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3 LED Daytime Running Light Kit - Hella 009496801
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Remote Key Battery - Panasonic CR2032
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Volkswagen Merchandise

It doesn't matter if you're a professional mechanic or a DIYer. Volkswagen's are complicated and there is a lot of information that isn't posted in the owners manual. If you are working on a repair and want to be assured that you have all of the technical information needed it is a wise idea to pick up a repair manual. Repair manuals are sold in paperback as well as CD's. Having all of the technical information on your Volkswagen is invaluable if you are looking to complete a repair properly. Most repair manuals include information on the vehicles electrical system which can be vital when trying to trouble shoot that pesky electrical problem you have been dealing with. In addition repair manuals also include torque specifications for hardware which is critical when it comes to completing a repair properly.

Volkswagen Accessories

There are a lot of accessories available for your Volkswagen. Some of these parts, such as floor mats, are a popular addition to items that already came with your car. In addition many enthusiasts like to add accessory lighting and other upgrade items to give their Volkswagen a unique look.

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