Volvo Sway Bar Link - Meyle HD 31212730
  • Volvo Sway Bar Link - Meyle HD 31212730

Heavy duty replacement, fits front left and front right applications

Your Volvo's sway bar links attach the sway bar to the suspension. The purpose of the sway bar end links is also to "load" the sway bar as the suspension moves. This helps reduce body roll and allows for more stable handling. Over time, ball joints on the sway bar link can wear out causing excess play and excess noise. If you hear a "click" sound as you drive over bumps in the road it is likely due from worn out sway bar links.

Meyle HD sway bar link from Meyle has been redesigned to address known issues with the standard design. It features several upgrades and redesigns to make this part more durable and longer lasting:

  • Thicker ball joint mount
  • Larger ball joint with external reinforcement
  • Increase link diameter for added stiffness (improved handling characteristics over stock.
  • 4 year manufacturer warranty
    This sway bar link is perfect for Volvo's that have been lowered or still use a standard suspension.

How to Replace your Volvo 850 Sway Bar Links (Video)

We're here with Ben McNally to show you how to replace the sway bar end links on a Volvo 850 Turbo. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions 1-877-634-0063

Fits These Cars:
1994 Volvo 850 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1995 Volvo 850 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1996 Volvo 850 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1997 Volvo 850 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1993 Volvo 850 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1998 Volvo C70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1999 Volvo C70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
2000 Volvo C70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
2001 Volvo C70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
2002 Volvo C70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
2003 Volvo C70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
2004 Volvo C70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1999 Volvo S70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
2000 Volvo S70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1998 Volvo S70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1998 Volvo V70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
1999 Volvo V70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
2000 Volvo V70 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
Position: Front
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Volvo Sway Bar Link - Meyle HD 31212730

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Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
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Customer Reviews

Write a Review Average rating:
4.6 based on 25 review(s)
By: Nick
Wed, Jul 26 at 2:55PM
Nice Product

So glad I bought the HD version, I replaced the garbage IPD sway bar end links with these, the difference in diameter and quality is very noticeable. Can't beat the price, FCP always comes through, and if these break, there is always the Lifetime warranty no way you can beat that....

By: Alex
Fri, Sep 30 at 5:58PM
Great Replacement Links

Easy installation, good quality part. They feel a whole lot better than my old ones! We'll see how they hold up!

By: Monique
Fri, Feb 5 at 10:51AM

The Sway Bar Link worked great! After researching, I found that this Meyle link had an improvement on the original design, so I am very happy with the result and a good price too.

By: Tomi
Fri, Jan 29 at 6:51AM

very satisfied

By: Jim Conway
Fri, Jan 22 at 2:31PM

Worked great!

By: RS
Tue, Dec 1 at 11:47AM

Perfect fit and wow what a difference! Noticeable Improvement.

By: Alex F
Wed, Jul 8 at 1:57PM
A Decent Link

These are a great aftermarket link, but the joints are not quite OE quality. While the rest of the link uses thicker steel, the ball joints are not as smooth as the Lemforder/Genuine link these cars were built with. Hold a Lemforder swaybar link in your hand and you can immediately tell the difference in quality by how smooth the ball joints are compared to Meyle HD units. One car in my family is going strong 20K later on these "HD" links, but they still leave a little to be desired in overall initial quality.

By: Zane
Sat, Jun 6 at 11:09AM

I looked at these versus the old ones when I got them off, these are built so much better. They are a little wider and stronger they are built very well, If you need to replace them this is a good buy an they make a difference in the suspension its great and a good deal, little pricey, but a good deal for an improved product.

By: Coopster
Tue, May 19 at 11:47PM

I had to replace the failing strut mounts on my '98 V70 GLT in January 2013 and decided to put in new Meyle HD sway bar links at the same time. The left one failed after 18 months and 18,000 miles. I bought two Lemforders to replace them but left the right Meyle on to see if it was as poorly made as well. Sure enough, I began to hear the sounds of the other Meyle knocking about as it failed at 28 months and 25,000 miles. These are easily replaceable but I would recommend a higher quality product so you don't have to replace them every year or two.

By: Ken
Mon, Mar 23 at 9:04PM

Not impressed, wouldn't buy them again. Original links lasted 85k mi, these barely made 20k mi.

By: Rich
Sun, Nov 2 at 10:00PM

Perfect fit and a little stronger than original. These bolt right on. Didn't have to deal with the Allen wrench. Gonna order 2 for our S70. Thanks FCP.

By: Bry-man
Mon, Oct 20 at 11:46AM

Sofar so good, good fit, easy installation, look sturdy. I can tell more after the winter.

By: MG
Sat, Sep 13 at 10:13AM

Easy replacement. Beefier than my original. I'm very happy with it.

By: Alin Buse
Thu, Aug 28 at 2:32PM

Good solid sway bar link... you can see the difference between the HD version and regular one.

By: Sonny
Wed, Aug 13 at 10:14PM
Better Than Over Priced Oem

This sway bar link is much better than the stock ones. Thicker by 1 mm and the knobs are larger as well. I would recommend this if you are going to replace this part. Make sure you replace both sides, obviously.

By: Anthony
Wed, Jul 2 at 2:09PM
Slightly Better Then Oem And Affordable

It goes without saying if you are on this website it's because you want the best for you car. These are designed to be better then OEM and when combined with already re-enforced suspension components like a strut brace or bigger anti-roll bars then this upgrade is the one to go with. To be sure to be careful when take them out as they are under tension from the sway bar under the car and can be dangerous if you do not follow safety precautions.

By: dos
Tue, May 13 at 12:49PM
Di Yer

This link is definitely beefy. The larger 15mm ball stud more precisely fits the holes in the sway bar and strut. The larger nut has a bigger flange on the back so it has more surface contact. The shaft is also a bit larger. So if the heads are built as well as the rest of it, they should outlast the OE link.

By: Chris Bryan
Mon, Apr 28 at 9:51AM

These links are nice quality, without the crazy Torx bit on the bolt-end. They are easy to install and, so far, seem to be working well.

By: the "Kurgan"
Wed, Apr 2 at 7:49PM

First time ordering from FCP Euro. I called them the day after ordering, I was immediately connected to a "Human" his name was Ed, seems like a Great guy. He let me know my order will ship that day, even though they were having a snowstorm at the time. The shipping was "Very Fast" (I paid a little extra for that, but not much). Ed likes The Walking Dead, so he has to be a Great guy. The Meyle sway bar links that I ordered are Heavier Duty than the originals in All aspects. Superior in all ways, Thicker, Stronger, Beefier. They seem to be very high quality. They were a perfect fit, No problems. I can now recommend FCP Euro as a company to do business with. Real People, who answer the phone, and know what they are doing.

By: john
Sun, Dec 22 at 6:14PM
Anti Sway Bar Links

I work on Volvo's for a living, these fit perfectly, been running them for a couple of months with no issues whatsoever. OE quality.

By: Martynj
Sat, Jul 27 at 12:18PM
Meyle Hd Endlink

I've used these on 2 of my volvos now and they are excellent. Only a couple of extra bucks but well worth it.

By: Joshua V
Wed, Apr 24 at 2:03PM
Superior Quality!

I had clunking noise after changing the upper seat mounts and getting OEM control arms on my v70R, so for my luck my end links were worn out pretty bad, I could have gone the other way of getting OEM but I gave them a shot based on the previous reviews, and trust me this part is superior quality, well built and thicker too.. all my problems are gone no more clunking and suspension is smooth as it should be. Highly Recommended!

By: Andrew Martin
Sun, Apr 21 at 11:33AM

I have installed these on both of my 850's and they have been great. Very good quality and much better priced compared to other HD endlinks. They look great as well! I have not experienced any typical clunking or knocking since i installed these about 40,000 miles ago.

By: Scott McCullough
Fri, Feb 17 at 12:32PM
Top Value End Links

Super quality, made in Germany, and much less expensive than Volvo OEM. Highly recommended.

By: Gabe Gilbertson
Wed, Feb 15 at 6:49PM
Great Sway Bar Link

I have ran a couple sets of these and they are great HD sway bar links. Even on a lowered 850, streets filled with pot holes, and hard cornering, these sway bar links have held up extraordinarily well and when removed, the joint is still very stiff. Highly recommend these as an OEM alternative.

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