Meet the Team

Executive Team

Nick Bauer

President and Founder

Nick Bauer successfully transitioned his parent's brick and mortar store to a leading eCommerce provider of OE and OEM parts for European cars over the last few decades.

His current role involves overseeing the fulfillment department and assisting others with his expertise.

David Cowan

VP of Finance

If it has to do with numbers and you can put it in a spreadsheet, it's for David. FCP Euro has allowed him to combine his love for finance & numbers and his love for cars into one amazing career. Together with the rest of the talented team at FCP Euro, we are helping the company navigate the way forward.

Scott Drozd


Scott Drozd is the Chief Executive Officer at FCP Euro and is responsible for creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of the organization.

Scott is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and was awarded AIA’s Young Executive of the Year for 2015.

Alex Frank

VP of eCommerce

Alex and his team are responsible for all consumer facing activities at FCP Euro including Service, Catalog, Marketing, Content, Branding, and Motorsport.

An avid photographer, rock climber, skateboarder, and traveler he's inspired by things bigger than he is.

Patrick McMorran

VP of Science and Technology

Maths, Development, DevOps, & Snark.
HTTP 404.13

@wildbillcat, everywhere

Max Rossi

VP Talent & Development

Max is a 1995-1997 Marist College Graduate with a Teaching Degree and was the Vice President of Sales & Customer Service for Accent Capital Mortgage from 1997-2007. Since 2008 he has been living the dream working for FCP Euro in numerous roles from sales, to catalog, to customer service, to talent development to supply chain!

Catalog Team

Gareth Foley

BMW Product Manager

Gareth has been with FCP Euro since 2012. Originally he started in a sales/customer service position but has moved into the product side in early 2013. Since then he's striven to put together the most accurate BMW catalog available. He currently owns a 2011 E92 M3.

Divyanshu Gandhi

Remote Assistant

Divyanshu is a big auto enthusiast but also has a love of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Energetic, fun and adventuresome he loves traveling and bike riding.

Adonis Giantomidis


VW enthusiast with a passion for photography.

IG: @adonis_giant Website:

David Greco

Project Manager

Interested in cars at a young age, Dave purchased his first project car at the age of 16 and fixed it with the help of his father. While still young he would work on cars with friends and research how things worked because he wanted to learn as much as possible which led him to a long successful career at FCP Euro.

Ben Marouski

Digital Content Producer

I grew up in Storrs, CT, and after graduating from Full Sail University I spent my last 8 years in Detroit, MI at various studios and agencies creating automotive CG/3D animation and imagery. Of all my many various hobbies, highest on my list has been building my Time Attack 2010 MINI Cooper S.

Michael "Miker" Rivera

VAG Catalog Manager

Lord Miker the Great, best known for defeating 300 mythical leviathans single-handly, replacing VW timing belts blindfolded, and handing off the title of most interesting man in the world (just because he didn't particulary like Dos Equis beer), is the FCP Euro veteran and all out auto enthusiast.



Photographer here at FCP Euro, I am the one who takes the pictures of all the parts on the website, at race events, car shows, and company events. I love taking pictures whether it is with a DSLR or a cell phone camera. I love old VW's and working on them.

Jitendra Vaishnav

Remote Assistant

Jitendra has an MBA and has been working with the FCP Euro team for several years. His first time working with an automotive company he offers tremendous assistance in the Catalog department, Purchasing and Finance.

Jay Vangorden

Volvo & Volkswagen Product Manager

Jay has been a member of the FCP Euro team since 2011 and prides himself on growing the community's passion for Volvo while continuously improving the Volvo ownership experience for FCP Euro's customers.

Service Team

Kyle Bascombe

Technical Support Lead

Kyle joined FCP Euro in 2014 as a sales associate, transitioned to Mercedes Product Manger in 2015 and is currently the Technical Support Lead responsible for increasing the technical proficiency of our online support team. He currently owns a W211 E63 and a Z4 Coupe.

Joe Coppola

Retail/Back Office Operations Manager

Joe has been working at FCP Euro for several years. He have been involved several parts of the company and is now heading up the FCP Euro retail center! His daily driver is an E90 BMW and outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and helping raise money for cancer research.

Andre Douaihy

Customer Service Advisor

I joined FCP Euro in October 2018, with a background and love for everything VW/Audi. Typically you can catch me wrenching on my GTI, detailing, or searching the forums for future track builds.

Kyle Gemmell

Customer Service Advisor

Kyle went to Platt Technical high school for automotive maintenance and repair and was an assistant manager at another car part supplier for five years before joinging the FCP Euro team.

Shane Giumarello

Customer Service Advisor

FCP Euro is why my beloved manual-swapped E38 Sport is still on the road. I fell in love with FCP Euro, and now I'm a proud employee after graduating from Hofstra University! I adore where I work. Otherwise, I sing, play piano, cook, whip 168 in the e38, and many other things.

Michael Hidalgo

Retail Center Associate

I just joined the team in December of 2017 and it is one of the best decisions I have made. I grew up in the restaurant business my whole life but have always had a passion for cars. I enjoy driving them as much as I enjoy fixing them. I am a true car addict.

Patrick Hurley

Customer Service Advisor

Patrick recently joined FCP Euro in November 2017, with a background in customer service and sales. As someone who grew up with a family in the auto industry, Patrick developed a great love for cars and is thrilled to incorporate his passion with his profession.

Adam Jaworski

Service Operations Lead

Adam is responsible for supervising the call center. He manages loss prevention, and works alongside the Customer Service Manager and the Operations Manager. He went to a automotive trade school and loves German Cars. He is outdoorsy, a proud father and just plain awesome.

Andrew Johnson

Customer Service Advisor

Hailing from western New York I am an avid outdoorsman, noob Auto Xer, and rally enthusiast. Currently working on an E82 128i HPDE/Auto X project. Weekends not spent killing cones are spent camping and hiking with my girlfriend and doggo. Enjoy the drive, press on regardless.

Kevin Kaiser

Customer Service Advisor

I like cars.

Mario R

Customer Service Lead

Love almost anything Audi, Porsche, and BMW. Spend too much time reading in-depth build threads online. Have a German Shepherd named Turbo. Love to travel with my wife. Recently visited Germany (BMW, Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes museums/factories!), France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Jessica Raison

Customer Service Advisor

Jess came to FCP Euro with several years dealership & parts counter experience. Car enthusiast; current owner of a MK1 VW Rabbit & S13 Nissan 240sx (previously owned 3 other Vw's & a Miata). She spends her free time at car shows, track days & in the garage with her dog Oliver. Tattoo & unicorn hair fanatic.

Instagram @JessRabbid

Brian Tucker

Senior Customer Service Advisor

Brian started working with FCP Euro in Groton at the retail store before the company transitioned into FCP Euro. He has supportively transitioned form sales to customer service. Prior to working with FCP Euro, he worked in a Independent Saab repair shop with his Father for nearly 20 years.

Darren Tully

Retail Center Associate

As a lifelong car enthusiast and all around people person, a trip to Europe drew me specifically to the cars and community. A diverse background in medical sales and automotive service has prepared me to share my passion and commitment to quality European cars and the people who drive them.

Technology Team

Craig B

Junior Data Analyst

VW enthusiast, been with the company since November 2016, I love playing sports and working on my cars.

Michael Guarino

Jr. Help Desk Administrator

Mike AKA "Red" has been with the company since November 2014 and loves it. He's a small business owner, loves playing basketball, and hanging out with friends.

Julie Marin

Jr. Developer

Inquisitive, creative, and notoriously giggle prone; Julie is part of a growing team tackling software solutions at FCP Euro. She's excited to help carve out the future of our online presence. In her off time, Julie enjoys pc gaming, playing guitar, being a foodie, and having a vertical screen.

Nick Santini

Sr. Help Desk Administrator

Nick has a love for learning about anything automotive or computer related. When he's not working you can find me playing hockey, hiking and drinking local craft beers.

Fulfillment Team

Rob DiCola

Domestic Purchasing Manager

I joined FCP Euro in March of 2017 and love being here! When I am not at work, I can be found playing basketball at a local park, walking my dog, working out, reading a new book or on Xbox live.

Himanshu Joshua

Remote Assistant

Joined FCP Euro team recently. I love cars, playing football and all the more travelling. My fascination for cars got me to this team.

Ray M

International Purchasing Manager

Ray is a car enthusiast who appreciates anything with an engine and wheels. He has two children and enjoys spending time with his family.


Purchasing Associate

Just recently joined the FCP Euro family as a fellow VW and Audi enthusiast (the boxier the better). Currently working towards a computer science degree, but also enjoys spooky movies, buying books she doesn’t have time to read, going to car shows, and spending too much time working on Volkswagens.

Kevin Sanzone

Purchasing Associate

Kevin Sanzone is a purchasing associate at FCP Euro who currently lives in Milford. He graduated Cum Laude from Albertus Magnus college in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He is an avid fan of golf and is extremely passionate about auto detailing.

Avadhesh Sharma

Remote Assistant

Not everything, but I love the good as well as the bad. I love my crazy lifestyle, and I love my hard discipline.I love working with the inspiring team of FCP Euro.

Dan Turbert

Purchasing Associate

Dan Turbert has dedicated himself and has been working within the automotive industry for the past 5 years. He specializes in customer service, automotive repair and maintenance. Dan is always looking to obtain new automotive knowledge, expose and resolve issues within his surroundings.

Ashish Verma

Remote Assistant

I am Remote Assistant placing order of the vendors & take care of multiple task relating to coresense, I am also expertise in MS Excel. Love to drive. Also, I like “SPEED”.

Human Resources

Pam Rossman

Director Talent & Development

Pam combines her passion for people and processes to support the team, business and culture at FCP Euro. Her experience spans across all Human Resources functions including employee engagement, policy design, compliance, benefits, performance management, recruitment and payroll.

Distribution Center

Maurice B

DC Associate

I started working at FCP Euro in November 2016, I'm a packer/picker and also work the outbound shipping label manifest station.

George Bonilla

DC Associate

Originally from The Bronx, NY, and having lived in many cities around the country, I enjoy meeting people and learning new things. I have years of experience in logistics and management. I'm excited to be at FCP Euro, where I hope to make great connections and grow professionally.

Devin Borys

DC Associate

Enjoys working.


DC Associate

I’m obsessed with snowboarding and anything with a motor.

Nick Coppola

DC associate

I joined FCP Euro to work with a growing company that has a lot to offer, and to extend my knowledge of cars. I like to fish, go hiking, and spending time with family.

Nicholas Decio

DC Associate

I joined FCP Euro in April of 2018 after a long career working for a wholesale grocer. FCP Euro is a very welcoming team and I’m looking forward to growing within the company. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Business Management and in my free time I love being outdoors.

Gabriel Diglio

Assistant Distribution Center Manager

I joined the FCP Euro Team in April of 2016 after 10+ years of Distribution and Restaurant Management. I am responsible for overseeing our Inbound Stock and our Inbound JIT, (Just in Time) which is our hybrid fufillment method.

Louis F Dolceacqua Iii

DC Associate

I’ve had a passion for cars since I was in diapers, started out with muscle cars from My fathers chevelle and bel air to my grandfathers 1930 model A to my uncles formula s barracuda I started learning a lot of different things at a young age. Then boom I was bit by the German sports car bug.

Alex Fiorelli

Operations Engineer

I have a diverse background in engineering, product development, and project management. I enjoy implementing solutions to make life better for our employees. Whether it's sourcing new technology to improve operational throughput or getting my hands dirty, FCP Euro provides plenty of opportunities to tackle which cater to my entrepreneurial and creative side. I truly love everything about this company - from the people to the role - I couldn't ask for a better place to be.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife (Nicole), pug (Niner), and modded F150 FX4 EcoBoost (Jada). I love the outdoors, buying tools I don't need, fishing, shooting, collecting SF 49ers memorabilia, and dabbling in real estate.

IG: alex_ecobeast

Yani Lagoutis

Quality Engineer

Recent University of Connecticut graduate with a passion for fitness, sports, and cars. I am excited to start my professional career at FCP Euro (June 2018) and look forward to the challenges and learning experiences it will bring.

Chris Gargiulo

DC Associate

I started at FCP Euro back in 2011 at the Old Saybrook warehouse. I've worked in all areas of the DC. I've been working on cars my whole life and specialize in VW, Audis and BMWs.

Drew Lemere

DC Associate

I’m a very fun and out going person who Id like to think is a very hard working and determined person. I love skateboarding and enjoying spending time in the woods, fishing, hiking and hammocking. I find joy in the little things in life.

Daniel Jaworski


Currently here at FCP Euro for 3 years, Day to day Inventory task include making sure parts are in ideal locations for picking and stocking, making room for new parts and larger quantities on hand parts, maintain an accurate inventory accuracy, and work alongside inbound with any stocking concerns.

Andy Juarez

DC Associate

Hobbies include sleeping, eating and watching movies. I love tattoos, piercings and beer :)

Mark Knibbs

Assistant Warehouse Manager

I started with FCP Euro in May of 2017. I was previously with Domino's Pizza Supply Chain where I was a manager for 10 years. I have always had a passion with cars that started with 80's TV shows like Dukes of Hazard, A-team, Knight Rider and movies like Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball Run, and Hooper.

Chris Ledonne

DC Associate

FCP Euro truly cares about it's employees, that along with my passion for cars makes it the perfect place to work. I am extremely proud to be part of the FCP Euro team.

Shaun Meinzer

DC Associate

I’ve been a car enthusiast ever since I could turn a wrench. Previously I was a mechanic for about 5 years, recently changed careers when I had the opportunity to come to FCP Euro.

Joe Moleski

DC Associate

After working in the food industry for years, i joined the FCP Euro team to transform my passion for cars into a career. When im not at FCP Euro you can most likely find me at a skatepark or drifting my car at a track day.

IG: @joemoleski

Chris Mueller

Director of Distribution

Chris Mueller and his Team are responsible for all Distribution, Inventory Planning and Reverse Logistics activities at FCP Euro. He has been with the Company for 8 years and has experience across all areas of the organization including Fulfillment, Supply Chain and Customer Service.

Kevin Mueller

DC Associate

I process all of the customer returns and have been with FCP Euro since 2011. In my down time I enjoy anything outdoors and spending time with my Wife, Son, Daughter and 3 dogs.

William I Munoz

DC Associate

Hey my name is William. I have been with the company for about a year and a half and it is awesome, truly a second family. I am very big on gaming on the Xbox One gamertag SupeiRxSaiyaiN. Also own 2 Tarantulas and Bearded Dragons, hopefully will expand my collections of lizards and arachnids soon.

Raul Ortiz

DC Associate

If it has a engine, some wheels, and can be made to go faster i like it. My favorite quote i saw online somewhere "If it's worth building, it's worth over building."

John Romano

DC Associate

Enjoys creating art and eating pasta.


DC Associate

As most know, I'm Erika Porto. I'm the oldest child out of three, I'm also the rebel of them all. I enjoy my family time and being adventurous as much as possible. I also enjoy traveling, sky diving, and enjoy becoming an owner of an Mercedes Benz C250 and an BMW 328i coupe. Mission accomplished!

Sean Ryan

DC Associate

I grew up and live in Monroe Connecticut and graduated from Masuk High School in 2015. Before joining the team at FCP Euro I worked at a landscaping company in Shelton. In my spare time I enjoy skateboarding, riding dirtbikes/motorcycles, and working on cars.


DC Associate

Loud and proud part of the FCP Euro family. United States Marine Corps mechanic (Cpl) and music enthusiast.

Patrick Sennett

DC Associate

All my life I've been into automotive & to be apart of FCP Euro where it is a passion and a culture makes it so i never dread getting up to go to work.

Anthony Staffieri

Inventory Lead

Anthony is the Inventory Lead at FCP Euro and oversees about 2 million dollars worth of stock. He has been with FCP Euro for over 8 years and has had other roles within the company as a Product Photographer, and Returns Lead.

Anthony enjoys making his own beer, photography, and being a proud father!

Sal Savo

Dc Associate

After leaving my old job after 4 and half years, I recently found myself working for a great company in FCP Euro. I play and manage a baseball team in West Haven Twilight league. I also enjoy playing softball, basketball and hanging out with friends in my spare time.


DC Associate

i grew up in Ansonia. graduated high school at Emmett O'Brien. i Joined the navy shortly after. I've worked doing a multitude of different things. I enjoy hiking with my dogs, riding my motocicleta and working on my cars.

Kyle Watkins

DC Associate

i am one of 3 Kyle's so everyone calls me K-Wat, i am part of the miraculous Outbound DC team, i have been at FCP Euro for a little over a year now. i Love the Oakland Raiders and football is life

Ken Whiting

DC Associate

I work in the DC department as a picker. I work with a great group of individuals who are always willing to drop what they're doing just to give you a hand. I love building and collecting Volkswagens. It's a huge part of my life and I would like to one day move on to building 60s-70s Porsche

instagram - Hatchback_kenny

Content Team


Information Architecture Lead

Naturally curious and avid learner, Alan enjoys finding creative solutions to complex problems. Photographer, rock climber, programmer, creative writer, and BMW enthusiast with a degree in Marketing/Sales.

Kyle Bento

Digital Marketing Manager

Responsible for telling the story of FCP Euro and it's community, Kyle comes to FCP Euro driven to help make your maintenance more enjoyable. Outside of work, he can typically be found with a camera, trying to capture the world from his perspective.

Amir Hamdi

Senior Designer

Amir is a Connecticut native and Senior Designer here at FCP Euro. He would label himself as a graphic designer, photographer, novice mechanic, and professional doodler. Previously working in the software industry Amir made the move to FCP Euro to align his passion for cars and design.

Jade-Roy Huntington

Marketing Assistant

Avid car enthusiast that is steadily increasing my car knowledge everyday, and I have quite the infatuation with everything BMW. Very happy to be apart of the FCP Euro family and am very much looking forward to helping this company grow.

Instagram: @juiceboxjade

Michael Hurczyn

Marketing & Brand Director

I've been playing BMW's for as long as I can remember. BMW CCA Driving Instructor since 2001. Track Rat, Club Racer, general tinkerer, and in charge of growing the FCP Euro brand. Driver of the FCP Euro sponsored #710 e30 and #720 C300 in AER.

Michael Roselli

Content Director

Michael Roselli most recently comes from the automotive website Jalopnik, but his love for cars and automotive culture stretches back farther than that. He joined FCP Euro thanks to their humble roots, fearless leadership and where they’re headed. Find him on social: @mrroselli.

Ethan Roy

Associate Video Producer

Audi/ Harley Davidson enthusiast with a passion for filming, photography, BMX, snowboarding, and traveling

@ethannroyy on instgram

Matt Spring

Associate Video Producer

Matt is an avid Audi enthusiast with a love for automotive content. Outside of work he enjoys skiing, creating music, and spending time with his dog. Honored to be a part of the FCP Euro family and very excited for the future of FCP Euro.

@mattthewspring on IG

Nate Vincent

Director of Motorsport

Professional automotive enthusiast, engineer, race driver, rally enthusiast, fabricator/builder, aficionado of European cars, husband of patient wife, and father of twins

Finance Team

Kathy Cubero

Accounting Manager

Kathy joined FCP Euro in November of 2014 and is currently the Accounting Manager. When she is not at headquarters making sure the Finance department is operating smoothly she is busy being a mother to her two children, a student, and a Real Estate agent.

Liz Kingsley


Fun fact: I interviewed at FCP Euro the day before my wedding, and fell in love with the company! Working at FCP Euro is awesome. Outside of work, my loves include music (playing and listening), marriage (to Ben), my rescue puppies (Cooper and Joey), podcasts, hiking, and coffee.

Avijit Menaria

Remote Assistant

I am Avijit, live in the present and love to face challenges. I assist in account receivable and payable. FCP Euro is my favorite company because it gives me immense domain knowledge. When I get free time I love to listen to music because it makes me feel alive and gives Goosebumps.

Don Snyder

Corporate Controller

Running (hobby), Rap (Listening interests), Excel (work likes), Beach Body Workouts (hobby), Sophie (My daughter), Kellie (My wife), Fairfield (My home), 2006 Ford Fusion (My car-YIKES), Reading (My hobby), Podcasts (Listening interests) , NBA + NFL(Sports likes), Nespresso (addiction)

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