550 come standard with the 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system, seat 5 adults, and have the same great cargo capacity. One difference is that the ML450 uses an 8-speed automatic transmission where the ML550 sports a 7-speed auto. Oddly enough, the two vehicles are similarly priced making the decision a no-brainer for any smart buyer.

Mercedes-Benz ML450 Parts at FCP Euro

If you made the decision to go with the ML450, youve probably made the right choice. If youre looking for parts to maintain that ML450, youre definitely in the right place. Here at FCP Euro we are proud to offer you a selection of Mercedes-Benz ML450 parts and accessories in our ever-growing Mercedes-Benz ML450 catalog. While the ML450 is still a fairly new vehicle, over time all cars and trucks require some form of maintenance; to make sure that your vehicle stays on the road it is important to keep up with your vehicles maintenance needs. If you are unable to find what youre looking for in our online store, please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives who would be happy to assist you. Remember that all of our Mercedes parts, as well as all European car parts from FCP, come backed by a quality and fitment guarantee as well as our one year warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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