Volvo Spark Plug Wire Set (850 C70 S70 V70) - Bougicord 9135700
  • Volvo Spark Plug Wire Set (850 C70 S70 V70) - Bougicord 9135700
  • Volvo Spark Plug Wire Set (850 C70 S70 V70) - Bougicord 9135700
  • Volvo Spark Plug Wire Set (850 C70 S70 V70) - Bougicord 9135700

Volvo Spark Plug Wire Set - Bougicord (OEM)

This Ignition Wire Set is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in this application, meaning this part is made by the same company that made the part for your car when it was built. Expect the same quality and fitment as the original genuine part, but at a greater savings than purchasing from the Dealer.

Common Fault Symptoms:

  • Rough Idle
  • Misfiring cylinders
  • Poor Miles Per Gallon
  • Loss of Power
  • Flashing Check Engine lamp
Fits These Cars:
1994 Volvo 850 Spark Plug Wire Set
1995 Volvo 850 Spark Plug Wire Set
1996 Volvo 850 Spark Plug Wire Set
1997 Volvo 850 Spark Plug Wire Set
1993 Volvo 850 Spark Plug Wire Set
1998 Volvo C70 Spark Plug Wire Set
1998 Volvo S70 Spark Plug Wire Set
1998 Volvo V70 Spark Plug Wire Set
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Volvo Spark Plug Wire Set (850 C70 S70 V70) - Bougicord 9135700

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Spark Plug Wire Set
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Customer Reviews

Write a Review Average rating:
5.0 based on 20 review(s)
By: Chris
Thu, Aug 10 at 5:17PM
Nice Oem Replacement

Fit great, easy install and cleared up my rough idle. Definitely worth the money.

By: Ryan
Sun, Jul 23 at 8:45PM
Works Great!

I've had bougicord plug wires for about 120k miles now. Just switched to my second set. Love that they come with the brackets pre installed and the wire numbers pressed into the bracket. Makes install a breeze!

By: Rick J
Fri, May 5 at 6:43PM
Plug Wires

These are equivalent to factory wires. I was able to get 75,000 miles off the last pair.

By: Nick
Fri, Feb 10 at 12:01PM
98 V70 Xc

very pleased with these wires, the plastic dividers come pre- installed on the wires making assembly a breeze. Wires fit very snug onto the spark plugs, cheaper wires tend to "lift" up a bit. Can't beat the price either

By: Onez
Thu, Jan 19 at 2:49PM
Best Deal

Why waste a lot of cash on original or the so called high performance ? this one works great and has a good quality and price, thanks FCP !

By: Shane S
Sun, Jun 12 at 4:03PM
Di Yer

These spark plug wires are far superior than the wires I purchased last year from NAPA for over 70 bucks! Go figure.... They fit correctly because you will hear 3 clicks as the parts snap into place. Only go with Bougicord, and only use FCP!

By: Shane S
Sat, Jun 11 at 2:43PM

Great product! fits perfect. Only use these!

By: Shane S
Sat, Jun 11 at 2:32PM

Last year I spent 65 bucks on a pair of "performance" spark plug wires from NAPA. Turn's put they are manufactured in China, and better yet don't click properly. This Bougicord product delivers the performance Volvo was designed to have. DO NOT use any other spark plug wires. The three clicks into distributor let me know they were installed good.

By: Marc
Sat, Jun 11 at 1:29PM
Oem Wires

the wires on my 850 hadn't been replaced since 2008 so I figured I'd pick these up. When I pulled the originals I noticed they were the same brand, which is great. Make sure you hit the torx screws on the spark plug cover with some antiseize so you don't strip them out

By: Leo
Thu, May 12 at 9:42PM
Right On

perfect oem replacement, what else can be said

By: Dan C.
Sat, Jan 23 at 9:26AM
Best Way To Go...

Bougicord is the highest recommended wire set for a Volvo. Don't cheap out on a lesser set because your Volvo will not like it.

By: Royce C.
Sat, Dec 5 at 1:38PM

What a refreshing experience compared to the Bosch set (now under the name STi, I see). The Bosch ones were HORRIBLE and did not fit at all, so I sent them back and I had FCP send me these, and what a difference! They are made exactly like the factory Volvo units that came off the car.. and my set that I removed were made by Bougicord for Volvo and dated 1998, so they were original and lasted 170k miles! Very impressed by the quality.

By: Dane
Tue, Dec 1 at 12:50PM

These plugs arrived exactly as described, appear to be made of high grade material, and along with the replacement plugs, cap and rotor that I installed at the same time, greatly improved the start time of my car. Highly recommended.

By: Randy Ball
Wed, Mar 11 at 4:51AM

Fast shipping and quality product

By: Lucas Ross
Fri, Sep 19 at 12:46AM
It Works.

These cables work just fine on my Volvo 850, the only problem I had was that one of the boots (yes, just one of them) on the spark plug socket was completely the wrong size. It would not fit over the spark plug, so I had to reuse one of the old boots from my previous wire set (just the rubber tip). The cables themselves didn't seem to be of the highest quality (the metal connections inside the boot were all off center), but they get the job done. The old wires on my car were also Bougicord, so I guess they're pretty reliable.

By: Drew
Mon, Aug 18 at 2:53AM

Nothing beats Bougicord, I had my doubts. I chose the cheaper aftermarket kit and found they caused some unwanted behavior amongst my RF devices in the cabin. Of course only genuine parts should ever go into your Volvo to keep it running at it's best. I should know this after my 12 years of ownership. By going the cheaper route I hang my head in shame. Turns out after a complete dissection analysis of an old set of Bougicord that I had compared to the aftermarket wires I was pleasantly surprised that they are far superior in craftsmanship. After knowing this I'll never use another inferior wire product. The Bougicord center conductor is one of the nicest engineered high voltage conductors I have seen compared to the some aftermarkets, it is also imbedded inside a PTFE sheath that is still soft after the rubber on the outside has visibly been worn out. Personally I don't think these wires would ever need to be changed after my dis assembly analysis. The stainless steel spiral is thick and the conductor threads contain large amounts of carbon. The engineering craftsmanship of how the conductors are connected to the plug socket is impressive, totally understanding the skin effect of high voltage. The boots are keyed in making it really hard to actually destroy them by general plug maintenance. Not like other wire manufactures just crimping their conductors and gluing the boots on. Bougicord is engineering quality, this is something to hard to learn by ads and blander by itself. Take a set apart and find out for your self. Thanks FCP for supplying, you always have the fastest shipping to me.

By: Oren
Thu, Sep 12 at 6:08PM

Great part at a reasonable price. Very easy to install with the DIY video. Fit perfectly in a 97 normally aspirated Volvo 850.

By: Dmitriy
Mon, Apr 29 at 6:15AM
Very Good!

High quality and perfomance! Not expensive. I'm glad and my Volvo 850 T5 is too.

By: Dmitriy
Fri, Apr 26 at 11:36AM

I had any problems with ignition on my Volvo 850 Turbo. Then I installed FCP's spark plugs and ignition coil. Its really resolved my problems. Hightly recomended! Best quality!

By: jenevieve
Sat, Feb 18 at 2:27AM
The Best

it costs more cause it's better. yet FCP has the BEST price youll find

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