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An Audi 200 is widely known to be a midsized executive car built on the C platform; the Audi 200 covers the 1976 to 1991 model years of the C2 and C3 chassis. In 1983 the Audi 200 turbo had a top speed of 139 mph. Later in 1991 the Audi 200 featured a 20V engine along with updated aggressive looking flared wheel arches allowing for wider rims and tires. There were US magazines that tested the 200 running 0-60 times under 7 seconds with ¼ mile times in the mid 15 second range, impressive times for the era. The 20-valve turbo was rated at 217 hp and available in the Audi 200 from 1989 to 1991.The C2 chassis ranges is Type 43 with the C3 chassis falling under Type 44. The Audi 200 is also related to and commonly referred to as an Audi 100 or Audi 5000; with the successor of the Audi 200 being the Audi A6. The production totals for the Audi 200 were relatively low at 97,195. The 200 model was available in 4-door sedan and 5-door wagon models.

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