About Audi Climate Control Parts

If the weather outside is frightful you should be assure the climate inside your Audi is delightful. Audi climate control systems are basically the same as any other car on the road today and it is designed to keep the interior of your Audi comfortable regardless of what is happening outside. Luxury cars such as Audi typically offer you more adjustability with climate control and feature dual zone temperature control. To keep the itnerior of your Audi warm the heater core uses coolant which has been heated by the engine. This hot coolant is carried by heater hoses which are known to deteriorate over time. Heater hoses are normally found on the side or back of the engine are run back to the firewall. If your Audi's heat isn't working or is not very warm it could be due to a leak in a heater hose or a failed heater core. Heater cores are located behind the dash and can be difficult to reach. Another common replacement item on most Audi climate control systems is the blower motor which is located in the dash. The blower motor is what pushes air into the cabin of your Audi. Along with the blower motor other common replacement items include air conditioning components. The AC orifice tube, AC compressor, and AC condenser are all common replacement items on higher mileage Audi's.

About Audi Climate Control Parts Online

It can be difficult to troubleshoot climate control problems. Fortunately, FCP's knowledgeable staff is only a phone call away. Our ASE certified technicians will be able to help you select the correct parts for your specific Audi as well as help you trouble shoot any issues you may be having with your Audi. If you don't see the part you need or have any questions we are more than happy to answer them for you.

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