BMW Cold Climate PCV Breather System - 11617533400KT3
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Features all cold climate version PCV parts

This PCV kit features all of the cold climate version insulated hoses and valve. This system is standard on most vehicles sold in regions where it is significantly colder than normal. The idea of the insulation is to help prevent condensation inside the hoses from freezing and destroying the system inside out. BMW's breather systems have had this problem especially when the car is driven short distances in cold weather and is never allowed to reach operating temperature.

The plastic in these components deteriorates over time and eventually will crack or break. This will cause vacuum leaks and other detrimental issues which can cause engine damage and poor performance.

Note: In order to properly install the cold climate PCV system on an M52TU engine you will need to slightly modify the jacket to allow the vacuum hose to connect to the vacuum supply nipple on the side of the PCV valve. The vacuum line must be used as it runs up to a hard line next to the fuel rail which supplies vacuum for the fuel pressure regulator. This layout was changed on the M54 engine which does not require vacuum from the PCV. Also note that some very early production M52TU engines use a different style PCV system. If the intake manifold distribution piece only has one inlet hose connected to it you will also need to order a new distribution piece, p/n 11611440318

This Kit Includes:

Part SKU Brand MSRP
1x Engine Crankcase Vent Valve OEM-11617533400 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $41.99
1x Engine Crankcase Breather Hose CRP-ABV0131 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $9.99
1x Engine Crankcase Breather Hose OEM-11617533398 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $24.99
1x Engine Oil Separator Hose OEM-11617533399 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $22.99
1x Vacuum Hose CRP-11727545323EC Crp logoCRP $4.99
1x Engine Intake Boot CRP-ABV0137 Rein logoRein $14.99
1x Engine Oil Dipstick O-Ring CRP-11431740045EC Crp logoCRP $0.99
2x Engine Oil Dipstick O-Ring REI-407601420 Reinz logoReinz $0.99
6x Engine Air Distribution Piece O-Ring ELR-780154 Elring logoElring $1.99
1x Fuel Injection Throttle Body Mounting Gasket REI-702891400 Reinz logoReinz $6.99
1x Fuel Injection Idle Air Control Valve Gasket ELR-362160 Elring logoElring $18.99
1x Engine Crankcase Breather Hose OEM-11617504536 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $18.99
MSRP (bought separately): $179.82
Our kit price: $136.99
You save: $42.83

Fits These Cars:

2000 BMW 323Ci PCV Valve Kit
1999 BMW 323i PCV Valve Kit
Body type: Sedan, Mfr body code: E46
2000 BMW 323i PCV Valve Kit
2000 BMW 328Ci PCV Valve Kit
1999 BMW 328i PCV Valve Kit
Body type: Sedan, Mfr body code: E46
2000 BMW 328i PCV Valve Kit
1998 BMW 528i PCV Valve Kit

From 9/1998
1999 BMW 528i PCV Valve Kit
2000 BMW 528i PCV Valve Kit
1998 BMW Z3 PCV Valve Kit
Engine base: 2.8L L6
From 9/1998
1999 BMW Z3 PCV Valve Kit
Engine base: 2.8L L6
1999 BMW Z3 PCV Valve Kit
Engine base: 2.5L L6
2000 BMW Z3 PCV Valve Kit
Engine base: 2.8L L6
2000 BMW Z3 PCV Valve Kit
Engine base: 2.5L L6
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BMW Cold Climate PCV Breather System - 11617533400KT3

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PCV Valve Kit
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Customer Reviews

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4.8 based on 4 review(s)
By: Danilo
Tue, Mar 25 at 7:28AM

NIce item. Seems to be doing the job. No more "mayo".

By: Kayss
Sun, Mar 23 at 5:43PM
Cold Climate Jacket Hard To Get On

Ended up taking the jacket off since the only other way to get it in requires taking out the entire intake manifold but other than that car was running great after replacing

By: Shane
Fri, Feb 28 at 1:03AM
Great Product

Purchased this cold weather version of the M54 crankcase ventilation system when mine ceased to function at the 100K mark. Products fit and operate perfectly, a bit of a challenge installing but worth the effort. Highly recommend replacing your PCV at the 100K mark - it WILL go bad; There is a great discussion on the operation and testing of the PCV on the Bimmerfest forum at - read entire string. They also discuss how to test the system with some clear tubing if you don't have a manometer (tests vacuum at dipstick guide). Also be sure to purchase a dipstick guidetub O ring - you'll definitely want to remove and clean the dipstick guidetube as part of the process as it is often fouled.

By: Shane
Sat, Feb 22 at 6:38PM
Bmw M53 Cold Weather Pcv

This Coldweather Crankcase Ventilation System (CCV or aka PCV) is a perfect fit for the BMW e46 M54 engine - preferred for colder weather areas as moisture build-up will limit life of uninsulated valves/hoses. Any owner whose BMW is approaching 100K miles should consider replacing their CCV system as the valve's diaphragm and hoses will become brittle and fail. Indicators may be rough idling, white smoke in exhaust, valve cover/oil filter housing gaskets leaking due to excessive crankcase pressure, or Service Engine light and appropriate code. The video at Bavauto is good for the M54 specifically (at ) - especially how to hook up the tubes to the CCV when installing (NOT easily... practice first); however, the Bavauto video does not show removing and cleaning out the dipstick guide which is highly recommended as that is often clogged. One cheap way to check CCV system is to get about 5-10 feet of clear tubing, 1/2" outer diameter/3/8" inner diameter - make a large loop at one end (about 2 feet) and add water so you have about 6 inches of water above the "U" end of the loop - plug/tape off the "U" end of the tube. Allow this loop to dangle off side of car - with engine warmed to operating temp and at an idle, remove dipstick and put other end of clear tube into dipstick tube guide an inch or two (use a rag to temporarily seal dipstick guide around clear tube). The water levels should shift - mark changes (NOTE: if water level rapidly moves up tube, pull tube out of dipstick guide before water is puiled into crankcase - if it does, change oil). If CCV working correctly, the differences between the water levels in the "U" part of clear tube should be between 4-6 inches (with the higher level towards the dipstick guide - indicating a vacuum). If there is a positive pressure in crankcase (i.e, the water level in "U" nearer the dipstick guide is lower than outside mark), or vacuum higher (greater than 6 inches between marks), you have a bad CCV (see ENTIRE thread at Bimmerfest blog at

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