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Audi Engine Electrical Parts

Audi electrical parts are often complex, FCP has the parts needed to keep everything in perfect working order. The alternator in your Audi has a main purpose of charging the vehicles battery and power electrical systems while the engine is running. An automotive battery is designed to be a rechargeable unit that supplies electrical energy needed to start the vehicle as well as providing energy to many other key electrical devices. Another critical electrical part is the air mass sensor also sometimes referred to as an mass air flow sensor (MAF). If your Audi has a faulty air mass sensor you may experience hard starting or stalling once the vehicle is started. The car may hesitate under load, surge, idle rough or run excessively rich or lean.

Inspect ignition components for signs that can tell you whether the part needs to be replaced or not. Its a good idea to do a tune-up every 30k miles ensuring optimal engine performance along with improved fuel economy. Replace ignition coils, spark plugs, electrical relays and more with Genuine Audi parts. FCP also has many name brand aftermarket parts in stock that will meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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