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One of the most overlooked services on any car is cabin filter replacement. While a vehicle is still under warranty, the dealership usually takes care of cabin filter replacement approximately every 20k-30k miles. However, as a vehicle falls out of warranty coverage, owners have a habit of forgetting this easy, but crucial service.

Symptoms of a bad cabin filter include:

  • Musty smell
  • Allergy irritation
  • Poor cabin air quality

Luckily, changing out the cabin filter on an MK6 GTI or any VW/Audi of the same vintage is super simple and requires no tools. Here's how it's done:


Let's Get Started

Your cabin air filter lives under the passenger side dash board in the footwell. Next to the lower air vents, you'll notice two twist fasteners. Undo these by hand and peel the carpeting down to expose the plastic box housing the cabin filter.

The bottom lid simply slides towards the wheel well to reveal the cabin filter. This part may require a little force.

Gently pull the old cabin filter straight down and out. Replace with the fresh filter and reinstall the bottom lid, ensuring that the tabs lock into place.

Fold the carpeting back into place and twist the thumb fasteners until the carpeting is fully secured. Be sure to tuck the edge back under the dash board trim to complete this install. Our Catalog Director, Mike Rivera, outlines the process in a video below. 

But that's it, you're all done! Maintenance of the cabin filter will vary depending on where you live and what roads you typically drive on. If the vehicle is driven primarily on dusty dirt roads or if you live in an area rich in pollen, you may have to service the cabin filter more frequently than someone who drives in the city. Be proactive by checking the health of your cabin filter every 15k-30k miles and replacing it as necessary.

Was this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our website for cabin air filters for your MK6 GTI or applicable VW/Audi

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Written by :
Mansur Wisaa

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