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About BMW 528e

The 528e is a car from the popular 5 series produced by BMW. The BMW 528e was produced during the early to mid 1980s and was marketed towards the North American market for fuel economy. Even the cars name reflected this-the suffix ""e"" stood for efficiency. It seems that history repeats itself, like today car manufacturers had to worry about MPG ratings even back then. BMW had taken their commonly used M20 engine and modified it to run at an overall lower RPM and use less fuel, naming this variation the M20B27. The 528e was perfect for the modest driving commuter who wanted to get back and forth to work in the style and luxurious comfort of a BMW, but with its de-tuned engine it offered no performance appeal whatsoever. At 121 horsepower, an Autobahn car this definitely was not. Although the 528e was considered to get reasonable fuel economy at the time, BMW eventually introduced the 542td turbo diesel model which got considerably better ratings, and the 528e began to lose its appeal.

BMW 528e parts at FCP Euro

One thing that is widely known about the 528e is that it is a durable and extremely long lived car that can easily reach over 200k miles if taken care of properly. Here at FCP Euro we offer a huge selection of BMW parts. Whether youre looking for basic preventative maintenance parts, or parts for more complex repairs, weve got the stuff you need in our BMW 528e catalog. Our large catalog is still growing; you can find all sorts of original BMW 528e parts, OEM and aftermarket parts solutions for your BMW to help you keep it running smoothly for many years to come. E28 are becoming another timeless classic by BMW, but theyre still commonly seen on the road today. Help keep yours on the road by trusting FCP to supply you with the parts you need to keep your 528e performing as it did when new.

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