Volvo 240 European E Code Headlights (240 244 245) - 240ECODEKIT


NOTE: Uses Glass Headlamp Lenses


  • TWO (2) H-4 BULBS
  • FITS ALL VOLVO 240 MODELS FROM 1986-1993

Another benefit of Glass Headlight Lenses is that they will not fog up like plastic lenses.

This Kit Includes:

Part SKU Brand MSRP
1x E Code Headlight Assembly Left PPS-34430001 Pro parts sweden logoPro Parts Sweden $108.99
1x E Code Headlight Assembly Right PPS-34430002 Pro parts sweden logoPro Parts Sweden $106.99
1x E Code Turn Signal Assembly PPS-34430063 Pro parts sweden logoPro Parts Sweden $26.99
1x E Code Turn Signal Assembly PPS-34430064 Pro parts sweden logoPro Parts Sweden $31.99
1x E Code Headlight Molding PPS-34432634 Pro parts sweden logoPro Parts Sweden $14.99
1x E Code Headlight Molding PPS-34432635 Pro parts sweden logoPro Parts Sweden $14.99
2x Headlight Bulb 9003 Flosser logoFlosser $8.99
2x Headlight Bulb Wiring FLO-4445 Flosser logoFlosser $2.99
MSRP (bought separately): $328.90
Our kit price: $270.99
You save: $57.91
Fits These Cars:
1990 Volvo 240 Headlight Assembly
1991 Volvo 240 Headlight Assembly
1992 Volvo 240 Headlight Assembly
1993 Volvo 240 Headlight Assembly
1986 Volvo 244 Headlight Assembly
1987 Volvo 244 Headlight Assembly
1988 Volvo 244 Headlight Assembly
1989 Volvo 244 Headlight Assembly
1986 Volvo 245 Headlight Assembly
1987 Volvo 245 Headlight Assembly
1988 Volvo 245 Headlight Assembly
1989 Volvo 245 Headlight Assembly
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Volvo 240 European E Code Headlights (240 244 245) - 240ECODEKIT

Pro parts sweden logoPro Parts Sweden
SKU #:


Headlight Assembly
OE Numbers:
$270.99 MSRP: $328.90
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Customer Reviews

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4.7 based on 10 review(s)
By: Cris
Fri, Mar 3 at 10:07AM

I have been keeping an eye out for a set and found these for a very good price. Installation was straight forward and easy. Of course it is an aftermarket part so fit and finish is not perfect but can't really complain for the price. It took me longer than it should have to install because I was OCD about symmetry. As for function they are much better than the original lights. Granted the original lights were 25 years old and the lenses had been polished multiple times. Definitely recommend these to any one with a 240 and ancient head lights.

By: Tom
Sat, Nov 26 at 6:02PM
E Codes Are Great!

Got these in the other day and put them on Thanksgiving morning. A few notes, the mounting screws can pop out of the plastic housing. I ended up super gluing them back in which seemed to work well. The side markers came with bulbs installed which was a nice bonus. The rubber boot is a bit confusing to install and could be a bit tighter around the wire bundle but it works. The side marker wiring could be a bit longer, it was a little difficult getting the connectors connected but easy to overcome. All in all, these things look FANTASTIC!!! They work well, are bright, and did I mention they look so great! Definitely better than old yellowed ones.

By: Michele Torres
Sat, Sep 3 at 9:32AM
Proud Owner Of A 1992 Volvo 240 Wagon, Aka "Great White"

When your mechanic calls you screaming about "where did you get these headlights?" I immediately thought I had made a mistake........but NOOOOOOO.......he wants as many as he can get his hands on for his customers.....and himself. He said they are the most beautiful he's ever seen......."not that cheap plastic S%^$#$) He's crazy about them......and if my mechanic loves them? They're the bizomb. HIGHLY recommend.....

By: Michele Torres
Sat, Sep 3 at 9:29AM
Proud 1992 Volvo 240 Wagon Owner

Hi friends, I just ordered a second set of the Volvo 240 European E Code lights............and the day after I did, I notice the price dropped AGAIN! YAY! Can I get the extra discount refunded on BOTH sets? Believe me, the $60 refunded to me will be WELL worth it as "Great White" (my wagon) in full restoration mode.......and you will make that $60 back in NO TIME at all. You're the I have my mechanic in Atlanta raving about you as well......thanks for being a GREAT supplier of 240 parts #LONGLIVETHEBRICK

By: A.Westbye
Tue, Aug 18 at 6:06PM
Great Upgrade

Headlights are a great upgrade for any late model 240 that have the big plastic lense headlights. Light pattern is great.

By: Customer
Thu, Jul 16 at 5:09PM
"Was It Worth It? Things I Found, And Conclusions...

My old plastic DOT headlights US LIGHTS Versus Euro lights (on a particularly nice 240) The new lights look beautiful... of course they're new, whereas the originals were 15 years-old, and had 120k miles worth of pebbles, debris, and butterflies hurled at them, not to mention the oxidation/UV damage. Absolutely upgrade the lighting circuit! My original wiring was not up to the task, and a little more voltage at the headlamps translates into a huge difference in brightness. The difference between 12v from the battery with the ignition off, and 13-14 volts with the engine is running is amazing. Suprisingly, the bulb failure sensor appears to be completely happy with the assymetrical arrangement. You meet nice people when working on your Volvo parked in the street, though after a while they will begin to think you're nuts. The FCP DJ Auto headlights were inexpensive. The fit wasn't great, but they work quite well, and are a major improvement over the stock US headlamps. Are they as good as brand new Cibie? Obviouisly not, but they're still well worth the money. New genuine Volvo parts will run you well over $1,000 US, the FCP DJ Auto aftermarket lights cost me just over $300. What are you willing to pay for diminishing returns? Light quality of the E-codes are a huge improvement over the US/DOT ones. The E-code low beams are almost as good as the original high beams, and the high beams are just amazing. (I've had passengers mention how bright the high beams are). This is really one of the noticably rewarding things you can do to your 240. Last time I drove out in the deep, dark, deer inhabited back roads of Ohio, I was totally impressed and felt warm all over. The original headlights needed service anyway. If, and when, I get another 240, I'll readily use FCP DJ Auto parts again... though I'd love to cobble together a set of OEM ones someday. Finding some good protective headlamp covers is next on the list." So how do you know if you have a good or bad headlamp pattern? This will always start a debate at the DOT and SAE offices and tends to be a real waste of time, since brick walls do not listen and tend to fall on you when things get shaken up. This may be hard to believe but DOT & SAE standards dictate the a percentage of the headlamp's usable light must shine above the horizon in order to light overhead highway signs. How thoughtful of them to save electricity lighting those overhead signs while blinding many oncoming motorists. Pretty ironic if you ask us, that two organizations interested in safety would not give damn that in poor weather conditions, the glare from such poorly designed headlamps would cause a blinding glare to all oncoming traffic not to mention lowering the visibility of the driver using those headlamps due to the blinding reflections from the rain, snow and fog. Now, thanks to tougher laws that the Europeans have on headlamp patterns which the American Auto manufactures have to meet in order to sell their cars in Europe, not all current DOT and SAE headlamps are created equal. If you look at the headlamp lenses of all European cars legally operating in law abiding Europe you will see an E-code mark on the lens. This E-code mark states that the head lamp has met the tough European lighting codes which state that there must be a distinct horizontal light cut off above the horizon and that on "right side road traffic" the light pattern must flare up at 15 degrees to the right side curb to illuminate pedestrians, cyclist, etc. "The GLASS European H4 headlight design is a much better light than the stock plastic units that came my vehicle, or even the newer design US Specification sealed beam lights. The European H4 design is basically a two piece unit that has a burner (bulb) that is available in a variety of wattages and voltages that is placed into the back of a lens and reflector unit where it is held in place with a spring clip. The benefits is a more efficient design than those found in US spec headlights. The European H4 lenses also are noted for having a different pattern than that which is found on the sealed beams found in the US. The change in lens pattern is such that in low beam the light is kept down on the road in front of the vehicle and to the right side (to illuminate the shoulder).In high beam, the light is directed primarily down the road in front of the vehicle. One nice benefit of this lens to other traffic is that the low beams give me as much light as my old high beams, without blinding the oncoming driver at all. " These lamps meet or exceed the present European lighting specification and will fit into your 240 with no modification. The sight distance on low beams are around 2.5 times that of the OEM Lamps and around 3.5 times on high beams. Factory OEM Lamps project an unfocused patch of light. These lights project a focused bar of white light with a sharp cutoff that sweeps off to the side, allowing you to see the roadside. Focused lighting also eliminates glare in the rain and fog. We've chosen a state-of-the-art high efficiency 55/60 Watt H4 bulb that claims to put out 30% more light than the OEM bulb without taxing the electrical system of your car. Yes, they're expensive but we believe they're worth every penny. So, if you're unhappy with your present headlamps, give these a try, we think you'll really love them.

By: Chisca
Thu, Oct 10 at 2:10PM
Volvo 240 European E Code Headlights

Overall this is a good replacement kit for 30 year old headlights. The fact you get H4 bulb capability with a glass lens make it worth the hassles of fitment. Be aware there are no instructions and you will need to rewire the harness for the H4 connection and the turn signal connection. Stock Volvo headlight uses a 4 bolt mount, this kit uses 3. The bolts used on the kit are knurled and pressed into the plastic housing. The left headlight bolts were tight, the right ones were not and I had to use JB weld on all three to secure the attatchment. I find this to be pretty common with Chinese manufacture quality and if you are looking for plug and play this kit is not it. You also have to reuse the trim piece off your stock turnsignal along with the screws. Light quality is excellent and thats what makes this small hassle worth the price.

By: Joel
Sun, Mar 18 at 9:21PM

Adjusting my review after installing. Fitment of turn signals is not exact on drivers side, slides forward leaving a slight gap. Passenger side turn signal harness was wired incorrectly, quick fix, open up the harness and swap the wires. You also have to reuse the "chrome" trim on the turn signals from your old ones and reuse the screws for both the turn signal and headlight trim. I've read about dead spots on the beam pattern, but have not been able to go out driving yet as the 245 is still on jack stands. I will write another review to adjust my previous rating if that is so. But for the price....these are much better then old foggy falling apart plastic.

By: Joel
Sun, Feb 26 at 10:21PM

Just opened the box today...SKWEEEE! :) Ecodes are so much better then standard 'Murican headlights. I put ecodes on my 745, so after I bought my 245, this was a definite first purchase. The old headlights are foggy yellow plastic...yeah, that's a great idea. Dear DOT, please review your standards.

By: Mike
Wed, Feb 15 at 6:39PM
Absolutely Worth It.

These arrived well-packaged and were easy to install. They fit well and cast light even better. These are a new must-have for my 240s.

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