Volvo Comprehensive Lowering Suspension Kit - Koni FSD/Eibach KIT-517017
  • Volvo Comprehensive Lowering Suspension Kit - Koni FSD/Eibach KIT-517017
  • Volvo Comprehensive Lowering Suspension Kit - Koni FSD/Eibach KIT-517017
  • Volvo Comprehensive Lowering Suspension Kit - Koni FSD/Eibach KIT-517017
  • Volvo Comprehensive Lowering Suspension Kit - Koni FSD/Eibach KIT-517017
  • Volvo Comprehensive Lowering Suspension Kit - Koni FSD/Eibach KIT-517017


  • With Upgraded XC90 Spring Seats!
  • For models without self leveling rear suspension
  • For models with 2-bolt mounted Control arms
  • Excellent ride quality on all road surfaces
  • Available for most newer cars - more coming
  • Paired with Eibach springs for 1”-1.5” lowering
  • Gold metallic finish shocks
  • Dark metallic gray springs in kits
  • Less expensive than electronic systems

We all know how rough the ride can be in a P80 Volvo, that's why FCP EURO put together this comprehensive suspension kit with Koni FSD shocks to not only refresh your suspension, but to improve your ride quality! The Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kits includes a matched set of Eibach Pro Kit Springs to complement the FSD technology and give your vehicle a lower and more aggressive ride.

FSD is the abbreviation of Frequency Selective Damping. It is the latest technology of Koni, specifically designed to combine the ultimate in comfort and road-holding. This no-compromise shock absorber was launched to the world in 2005. A revolutionary new technique which combines the benefits of firm and comfortable suspension in a single perfect shock absorber. Firm for sporty driving on even road surfaces. Comfortable for a smooth ride on uneven road surfaces.

If you are able to change the damping force level in relation to the frequency of the movement of the vehicle, you create the possibility to solve the conflict in terms of comfort and handling ever present in conventional dampers.

The Koni FSD technology does just that! In effect giving you Active Ride Control. The groundbreaking FSD technology has been designed and patented by Koni to end the compromise between comfort and road-holding. This new feature can be used as an integrated part of the hydraulic valving system inside the damper.

Consequently, no additional cables, sensors, or any other electronic devices are needed to operate this system. It operates fully hydraulic and frequency selective and is therefore an economical and effective solution to improving a cars handling. It will give Ride and Handling Engineers a constructive, additional variable in fine-tuning the cars behavior.

How to Replace your Volvo 850 Control Arm (Video)

We're here with Ben McNally to show you how to replace the control arm on a Volvo 850 Turbo. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions 1-877-634-0063

How to Replace your Volvo 850 Sway Bar Links (Video)

We're here with Ben McNally to show you how to replace the sway bar end links on a Volvo 850 Turbo. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions 1-877-634-0063

This Kit Includes:

Part SKU Brand MSRP
4x Suspension Strut Hardware VOL-985870 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $4.99
4x Suspension Strut Bolt VOL-982845 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $3.99
2x Suspension Strut Bumper Stop VOL-9157631 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $3.99
2x Suspension Strut Mount Nut 31262068 Pro parts sweden logoPro Parts Sweden $8.99
2x Suspension Strut Mount Cap 30647969 Npn logoNPN $10.99
2x Suspension Strut Mount Washer 31201386 Oem supplier logoOEM Supplier $6.99
2x Suspension Strut Mount INA-7130024100 Ina logoINA $96.99
6x Lock Nut CRP-18307620549 Crp logoCRP $1.99
1x Suspension Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly LEM-2460502 Lemforder logoLemforder $117.99
1x Suspension Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly LEM-2460402 Lemforder logoLemforder $147.99
2x Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link LEM-2167802 Lemforder logoLemforder $24.99
1x Steering Tie Rod TRW-JTE341 Trw logoTRW $32.99
1x Steering Tie Rod TRW-JTE339 Trw logoTRW $37.99
2x Shock Mount HUT-538124 Hutchinson logoHutchinson $22.99
2x Suspension Strut Bumper FEB-14914 Febi logoFebi $9.99
2x Suspension Strut Bellows VOL-9140068 Genuine volvo logoGenuine Volvo $13.99
2x Suspension Coil Spring Seat CRP-AVQ0129 Crp logoCRP $28.99
1x Suspension Strut Assembly Kit KON-215040171 Koni FSD $1,463.99
MSRP (bought separately): $2,306.61
Our kit price: $1,299.99
You save: $1,006.62
Fits These Cars:
1994 Volvo 850 Suspension Kit

1995 Volvo 850 Suspension Kit

1996 Volvo 850 Suspension Kit

1997 Volvo 850 Suspension Kit

1993 Volvo 850 Suspension Kit

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Volvo Comprehensive Lowering Suspension Kit - Koni FSD/Eibach KIT-517017

Koni FSD
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Suspension Kit
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$1299.99 MSRP: $2,306.61
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Customer Reviews

Write a Review Average rating:
4.7 based on 12 review(s)
By: WB Stetar
Mon, Sep 12 at 3:28AM
Solid Kit

Great parts made for one less headache - replaced the original suspension on a 1998 Volvo: i cursed more than the Winnebago Man but not because of the parts in this kit.

By: Eric
Thu, Jul 23 at 11:57AM

My 850R was in dire need of some love bought this kit and it made the car come back to life. This kit paired with a new set of tires and an alignment has the R driving like Ive never felt it before. Kudos to FCP for putting together this awesome, comprehensive kit.

By: Andy
Sun, Aug 17 at 9:40AM

Bought this for my 2000 V70 Base. Had no trouble whatsoever with the fitment or condition of the items in the kit. Have heard of issues working with the control arms but by using a bottle jack to support under your rotors control arm replacement was easy. Make sure you have solid spring compressors. Tightened up the front end and brought the ride comfort back to like new. Easy job for a do-it-yourselfer.

By: Tom S
Fri, Dec 6 at 11:52AM

Great kit! Installed in my son's S70 in less than 5 hours. It now handles like a completely different car. Can't wait 'til spring so I can do replace the suspension on my V70.

By: Tom
Mon, Nov 11 at 8:16PM

Purchased the full suspension kit to refresh the handling on my 95 850. I am very pleased with the kit. Huge improvement in ride quality.

By: Joshua
Thu, Aug 15 at 10:00PM

The Strut Mount Washers were rusted even thought they were still in the package. I ended up reusing the current one because they had not rusted / won't rust because of the type of metal used. I guess you get what you pay for and I went with the cheaper kit. I also feel the kit should come with the strut top nut remover tool. You WILL need it as there is no other way to get the top nut off. SKU #:CTA-A446. I feel the struts are a little stiffer then I would like but they ride ok. I think if I had to do it again I would go with the touring class.

By: Adam
Sun, Apr 14 at 4:13PM

Starting with the downside: kit does not include the inner tie rods. If you're changing the outer, might as well change they inner as they are probably bad as well. Appearently, the inner tie rods come in two different sizes, 14mm and 16mm -- based on the steering rack. If you are like me and you have the 16mm version, you can't just go to autozone/NAPA/Advanced to pick up the part since they don't stock them. And if you go blindly they might give you the 14mm (lke they did me). So if you order this set, which is great, don't forget to find add the inner tie rods. Overall a great set, good price. Easy to follow videos. Also worth mentioning this job will require a really good mechanics set. Some missing pieces I didn't have include 18mm wrentch and ratchet pieces (got away with 3/4 sometimes), 21 mm. (Suggestion to FCP, why not put a link to the tie rods on this page?)

By: Bruce P.
Sat, Feb 18 at 4:59PM
Compact And Comprehensive Kit.

Still waiting to install this on my 98 S70 base model. My mechanic says if your doing the suspension, do it all. He couldn't believe the price for the parts included. I ordered springs all around from FCP as well at an excellent price too. For a 100,000 mile car it's time - can't wait for the test drive after it's all done.

By: Chris Glapa
Thu, Feb 16 at 10:49AM
Awesome Product

Recently purchased this kit for a 1998 S70 Base Model. I absolutely cannot believe how this vehicle now drives and performs on the road. After the alignment, this car performs like a new vehicle.....just make sure that before you order you check for two or four bolt design of the control arms as the VIN does not provide us with that information. Awesome product!

By: Nathan
Wed, Feb 15 at 9:42PM
Do It Once, Do It Right.

For the DIY individual who insists on doing the job only once, this is a price and part selection made in heaven. Be sure to check your control arm mounting style! I left it to chance, and ended up with a set that don't fit. Don't be like me.

By: Raymond Floccari
Wed, Feb 15 at 9:16PM
Comprehensive Kit

I recently Bought this Kit for a car I plan Flipping. Was very Im pressed with how Comprehensive the kit was for the Price. All Parts were of good quality and came with all hardware.However If you plan on doing this Kit I would suggest doing the Inner tie rods as well they are not included but they are one of those things you might as well do since you have it all apart.

By: Mat Grayson
Thu, Nov 24 at 11:54AM
Great Kit

Time for a suspension over-haul? This kit has everything except the alignment!

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