Volvo Expansion Tank (850 C70 S70 V70) - Meyle 9141095
  • Volvo Expansion Tank (850 C70 S70 V70) - Meyle 9141095

Volvo Expansion Tank (850 C70 S70 V70) - Meyle

When you drive, your car's coolant warms and expands such that coolant may overflow into your coolant recovery tank. When your car cools, the coolant contracts and needs the coolant in the recovery tank to fill the radiator as needed. Without a properly working tank, you run the risk of overheating your car due to too little coolant. Your Volvo's coolant expansion tank usually fails due to a crack in it's housing. It's also recommended to replace the coolant level sensor.

Fits These Cars:
1994 Volvo 850 Engine Coolant Recovery Tank
1995 Volvo 850 Engine Coolant Recovery Tank
1996 Volvo 850 Engine Coolant Recovery Tank
1997 Volvo 850 Engine Coolant Recovery Tank
1998 Volvo C70 Engine Coolant Recovery Tank
Sub model: Base
1998 Volvo S70 Engine Coolant Recovery Tank
1998 Volvo V70 Engine Coolant Recovery Tank
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Volvo Expansion Tank (850 C70 S70 V70) - Meyle 9141095

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Engine Coolant Recovery Tank
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Customer Reviews

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4.3 based on 16 review(s)
By: Doyle
Fri, Jan 6 at 7:15PM

I am satisfied. Typically I look at Country of Origin and try to stay European with my Volvo purchases, but I am hesitant when it costs me twice as much. This is my second purchase, I am a returning customer for another vehicle.

By: Doyle
Tue, Jul 12 at 8:29AM

Price is great. As mentioned by other reviews, the top tube seems to be a bit smaller in diameter in comparison to original tank. Just a little more twist on the clamp. Pleased with the purchase. The old tank was deteriorating at the cap facing so it was not sealing correctly, this tank fixed that problem. Thanks FCP for the Lifetime Warranty.

By: iLaria
Sun, Jul 10 at 4:52PM
Cracked And Leaking

Got this in October 2015 and it has already failed with a crack in the bottom of the tank leaking coolant. Plastic may have been flawed or it just can't handle the Californian heat. Hot weather buyers be ware.

By: Ruben Barrios
Wed, Mar 16 at 8:27AM

Perfect fit on my 1998 XC70. My old one cracked and the upper hose failed. I tried to re-use the bottom hose - it ended up leaking - so I replaced it. I would just buy the 2 hoses and tank the first time!

By: Emmet
Sat, Feb 6 at 5:44PM

Very well made, fixed the crack I had going in the old tanke...

By: Joe Gladle
Wed, Dec 2 at 2:45AM

Replaced my original tank due to a cracked unit.

By: Eduardo
Wed, Oct 7 at 3:17PM


By: Jason
Sun, Sep 6 at 11:31AM

Nice quality tank, would certainly recommend this over the OEM unit. Simple install. You may need new hose clamps to replace the stock ones, check before placing your order!

By: Rob
Fri, May 15 at 2:29PM

Tank fit like the original. Sensor installation was a breeze. Good product for the price.

By: Mark B.
Sat, Apr 25 at 9:43AM
Why Oem Is Worth It

This tanks does have the look and feel of the OEM but I had a significant issue and have to return. As stated in another review, the top hose inlet fitting is a little smaller than OEM. Since I had to run to the dealer to buy an OEM when this one cracked at the juncture of the body and the top hose fitting, I closely compared fittings. Micrometer showed this aftermarket was 10% smaller diameter, which may not sound significant but if the metal tube inside both fittings are the same size, all the thickness difference is in the plastic and hence why this one cracked at the body. Also, my new top hose (also OEM) fit noticeably more snugly, verifying that a small difference in the diameter matters. With OEM there is no need to fuss with a tighter clamp as another reviewer commented, which may cause problems or be a weak point for future failure. I replaced my hoses with OEMs but gave this tank a shot based on the great reviews. Perhaps I just got an uncommon bad one, but why take the chance? As another review points out, it does have "Meyle, Germany" on the box but also a sticker with "PR of China". Volvo 960, two S90s, S60, S70, XC60

By: bayview
Tue, Apr 14 at 4:56PM

This tank worked great on my '95 854T. A good value.

By: G. Murphy
Sun, Mar 29 at 6:59PM

The build quality seems great and the fitment for the cap, bottom hose outlet, and low-coolant sensor setup are spot on. However, I think the top outlet for the hose that leads to the t-stat housing is a little smaller than the original one. Tightened the clamp down as much as it would go, yet there was visible air/coolant leaking from it when coolant was sent from the t-stat housing back to the tank. Bought a hose clamp from an auto store that would clamp tighter than the original one and it worked perfectly. May not be the case for all of these tanks, or all original hose clamps, but it was for mine. Definitely check for that if you use this tank, it should be obvious once the engine comes up to temp and the t-stat opens.

By: Joe
Wed, Mar 4 at 2:58PM
Seems Good So Far.

I've had it in for a few weeks and it seems good so far. No leaks, but mine is a tiny bit wobbly when mounted. Nothing too bad. I'll come back and update if it blows up.

By: Charles
Wed, Oct 29 at 2:02PM
New Expansion Tank

Replaced the original tank that has finally deteriorated after many years of heating and cooling with this tank. Works fine. Seems like a quality build. Hopefully it lasts as long as the OEM tank did.

By: Dave
Tue, Sep 9 at 6:38PM
Coolant Expansion Tank

Looks just like the original unit.. Perfect fit.

By: dos
Sat, Jul 19 at 4:56PM
Di Yer

I give this 4 out of 5 stars only because it is not genuine Volvo which carries with it the brand trust. Otherwise, I could find no difference between this part and the OE tank I removed. The fitment was perfect. I talked to a salesperson before ordering and ask about the quality. He said fcp had not had any problems with this tank, so I decided to save the money vs. OE since we have two high mileage P-80s to maintain. The origin of this part is a bit obscure. It comes in a box with Meyle Germany printed all over it and sealed with a silver sticker that says Inspected Meyle Germany. The tank has Meyle and Germany stamped on top. But the box had a small sticker saying Made in China, so I don't know for sure if it was referring to the fancy box it came in or the tank inside. If it was not made in Germany, they certainly went to great lengths to make it appear so. It does seem to be of top quality construction. I say all this to try to post a complete review as of installation. I'm satisfied and confident enough to order another one for our other Volvo. In a year or so, I'll try to post back with an update.

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