Volvo Radiator (Turbo 850 S70 V70 C70) - Nissens 8601356
  • Volvo Radiator (Turbo 850 S70 V70 C70) - Nissens 8601356
  • Volvo Radiator (Turbo 850 S70 V70 C70) - Nissens 8601356
  • Volvo Radiator (Turbo 850 S70 V70 C70) - Nissens 8601356
  • Volvo Radiator (Turbo 850 S70 V70 C70) - Nissens 8601356
  • Volvo Radiator (Turbo 850 S70 V70 C70) - Nissens 8601356

Even without the presence of coolant leaks it can be difficult to spot a malfunctioning radiator. Over time Volvo radiators run the common risk of cracked hose pipes and clogging. This can lead to more troublesome and costly concerns such as overheating.This Volvo radiator is brought to you by Danish Volvo parts supplier Nissens, and is key to keeping your Volvo from overheating while your out on the road.

Common Failure Symptoms

  • Cracked housing
  • Puncture Core
  • Clogged with Rust from lack of maintenance or improper coolant used
  • Internal damage between Trans cooler and Radiator.

*Note: Volvo Nissens 850 C70 S70 V70 Turbo Radiator. This radiator will fit vehicles with an automatic or manual transmission. This radiator includes the retaining clamps to re-install the transmission and oil cooling lines to go to the radiator.

Fits These Cars:
1994 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: Turbo
1995 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: T-5R
1995 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: Turbo
1996 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: R
1996 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: Turbo
1997 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: GLT
1997 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: R
1997 Volvo 850 Radiator
Sub model: T-5
1998 Volvo C70 Radiator
1998 Volvo S70 Radiator
Sub model: T5
1998 Volvo S70 Radiator
Sub model: GLT
1998 Volvo V70 Radiator
Sub model: AWD
1998 Volvo V70 Radiator
Sub model: GLT
1998 Volvo V70 Radiator
Sub model: R
1998 Volvo V70 Radiator
Sub model: X/C AWD
1998 Volvo V70 Radiator
Sub model: T5
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Volvo Radiator (Turbo 850 S70 V70 C70) - Nissens 8601356

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Customer Reviews

Write a Review Average rating:
2.9 based on 16 review(s)
By: El Rico
Fri, Jan 27 at 1:21PM
Was 4 Star, Now Downgraded To 1 Star

I purchased this radiator about 3.5 years ago and driven less than 20k kms. My Nissens rad failed a week ago; with a steady drip of coolant coming from the car's right hand side (passenger side in USA) at the bottom outside edge of the radiator, with the car at operating temperature. It's not a top hose leak. The car had regular coolant flushes and changes, with every element of the cooling system replaced with purchases from FCP. 3.5 years and less than 20,000kms doesn't strike me as a useful life. The Nissens 8601356/NSN-65539A radiator, as it turns out, is a false economy. Bummer. I've now ordered a genuine Volvo radiator and had that fitted. TOP MARKS to FCP on their customer service and responsiveness. In summary, if you're reading this and wondering if you should buy this part; based on the other reviews and my own experience, it's a bit of a crap-shoot so buy the Genuine Volvo radiator. What you CAN rely on, is FCP Euro service!

By: John Gregory
Wed, Dec 7 at 9:51AM
Fcp Yes, Nissens No

Unit was good fit and installed easily. 10 months later there is weeping from plastic tank to metal radiator seam on drivers side. Ordering an OEM unit. FCP was very helpful.

By: Charles
Tue, Jun 2 at 12:18AM

Perfect fit! No problems with the radiator on the reinstall. Appears to be a quality part. The drain plug on the radiator is not intuitive though. It's a quality plug, just not intuitive as to how it comes out.

By: Sidney
Thu, Jul 24 at 11:17AM

Sorry guys, but my radiator developed a leak just after I fill it up with the coolant fluid. And thanks for the support as soon as possible I'll make a new purchase to exchange the defective radiator.

By: Jacob
Tue, May 13 at 11:00AM
Excellent Replacement

I installed this radiator to replace my 16 year old original Volvo radiator that started leaking from the plastic side tank on my 1998 S70 GLT, The radiator was an exact replacement for the OEM part. I only noticed one difference, which was immaterial (the Nissens has what looks like a hose connection on the top of the passenger side plastic tank but it does not enter the tank). I had no problems fitting the radiator to the car and connecting the coolant hoses and the transmission and oil cooling lines. While it remains to be seen how well the new radiator functions and lasts, it's all good so far.

By: Terry Winenbach
Wed, Apr 30 at 2:17PM

I can not recommend this radiator. It does not meet OEM standards. The plastic inlet and outlet ports are not reinforced with metal as the OEM radiator is. It is also lacking in the bushings that come with the Genuine Volvo radiator, an addition $20.00 for new bushings. I did not install this radiator after comparing it to the Genuine Volvo radiator, as it is a big pain to remove and I wanted a quality component. The whole radiator/intercooler/condenser/fan shroud on the 850 Turbo model has design flaws, the main one being that the majority of the weight of the assemblage is supported by two plastic arms on the radiator. You want the best radiator you can afford.

By: Aubrey Dobbs
Tue, Apr 15 at 9:43PM
An Update On My Nissens Radiator

Sorry, team. I almost forgot that I'd given this Nissens Radiator a 5-star review. My "new" radiator was fine for about 15 months. Around that time, I developed a slow coolant leak. I was seeing small amounts of coolant on the passenger side of my plastic underpinning. I thought it had to be from my overflow or upper radiator hose (only 2 years old, but it was a URO part). Upon pressure testing, my system wouldn't hold 16 lbs. of pressure (it was streaming from the upper passenger side at 12 lbs.). After the pressure test, the leak became worse and I was "forced" to use a stop leak product (not ideal, but sue me). I have had Bar's Leak "Liquid Copper" in my Nissens radiator (and coolant) for almost a year now and haven't had any leaks after following the directions. Find another brand radiator.

By: Greg
Wed, Apr 2 at 4:23PM
Fit Perfect!

New aftermarket radiator that fits perfectly! It comes with new clips for the transmission and oil cooling lines (as applicable) as well.

By: Mark Beeker
Sat, Nov 16 at 12:59PM

Proper fit and good quality. Good price too.

By: Mike B.
Sat, Oct 5 at 9:21AM

Got it installed in my '97 850. Instructional video from FCP was very helpful and informative on the steps to get it done. Thanks...

By: El Rico
Thu, Sep 26 at 1:07AM
Updise Down Shade Tree Mechanic

very happy with the Nissens part. Well packaged. cools my car fine. used the FCP youtube video on 'how to replace' on my 855-T5. Note of differences from original part: we found that as the radiator was slimmer than the original part in my car, two of the top screws were too short to reach the plate nuts (now spaced further away from the shroud by the slimmer radiator) - I needed to obtain longer screws to secure. greetings from down under.

By: Scumcity Mike
Sat, May 11 at 10:08AM
Total Garbage

This is the second one in a year that I have put in my car.. I installed the most recent one in late september 2012. Started leaking in november a little bit and now it is consistently leaking to the point that I shouldn't drive with it anymore. Complete JUNK Never buy a nissens product ever..Spend $50 more and buy OE

By: Aubrey Dobbs
Mon, Mar 18 at 10:15PM
Keeps My S70 Cool.

After damaging the draincock on my S70 GLT with 217,000 miles, I decided to just replace the original radiator. Since the radiator hoses were swollen and my oil cooler lines were sweating oil, I chose to replace them at the same time. This NIssens radiator was a perfect fit and the cooling system hasn't missed a beat (I also replaced the thermostat and the lower thermostat housing where a pressure test revealed a crack). I'm only at 225,500 miles right now, but those miles are largely stop and go city driving coupled with hot Alabama summers. I would buy again.

By: slim
Wed, Jun 27 at 11:14PM
Useless And Waste Of My Time And Energy

l will never buy any nissens product.l had this replaced by fcp twice and both leaked the same day at the same spot.l called fcp and they replaced it with oem but had to pay a little bit extra but it was worth every my volvo cools without noo urself some time and money and go oem.

By: slim
Thu, May 24 at 10:25PM
Useless And Waste Of My Time And Energy

FCP is one of the best places to get parts from.but unfortunately they happened to have this radiator in stock.l got this and on the same night l installed it, it started leaking badly.l called fcp and their great customer service was able to replace it for a new one came in, installed it and it has the same problem.same spot where it was leaking.l wouldnt recommend nissens to anyone.get something else from FCP

By: Gabe Gilbertson
Wed, Feb 15 at 7:02PM
Qaulity Radiator!

I made the mistake of purchasing a used radiator after mine started leaking, and shortly after installing the used radiator, it too started leaking. Purchased the Nissens radiator and haven't had any problems since it's been in. Great quality and it was packaged from FCP incredibly well.

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