Volvo Radiator Non Turbo (850 S70 V70)  - Nissens 8603769


  • The Petcock on this unit is of a different style compared to the original Volvo design.
  • To drain, simply turn the petcock a quarter turn and pull straight out.

Fits These Cars:
1994 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: Base
1994 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: GLT
1995 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: Base
1995 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: GLT
1996 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: Base
1996 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: GLT
1997 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: Base
1993 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: GLT
1998 Volvo S70 Radiator
Sub model: Base
1998 Volvo V70 Radiator
Sub model: Base
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Volvo Radiator Non Turbo (850 S70 V70) - Nissens 8603769

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 based on 14 review(s)
By: Wm Reed
Fri, Nov 17 at 9:56PM

Perfect fit in my 98 S70

By: Dave Lusk
Mon, Jun 5 at 12:49PM

Has been installed for more than a year with no issues.

By: jay dee
Sat, Mar 4 at 10:16PM
Home Mechanic

fits good on my 98 S70 and no leaks a couple months into it, just remember the 2 mount bolts and their rubber isolators are NOT included. i cleaned them up and reused them. the transmission line clips are included, they go on a certain way so pay attention to that. I am rating a 4 only because the rubber parts would have been nice to be included

By: Greg Thompson
Fri, Nov 25 at 6:03PM
Diy Mechanic

The radiator was a direct fit and went in a lot easier than the old one came out.

By: KenJ
Sun, Nov 20 at 8:10PM
The Hardest Part Was Getting The Old One Out.

The radiator arrived in great shape and was well packaged. The old one was tough to remove as the bolts were rusted and the nuts broke loose from their mountings. A dremel and sawzall helped with the removal process. Hey, I wasn't reusing those parts anyway. Off to the hardware store for new nuts and bolts and the new one went in easy. Love the transmission line connections. Got the kit with the new radiator and no leaking tranny fluid. Do be careful when disconnecting the lines as you will lose some tranny fluid. Been 2 weeks and all is good. replaced hoses at same time along with clamps.

By: Dave
Mon, Oct 31 at 12:49PM

Radiator fir perfectly in my 1998 Volvo V70. I had ordered two previous radiators from NAPA & both did not line up with the connections.

By: volvocrazed
Mon, Feb 8 at 1:15PM

Perfect fit on my 1997 Volvo 850 N/A base wagon. For me, all holes aligned exactly as they should. Very good overall impression of the product quality and packaging. I also replaced the upper and lower hoses at the same time, got the Rein brand from this vendor and everything fit together well. The transmission cooler lines also connected without issues; this radiator came with new retainer clips for the lines (but not new o-rings, which you should replace). As another poster detailed, you will have to transfer some hardware from the old radiator to the new: six spring nuts, and two large rubber grommets with their metal inserts. Very satisfied with this radiator so far. Just installed 2 days ago however, so I cannot comment on longevity...

By: Mark B.
Tue, Jan 12 at 11:33PM

Today I installed this radiator in place of the original, which had lasted for 18 years and 205,000 miles. This one fit perfectly. A couple of notes: it comes with two new quick-disconnect fittings to secure the hoses to the transmission hoses in the radiator. The original fittings were probably fine to reuse. Recommend that you have a pair of snap ring or "reverse" pliers to spread the fittings for removal as well as installing the new ones, so you don't bend them excessively. Also, you have to transfer all of the hardware from the old radiator to the new, such as the six spring nuts as well as the two rubber o-rings and metal bushings for the main mounting bolts. Be sure to move them over one at a time so you get them properly transferred, as there are extra bolt holes. On my base S70, I also had to unbolt the air pump and move it out of the way of the radiator's side bracket in order to free the radiator, something my Haynes manual did not mention. On the S70, the top top bolts securing the air conditioning condenser to the radiator were the most difficult to do; just be careful/take it slow and secure the bottom of the condenser to the frame using a couple of zip ties, so you don't stress the refrigerant couplings.

By: Rigert
Wed, Aug 26 at 12:12AM

I have driven the car for 3k miles within two weeks on the Nissens radiator and so far its been holding up good and I wouldn't stress it as this is not a used tire. The part is very well made and nicely packed for safer arrival to your door, not to mention, the little bag with the transmission lines hardware :) All in all, I'm confident this radiator will survive the FL heat for a while and I will purchase another one from FCP in case my 2nd Volvo's cooler decides to leak.

By: Rick
Wed, Oct 22 at 12:17PM
Nissens Radiator

I just completed repairs to my 1995 Volvo 850 N/A, 176K, including heater core, heater hoses, expansion tank hoses, upper and lower radiator hose, Volvo coolant and new radiator. Overall it went smooth. Ordering the Volvo kit for the inlet and outlet heater hoses proved to be a good fit, and posed no problems. The heater core had what appeared to be the Volvo (or who knows what?) logo filed off on the black plastic bottom next to the inlet and outlet pipes. I have no idea what that was all about??? And I did run into a problem lining up the new Nissens radiator with the holes in the A/C condenser when installing the new radiator. The holes on the radiator on the driver's side were off by 3/8 inch. I had to enlarge the hole on the Nissens radiator to attach the lower bolt that holds the A/C condenser to the radiator. They wouldn't line up otherwise. Well, entire coolant system redone and hopefully will last for many miles to come. Thanks FCP. Serpentine belt and pulleys next.

By: Spencer Wass
Mon, Jul 15 at 2:58AM

This radiator is Made in Denmark and is extremely high quality. The aluminum/plastic interface is thicker than the factory unit and looks physically stronger because of this. The core is also 1/2-inch thicker than factory which means higher coolant capacity and longer heat-soak time. Packaging was top-notch and everything went together perfectly. I am so glad that I can still buy quality parts!

By: jeff gordon
Wed, Apr 24 at 4:35PM

radiator has been in for a year with no problems. I wish that FCP had stocked all of the little parts that had rotted over the course of 16 years(screws,etc). The lower radiator bolts popped off and I had to improvise

By: Adam Hohenwarter
Mon, Apr 22 at 11:27AM
Radiator And Hoses

I purchased this radiator about 1 year ago and replaced it myself along with the 2 main radiator hoses and clamps. I also used the Pentosin Pentafrost coolant. The radiator was a perfect fit and have had no issues with it over ths past year.

By: Mark P (Marcraft)
Thu, Feb 16 at 11:00PM
Diy Mechanic

I installed the Nissens radiator on my 93 850 over 6 years ago and have not had any issues at all. So I installed a Nissens on my 98 S70 at 260K and it went very smoothly. It is an exact fit unit with no retrofitting needed such as drilling or cobbling to make it work.

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