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Although Volkswagen and Audi have thrown the Fox name badge at just about everything imaginable from city cars to SUVs in just about every corner of the world, in the North American market the Volkswagen Fox (not to be confused with Audi Fox from the 1970s) was an entry level compact car produced from 1987 through 1993 and was available as a four door sedan, two door, or a two door wagon. The wagon was discontinued in 1991, as well as the two door model in Canada; remaining models got a slight restyling of sheet metal at the same time. The VW Fox has an 80 horsepower 1.8L engine and a 4 speed manual transmission (5 speed in the GL sport model) - there is no automatic transmission. The Fox was actually a variant of the Volkswagen Gol (not to be confused with the VW Golf, although it shares a lot of the same technology with the Golf) manufactured by ‘Volkswagen do Brazil and exported to North America.

Volkswagen Fox Parts at FCP

If youre looking for Volkswagen Fox parts, look no further. Here at FCP Euro we offer you a large selection of Volkswagen Fox parts. Whether youre looking for OEM Fox original parts or cheaper aftermarket parts solutions, youre sure to find what you need to get the job done. Our Volkswagen Fox catalog is constantly growing to bring you the best selection of quality parts for everything from preventative maintenance to more complex mechanical repairs to keep that Volkswagen of yours on the road for many years of future use to come. As with all of our parts, our VW parts are backed by our quality and fitment guarantee as well as our one year warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

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