BMW Coolant/Antifreeze (1 Gallon) - Genuine BMW 82141467704
  • BMW Coolant/Antifreeze (1 Gallon) - Genuine BMW 82141467704
  • BMW Coolant/Antifreeze (1 Gallon) - Genuine BMW 82141467704

Factory recommended coolant

BMW coolant is formulated and designed to ensure proper function of your BMW's cooling system. There are thousands of options for coolant on the market but our first recommendation for BMW's is to use Genuine BMW coolant first. It has been formulated specifically for your BMW and is used as the original fill in the factory.

This coolant is non diluted, meaning it is 100% strength out of the jug. We recommend a 50/50 mix with distilled/demineralized water for most environments. For colder climates we recommend a stronger 60/40 mix to ensure that your cooling system does not freeze.

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BMW Coolant/Antifreeze (1 Gallon) - Genuine BMW 82141467704

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Customer Reviews

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5.0 based on 53 review(s)
By: Dennis
Mon, Jun 26 at 9:34PM
Only Bmw No Other

Coolant is a lot more complicated than I thought it'd be, especially for BMW's. After doing a ton of research and driving around to WalMart, Target, and every single auto part store within a 10 mile radius I noticed for my e36, the only coolant that'd be acceptable is BMW's coolant. I know it's basically double the cost of any other standard coolant, but you own a BMW, right? You should've known there were consequences... it's all worth it in the end.

By: Alexis
Thu, Jun 22 at 6:45PM

Perfect for Bmw cooling system , works as described , help cooling system works better during the winter when mixed 60/40, during the summer should follow indications of mixing 50/50 ...

By: Larry
Thu, Jun 1 at 9:06AM

OEM coolant shipped fast and direct to your door!

By: Jon
Mon, May 22 at 10:14AM
Good Oe Part

Good price for OE part

By: Vincent
Thu, May 18 at 12:20PM


By: Mike
Sun, May 14 at 9:57PM

Better than the dealer, delivered to your door

By: Shpak
Wed, May 10 at 9:20AM

Little pricey, but worth it!

By: Jeff
Sat, Apr 29 at 8:21AM

Great place to get the fluids my cars rely on. I don't know what makes BMW coolant different (aside from color), but it's worked great for me the past five years.

By: Jake
Mon, Apr 3 at 6:01PM


By: Kelland
Wed, Mar 8 at 1:39PM
Nothing Better

I keep a 50/50 mix of this in my trunk at all times. WHY use anything over than what is made for the car when it is so affordable? Highly recommend to prevent corrosion and wear of cooling system parts.

By: BMW36318
Thu, Jan 26 at 2:55PM

Only the best coolant for bmw

By: JaMikah Green
Sat, Jan 21 at 3:38PM
Only Coolant I Use

I only use genuine/brand BMW fluids and for the price this is a good buy. Very happy with purchase and will buy again.

By: Magi
Fri, Jan 13 at 1:36AM
Made By Bmw For Bmw

When I do maintenance. I grab all brand BMW oils/ coolants. I won't use anything else.

By: z3b
Tue, Dec 27 at 7:12PM

the correct spec for bmw. a must have for original fill or top up

By: Ramkumar
Tue, Dec 13 at 10:55AM

Genuine stuff

By: Peter
Thu, Aug 25 at 10:20PM
Smurf Juice

Makes the ride happy so it makes me happy.

By: Kapila
Wed, Aug 17 at 2:42AM
Genuine Bmw Coolant

can"t go wrong with genuine...

By: Danny Garceau
Mon, Jul 18 at 6:00PM
Great Price On Genuine Part.

Extremely well packaged, Genuine BMW part. Great price, Easy process.

By: Randy
Mon, Jun 20 at 4:15AM

Great bmw coolant

By: Sidney
Thu, May 19 at 12:13PM

Great product, original, fast shipping, can't get better than that.

By: Will
Fri, May 13 at 12:26PM
Oem Coolant

Very happy with the coolant. Best coolant for your BMW! These guys ship fast and have great prices, too.

By: Mercy
Sun, May 8 at 1:11PM

Arrive sooner than expected

By: Matt
Fri, May 6 at 1:51PM
E30 Owner

Yup it's coolant, nothing more nothing less.

By: John
Tue, Mar 22 at 9:15PM

It's blue and it works, what else can I say.

By: Nickvjr
Tue, Dec 22 at 5:41PM
Makes 2 Gallons (50/50 With Distilled Water)

This is a great price for BMW Coolant. I always make sure to keep some on hand for any cooling system work that needs to be done on my '04 330Ci Convertible or for general top offs. When mixed 50/50 with Distilled Water you get 2 Gallons of Genuine BMW Coolant.

By: Nicholas
Sat, Dec 5 at 9:37AM

You should be running no other coolant in your bmw. It is non-phosphorus and a nice color blue, Mix with distilled water at a 50/50 mix and you will never have any problems with this coolant leaving residue or gumming up the works.

By: Manuel Perez
Mon, Oct 5 at 10:33PM
If You Love Your Car Use Only This Coolant.

A must have if you are refreshing your cooling system. The best and unique option to use if you don't want to have overheating issues. I only use this coolant with a 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water, nothing else, nothing less. 0 problems so far.

Mon, Sep 14 at 1:22PM


By: Jim
Thu, Aug 20 at 2:18PM
Original Bmw Coolant

Original Coolant - great price.

By: G
Sat, Jul 25 at 11:32PM
Good Price.

Not sure how much difference it makes to use the official BMW coolant, but its the right color (blue) and its supposed to have the right mixture of stuff in it. Its much more expensive that auto parts store coolant, but its much cheaper here than at the dealership.

By: e36m3s50guy
Sat, Jul 11 at 10:17PM
Won't Use Anything Else

I think the heat transfer and corrosion inhibition properties of this coolant differ from others, and since it is tuned for BMW engines I think it is the best coolant for my E36 M3 (S50).

By: e34m30
Fri, Jun 5 at 4:50PM
Bmw Coolant

Oem blue coolant.Same stuff from the dealer;just way less..

By: Greg
Tue, May 26 at 10:48AM
Nothing But The Best

You can't really review this stuff as we know it's great and the only recommended coolant. What I can review is that thankfully FCP carries it so I don't have to order from anyone else. I like to order everything at once not seperately from different retailers. The price is about the lowest as well, without going to the Pentosin remake for 13.99 a gallon.

By: Ed
Wed, May 20 at 12:14AM
Bmw Coolant/Antifreeze

Good pricing on this OEM coolant.

By: S.A.
Sat, Apr 4 at 6:00PM

only use the original blue coolant in your BMW. mix with 50/50 distilled water

By: Adam
Sat, Mar 28 at 10:57PM

Original BMW blue coolant. Works just fine.

By: Sammy
Thu, Mar 12 at 9:32AM

Was lazy to drive to the dealership and need to get some

By: Scott Simms
Wed, Mar 4 at 5:24PM
Bmw Coolant

I swear by BMW Coolant (Blue). Only because I have never had cooling system problems or parts failures or "build up" in the radiator when using this. FCP always has the best prices. Even with my BMWCCA discount of 20% at the dealer I still save another 20-30% on parts at FCP Euro. And the best service after the sale anywhere.

By: Hector
Sun, Feb 22 at 10:01PM

Fast shipping. Always 50:50 mix with demineralized water.

By: Bob
Fri, Oct 31 at 9:42AM
The Oem Coolant. A+

I always go with the BMW coolant. When my dad used to work for a VW dealer, he always said stick with the OEM coolant because aluminum engine parts react differently to other coolants from the car parts stores. So I've followed this rule of thumb with my BMWs for 14 years whether this is a valid point or not. Also, Best price on this coolant is here at FCP Euro!

By: tony cantu
Wed, Sep 17 at 8:25PM

Great product and great value

By: Marc
Sun, Sep 14 at 1:11AM

Great price anywhere. I changed mine every two years and keep a gallon in the trunk as a spare. Never had to go to the dealer ever again for high prices.

By: j. bizzo
Tue, Aug 12 at 9:30PM

Only coolant for my cars

By: Lawrence Lam
Mon, Aug 11 at 7:52PM

Good product!

By: Tom Bashtarz
Tue, Jul 15 at 12:03AM
Bmw Coolant From Fcp

Great price on a must have for an all aluminum BMW engine.

By: Robby
Wed, Jul 9 at 2:30PM

Formulated for BMW for the price, I think its daft to try to out do their engineering.

By: Chris
Sun, Feb 23 at 3:46PM

Wow! Very fast shipping and the price is cheaper than dealer. Thank you!

By: Jose
Wed, Nov 13 at 12:54AM

Thank you.

By: Richard Perez
Fri, Nov 1 at 7:27PM

Works perfect no complaints and is cheaper than the dealer

By: Ken
Wed, Oct 30 at 7:13AM
Tastes The Same

Not only does this coolant look the same as the other OEM blue coolant sold here, it tastes the same, too. Since it's a few dollars less than Swedish coolant, I'll use this instead!

By: Louis
Mon, Aug 19 at 11:12AM

best price fot the real stuff

By: Juan
Fri, Apr 19 at 10:36PM

I bought this coolant because my mechanic (who works at the local BMW dealership service department) told me I should use only genuine BMW coolant. BMW radiators are made of aluminum and will rust if you put the coolants available at the local parts store because they contain chemicals that corrode aluminum.

Fri, Apr 19 at 8:25PM
Bmw 02 325i


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